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Best Julia Donaldson Books For Toddlers

Kids have a clear mind, and the type of reading you introduce to the child will enhance his/her creative skills. Reading not only improves the child’s vocabulary but also builds up his/her world of imagination.

Julia Donaldson is an English writer, playwright, performer and Children’s Laureate. She is best known for her popular rhyming stories for children, especially those illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Reading her lyrical stories, beautifully weaved with the imaginations, evokes that joy of reading in you. Donaldson’s stories are well dressed up with messages, values and learning for kids. The illustrations of her books are impressive and eye-catchy.

Best Julia Donaldson Books For Toddlers

Sharing a few of her best books that every toddler (like my twins) would love to read – 

The Gruffalo

Best Julia Donaldson Books For Toddlers

A favourite in every child’s collection, this book is about a dreaded monster and a little mouse who make their way into our hearts with their innocent and rhyming conversations. The book also has a sequel named The Gruffalo’s Child. Both the books have a beautiful moral of ‘Brains over Brawns.’ In case your tiny tot hasn’t read it, buy a copy soon!

Monkey Puzzle

Julia Donaldson

Another great work of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The book narrates the story of a monkey who lost his mom and searches for her. The engaging words and the brilliant illustrations in the book creates an anxiety in its readers and makes us want the monkey to join his mom soon! Kids learn never to give up in life.

The Smartest Giant in Town

This engaging tale by the author touches the hearts of children of all ages. It is a story of a giant who wants to have a makeover. It teaches kids about the value of being helpful and kind. 

What the Ladybird Heard

This book has adorable illustrations by Lydia Monks. The book with its funny story tells us what happens when a plot to steal the cow is found out and ruined by someone who is extremely quiet and hardly noticed. It is an engaging tale of animals and their world of noises. This rhyming tale is kid’s all-time favourite.

A Squash and a Squeeze

More than two and a half decades old, this book still resonates with the little readers. The first book of Julia Donaldson it is all about an old lady, a very small house and some noisy farm animals. What happens when they all are put together? Kids will love reading this book.

Julia Donaldson is an outrageously talented, prize-winning author of the world’s best-loved picture books. She also writes fiction as well as poems, plays and songs and her brilliant life children’s shows are always in demand.

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