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Carrying twins : Baby Carriers, Twin Prams and More

Some of the common questions which most twin moms usually ask (in the context of carrying twins) are-  should we buy two single strollers or a twin pram? Is babywearing a good option? How easy is tandem babywearing? Are carry cots really useful?

Honestly, in the initial months with twins I preferred staying indoors and avoided public places because I always felt carrying twins outdoors is a task. But if you have the right gears for your twins, there is no reason why you shouldn’t step out or travel with your little ones. I realised it late, but when I did it made carrying twins outdoors much easy and fun.

I personally did not invest in carry cots mainly because they weren’t of much use to me. When A&A (my twins) were around six months old, I explored babywearing as an option and I was so happy because it made my life so easy. For all quick and short outdoor visits, I would prefer baby wearing. For day-long travels, I would carry pram.

Carrying twins: Baby Carriers, Twin Prams and More
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Based on my experience and things that worked for me, sharing below some quick tips that you can keep in mind while looking for baby prams and baby carriers for your twins.


Whether to go for a twin pram or two single strollers is completely your choice. But it’s important to first figure out your usage. If you plan to travel a lot with twins (read inter-city or inter-country) then investing in two single prams make better sense as they are light, portable and easy to manage. Twin prams are bulky and may not fit all x-ray machines or doors of elevators etc (esp, the side by side one). However if you plan to use it just for evening walks to the garden or an occasional visit to the mall, you can think of going for a twin pram as you can manouver it on your own and do not really require any help.

Carrying twins :Baby Carriers, Twin Prams and More

I invested in a twin pram (side by side one). The first pram I bought was super bulky and would not fit the door of my building’s elevator. So I had to return it and go for another one which was more compact and portable. It was of course more expensive too but surely a useful one. When A&A (my twins) were around 1.5 years old, we had planned a vacation abroad. At that time I carried two single strollers which we borrowed from a relative.

Here are some tips you can keep in mind while finalising a twin pram-

1.Decide between a tandem or side-by-side stroller

2.Measure all entryways in your house/elevator etc and invest in a pram that can fit in.

3. Check out all the features of the pram, i.e, it comes with 3 reclining seat adjustment feature has safety belts, etc.

4. Also check if it includes a snack tray, cup holder, mesh netting etc.

5. Choose wisely. Prefer the function and feature of the stroller over the style, because this is going to be the most important baby gear you will invest in.

Baby Carriers

Babywearing as a practice isn’t new but not many moms know about it. It is the practice of carrying or wearing the baby in a sling or a carrier. I invested in two ergonomic Anmol SSC carriers that made our life super easy. Most of our outings/travel were sorted and we would prefer babywearing over carrying our twin pram in the first year (especially for short outdoor visits).

Talking about the benefits of babywearing, there are too many good reasons to carry your baby in a carrier. It keeps your hands-free and fosters a great bond between you and the kids that surely help in their growth and development.

These days there are n number of baby carriers available in the market. But before buying a good baby carrier, learn all about babywearing first.

1.Join babywearing groups (online) or libraries.

2. Know about different types of ergonomic carriers and wraps and see which is the most comfortable one for you.

4. Learn about tandem wearing, i.e babywearing both the twins together. This is a good option especially in the early days that is if you know how to do it properly.

Did you find this article useful? If you have any tip to add or an experience to share, do leave a comment below. Also feel free to share this article ahead with someone whom you think would find it useful.

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    Quite informative post Charu, loved reading it.. I have seen strollers that come in the back to back position; maybe that’s also an option

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