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Women Bone Health- Useful Tips & Supplements For Healthy Bones

What women need to know about their Bone Health

The importance of bones in our body cannot be stressed enough. From providing a bodily structure to storing calcium to protecting various organs- they have multiple roles to play.  It is extremely important to build strong bones for a healthy living.

Amongst so many health concerns that we have these days, osteoporosis is one that can’t be ignored. It is a condition in which bones become weak and fragile, they lose their strength and are more susceptible to fractures.

Do you know women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis and broken bones? Issues relating to bone health vary for women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Studies say –

About 20 percent of Asian American women age 50 and older are estimated to have osteoporosis.
And more than half are estimated to have low bone density

Women tend to have thinner and smaller bones than men. As they age, their bone mass depletes faster than what their body can replace. Also estrogen a hormone that protects the bones, decreases when women reach the stage of menopause. This increases the chances of developing osteoporosis or bone loss.

It is all the more pertinent for women to pay proper attention to bone health and work towards building strong and denser bones right from a young age.

Tips for Bone Health 

The recipe for healthy bones is very simple. Know these tips-

1. Exercise Regularly– Try simple exercises like walking, running, etc on a daily basis. This can have a positive effect on bone density. Physical activity maintains good blood flow within the body and puts a woman at a lower risk of bone depletion.

2. Have calcium rich food – Calcium is stored in our bones and teeth. If the body doesn’t get enough calcium from food, it takes away from the skelton and weakens the bones. So increasing the intake of milk, cheese, soya and other products, that are rich sources of calcium, helps.

3. Eat Green– We all know what is the benefit of green vegetables! Dark leafy veggies like okra, cabbage, broccoli etc are a great choice for food high in calcium. They add to maintaining healthy bones.

4. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol– Caffeinated drinks, alcohol, etc interfere with bone growth and replacement of bone tissue and result in decreased bone density.

5. Quit Smoking – Smoking can prevent the body from absorbing calcium, thereby decreasing bone mass. The more you avoid smoking, better it is for your bones.

6. Get enough vitamin D and K– Vitamin D regulates calcium absorption. Vitamin K helps to build the bone strength and prevents osteoporosis. Both are crucial for proper absorption of nutrients and so including them in our everyday diet is important.

About Zenith Nutrition’s Vitamin D3 & K2 (MK-7)

In spite of all our efforts to eat healthy, our daily diet may not be rich in all these nutrients that are essential for bone health. And so using specific nutritional supplements in addition to a healthy diet work wonders.

Studies indicate that Vitamin D3 when combined with Vitamin K2 is more effective than traditional D3 supplements. It is also believed that Vitamin K2 especially helps preventing fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis.

Bone health

Zenith Nutrition’s Vitamin D3 & K2 supplements combines the two essential vitamins in one daily capsule and contains an adequate amount of both to suit the needs of our body. It’s each serving contains 400 IU of Vitamin D3 and 80 Mcg of Vitamin K2.

Key Features

These supplements-

  • Support Cardiovascular Health and Bone Mass

  • Protect from Calcification of Tissues and Arteries

  • Are GMP Quality guaranteed

  • Are 100% Suitable for Vegetarians

Bone health

Why Zenith Nutrition

I would recommend Zenith Nutrition as the perfect choice for supplements as –

  • It does not contain sugar, gluten or salt.

  • It contains zero artificial colours or flavours.

  • It’s free of toxins and metals.

  • Its approved by FSSAI

  • It’s a total value for money.

The dosage, supplement facts and proper directions of use are clearly mentioned on the pack.

Bone health

Price & Availability

A pack of 60 capsules is priced at Rs 860 and is available at Zenith Nutrition’s website and on Amazon.

Though osteoporosis is common in women, the good part is it can be easily prevented and even reversed in some cases. Proper diet and supplements that contain a balanced and therapeutic levels of necessary nutrients can surely help in a great way.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post, however, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

There is no guarantee that every person using this product will experience similar results. Results depend upon a lot of other factors and may vary from person to person. These are health supplements and are not to be replaced with medicine. Always consult your health care expert before using the same.

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