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6 Dr Seuss Books You Must Read Aloud to Toddlers

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss is one of the best loved children’s author. All his books are entertaining, engaging and spark imagination. They are great for developing interest for reading in kids. 

A&A thoroughly enjoy reading Dr. Seuss books and many a times end up laughing or singing along with me. Most of his books have bright illustrations, funny characterization and simple language with repeated sounds and rhymes that add add fun to the entire reading aloud exercise. 

Dr. Seuss books for toddlers
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Sharing six of the best books by this author which I believe every child should read.

1. The Cat in The Hat 

This one is a classic read. On a cold rainy day, 2 kids sit by the window while their mother is away. Just then a giant car jumps in and offers them some good games to play. The chat shows some tricks to entertain the kids but what follows is a huge mess and havoc all over the house. The book involves funny characters, rhyming words and absurd scenes and this absurdity makes it an even more fun read.

2. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

This one is not a story book. It’s a book about numbers, colours, opposites, etc. A good starter to teach kids these concepts. It includes rhyming words and characters with funny names that kids enjoy while reading. o

3. Hop on Pop

This book is designed to introduce basic phonic concepts to kids. It includes several short poem on different characters and is replete with rhyming words. The illustrations include big and bright picture to create interest in kids and grab their attention. 

4. Wacky Wednesday 

This is one hilarious read for toddlers. On a wacky Wednesday, a little girl wakes up to find a shoe on the wall (which shouldn’t have been there at all). The story begins from here and it only gets weirder and funnier from here. Do read this one to your kids for a hearty laugh.

5. Fox in Socks

This book is a collection of tongue-twisters and one of the best books to read aloud to toddlers. The wonderful word play (tweetle beetles, noodle-eating poodles, chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks,etc) makes it a challenging yet a fun read both for kids and adults alike.

6. The Lorax

If you are looking for a read that’s both educative and entertaining, then this is a good pick. It comes with a social message that preserving environment is an individual responsibility. It teaches kids about how to take care of planet and environment around them in a simple, light and hilarious tone.

So which are your or your kid’s favorite Dr Seuss books? Do add to the list by leaving a comment below

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