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How Reading Aloud To Kids Help Them Thrive

Are you aware of the four skills of language learning? It starts with Listening – Speaking – Reading- Writing. So to learn any language the first important skill to develop is listening. That’s precisely what reading aloud to kids does. It’s helps in improving their LISTENING skills. 

Reading aloud is recognized as one of the most important activity for kids that opens up an altogether new world for kids. It takes children to places and times they have never been. It boosts their brain power and cultivates imagination and creativity. 

For us, reading is an everyday ritual and A&A totally love their bedtime stories. We cuddle up in bed and read books of their choice and they enjoy as much as I do. 

If you are wondering how does half an hour of reading aloud a book can help your toddler, then here is a list of benefits that will surprise you. 
Reading aloud to kids
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  1. Reading aloud stimulates cognitive development. It brings sound awareness in young kids and builds curiosity and memory. 
  2. It stimulates language development even before a child can learn to talk. Research shows that the more words parents use when speaking to an 8-month-old infant, the greater the size of their child’s vocabulary at age 3. ( source
  3. It is a great way to introduce any new concept to kids – be it literary concepts of shapes and numbers or idea of festivals, water conservation, health, hygiene, good habit, etc. 
  4. It improves a child’s imagination. As we read to our children, they visualize the book’s events in their minds. They can picture life in other cultures and parts of the  world. Children who have been read to daily are more adept at even creating stories from their own imaginations.
  5. Reading also strengthens social, emotional, and character development of kids. When we read with them, it helps them to express their feelings (especially strong emotions like anger or sadness). It is also a good way to teach them how to control these emotions. 
  6. It creates a lifetime interest in reading. It is said good habits are best developed at young age. If you start reading at young age, they will associate books to happy memories and will develop a habit of reading 
  7. By consistently reading to toddlers daily, they learn to concentrate and sit still for longer time periods. This improves their attention span and prepares them for school. 
  8. It is also a good break from technology. With so many gadgets around these days, it is difficult for kids not to get caught up in it. TV, Video games, etc are an addiction.  Reading aloud good book to your child can be just as entertaining. 
  9. Most importantly, reading together improves the parent-child bond. It serves as a good bonding time as you get to spend one-on-one time with kids giving their full attention. 

So if reading aloud to kids isn’t a part of your daily routine yet, then you must consider it. Make it a positive experience. Read often and start early! (How early if you ask, then stay tuned to my next post that talks about when should you start reading to your kids). 

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