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Animal Strike At The Zoo. It’s True! By Karma Wilson Book Review

Karma Wilson is the best-selling author of Bear Snores On and Bear Wants More. Her book Animal Strike At The Zoo. It’s True! is a rhyming book with a lyrical story.


There is an animal strike at the zoo! All the animals go on a strike because they think they are not being treated fairly. The lions, tigers and bears all refuse to roar, prowl and growl. The animals of the zoo unite and are protesting against the zookeeper who keeps trying to please them. But his efforts go in vain. A little girl named Sue visits the zoo. She had waited one whole year for this visit to the zoo. When she observes that none of the zoo animals are behaving as they should, she is disappointed and begins to cry. Seeing her howling, the zoo animals regain their natural behaviour and quit the strike. Sue finally goes back home happy after spending a whole day at the zoo.

Animal Strike At The Zoo. It's True! By Karma Wilson Book Review

My Review

The book is beautifully penned and explicitly illustrated. The book follows a rhyming scheme which makes its a good pick for a fun read aloud session. The pictures and illustrations in the book are attractive and almost self-explanatory making it easier for young children to read. 

The storyline has a beautiful message for kids. It teaches kids that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Kids can learn about being content, being compassionate and being appreciative for others. Post reading the book, parents can open up various discussions with kids and talk about good values of being kind. I usually use this story to relate to real life experiences of my kids with their friends and peers.

Animal Strike At The Zoo. It’s True! – is an entertaining read aloud picture book bursting with colours, whimsical expressions and loads of laughter. A must have reading book in the kid’s shelf!

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