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How To Choose The Right Books For Toddlers

We all know that reading books to kids has multiple benefits. For infants, books are a great way to expose them to different visuals and boost their brain power. Even for toddlers and preschoolers, the activity of reading aloud can help them learn new words, ideas and concepts

I read aloud to my kids daily and it’s one activity that we enjoy a lot.  If you are wondering when to start reading and how to choose the right books for your child, then here is an age-by-age guide that can help you decide. 

How to choose the right books for toddlers

0 – 6 months 

Begin with big size picture books or cloth books. Go for books with bright colours and different shapes. This is the age when little pens start focusing on simple patterns. They love your voice and want to hear it again and again. So don’t worry about finishing the book or reading it right. Just cuddle your child and read as much as he/she allows you.

7-12 months

Halfway through their first year, kids begin to pick up words and even emotions. So you can go for simple board books which have a sing-song or rhyming text. Try to be dramatic while reading, act out with your face or hands. This is also a good age to go for lift-the-flap books or touch and feel books that provide good sensory experience. 

13-18 months 

Introduce books which include a sentence or two per page. Story books with simple illustrations grab their attention.  Also while reading, try to be interactive with them and ask them to turn the page or point at pictures. This is the age when kids learn to speak their first words. So it’s a good time to introduce them books on alphabets, numbers, etc to introduce these concepts. 

19-24 months 

By this age the child will fall in the routine of reading. Like, I remember by this age A&A would cuddle up on my lap with their books in hand asking me to read it. They had their favorite set of books which they wanted to me read and re-read. 

For this age, you can look for books with basic morals like brushing teeth, etc that can help them pick some good values. 

24 months and beyond 

By the age of two, toddlers are ready for more complex stories and pictures. So you can pick up books with longer stories like Donaldson books or Panchtantra stories. Post reading, you can even involve them in some activities like describing the picture or telling about a specific character. 

Reading story books have a long-term impact on a child’s imagination, creativity and even  linguistic skills. So while reading, try to make it fun, interactive and a positive experience for your little one. 

Hope this article gives you a good idea on how to choose the right books for your little one.

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