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Say No To Rote Learning With Dell India #DellAntiRoteDay

Say No to Rote Learning : #DellAntiRoteDay

Education is not the learning of facts but the training of minds to think.” – said Albert Einstein.

Do you remember memorizing multiplication tables or the names of states and capitals in the school? Well, I remember how I used to mug up certain spellings, definitions or even the entire history lessons in school, only to forget them post exams. And guess, I wasn’t alone. Many of my classmates too had mastered the art of memorizing and learning by rote. Infact during that time, the student who could repeat the answer verbatim (as written in the book) was considered the most ‘intelligent’ one in the class.

Unfortunately, rote learning is the reality of our education system and most Indian classrooms are still plagued by the same. It is considered the easiest way to learn and score ‘grades’ but how effective is it when it comes to deeper understanding of concepts or gaining critical thinking skills?

What Is Rote Learning

Rote Learning is essentially a memorization technique based on repetition. It involves verbatim memorization of facts or information. The idea behind it is – the more you repeat, more easily you are able to recall and memorize. While it is a great way to introduce alphabets, numbers to kids at primary level, it isn’t the best approach to learning especially when it comes to deeper understanding of the concepts. Learning via memorization does not bring any meaningful learning experience. In fact, much of the information that students learn this way is lost later, simply because they have crammed it up and not gained any conceptual understanding of the same.

Need of the hour – PC- enabled Learning

An alternative to rote learning is the PC-enabled learning – a relatively new teaching method adopted in schools. It is a much more interactive and immersive learning, encouraging students to be active and attentive all through. Unlike rote learning, this involves long-term and comprehensive understanding of the concepts.

Through PC-enabled learning, students can not only read about history, geography and science but also watch historical documentaries, play games, quizzes, watch videos, presentations, etc. This is much more fun and engaging than the mechanical pattern of rote memorization. This way, students can learn various skills like problem-solving, analytical and reasoning abilities, etc to apply their knowledge and skills in the real world.

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Dell Aarambh #DellAntiRoteDay

Rote Learning is ingrained in our education system and we can’t really ignore it. But what we can do is to complement it with digital learning. With this thought in mind, Dell India came up with #DellAntiRoteDay, a day to put spotlight on PC-enabled interactive learning and make people aware of its benefits. Dell India understands the basic reason why PC penetration stands at less than 10% in India is the lack of knowledge and confidence in people to use PC effectively. Powered with the aim of eradicating rote learning and increasing PC access in the country, the brand launched a pan-India initiative Dell Aarambh which is aimed at spearheading the use of PC for education. The main objective of this initiative is to equip parents and teachers with vital PC usage skills and provide them necessary training and knowledge to use computer technology with confidence.

PC use in schools can transform the entire teaching-learning process, making it much more easy, active and interactive. While it aids a practical way of learning for kids, it’s a big boon for teachers as well as they can make class presentations, save notes, prepare assessment worksheets using various Internet resources, track student’s progress anywhere, anytime, etc. This revolutionary initiative by Dell India on #DellAntiRoteDay is the need of the hour to not just defeat the age-old system of mugging and rote learning but to also make our education system much more creative, fun and engaging.

The purpose of education is to strengthen the mind and equip children with the right skills and knowledge to make them independent and thinking individuals. This can be achieved when our education system moves beyond basic rote learning towards a more meaningful digital learning experience that is beneficial in the long-run. 

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Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Dell India. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. This is a great initiative by DELL. Great post. Even though memorising capability is good, only bookish way of learning things is not enough.

  2. Neha Jain

    This is a much needed initiative and it can make a lot of difference in shaping the kid’s future.

  3. PrettyMummaSays

    This is brilliant initiative by Dell. Computers can totally change the way we educate our children and make learning fun for them.

  4. Deepika

    We have to accept the fact that nowadays pcs, laptops and tablets are the much quicker way for practical learning where we can learn by watching and understanding the concept visually. Good initiative by Dell.

  5. Bushra

    It is really important to learn and understand something rather that rote learning.
    That’s great initiative by Dell to more focus on practical knowledge than rote learning

  6. bytetrails

    PC enabled learning is a step towards discouraging rote learning and encourage right learning.

  7. lifewithmypenguin

    Quoting your words, “Learning via memorization does not bring any meaningful learning experience.”

    Learning should be more interactive. A two way communication. A computer do help, no doubt. A good initiative by Dell.

  8. Neha Sharma

    Superb initiative by Dell, kudos to their efforts. Rote learning has been there in the education system & seems it has become an easy option for kids as well as teachers. But kids future depends on their knowledge of concepts & their analytical skills which can be gained only with right approach towards learning. Really hope to see schools include PC enabled interactive learning & say no to rote learning.

  9. Snehal K

    This is a much fascinating initiative by dell! I truely support conceptual learning over rote learning. 🙂

  10. rakhiparsai11984

    Given the fact that I have been through the same phase of rote learning in my childhood. I do not want my kids to follow that. I definitely am not going to support rote learning at all. As a parent its important that we provide better opportunities and ways of learning to our kids and PC enabled learning seems the way to go.

  11. Gleefulblogger

    I have always believed in conceptual learning, there is no benefit on mugging a lesson or studing the conventional way of parroting. This is a great initiative by a giant like Dell. Making kids smarter and PC enabled.

  12. jhilmildsaha

    This is a great initiative by dell, it will help kids learn rather than just memorising for exams.

  13. MeenalSonal

    Foundation of core topics is the essential part of education and understanding it in practical manner is best for brain and study. This initiative by Dell is great for students.

  14. Mom Learning With Baby

    With the world getting digitalized, this kind of learning is surely beneficial plus rote learning never retains but practical learning will. Great initiative.

  15. Roma

    Indeed buddy it is high time rote learning is put to an end and this initiative by Dell is a step in right direction.

  16. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    Superb initiative by Dell. I agree Rote learning is ingrained in our educational system. Time we bring the needed change.

  17. Amrit kaur

    I agree that new generation needs advanced learning methods. Dell is doing great with this initiative.

  18. bang on! I believe 21st century kids cannot be raised with an environment of rote learning. Kudos to Dell for such a new-age initiative.

  19. Debidutta Mohanty

    Technology is such a saviour to the present generation. Kudos to Dell for coming up with such life changing initiative.

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