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The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Diapering

The most important thing for any new mom is to take care of her little baby’s hygiene. One good way of ensuring that is by using diapers. In this post, read some important do’s and don’t’s of diapering that you must keep in mind

Diapers have made a mother’s life little bit easy- I guess all moms will agree to this. Diapering is one big advantage for new age parents, as it not just makes a parent’s life easy but also ensures good hygiene, proper sleep and hence proper development of babies. I too have been using diapers for my twins from Day 1 and can’t deny how beneficial they have been all through. They’re especially a boon for our outings and travels, as they are easy to use and provide good comfort to the babies.

While diapering our babies, it is very important to know how to maintain proper diaper hygiene. Failure to change a diaper on regular basis or lack of cleanliness around the diaper area can result in various skin problems which can further cause infections in our little ones. 

Sharing a few do’s and don’t’s of Diapering that you can keep in mind while using diapers for your little ones. 
Do's and Don't's of Diapering
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Do’s Of Diapering :

1. Change Diapers At Regular IntervalsBabies should not be kept in the same diaper for a longer duration of time. Diapers should be changed at regular intervals, especially after bowel movements.

2. Fixed Place For Changing Diapers A fixed place should be there in the house to change the diaper. This avoids spreading of germs all around.

3. Be Prepared – Before removing your baby’s diaper keep the things needed for the purpose ready and within reach. Rushing off in mid-change to grab something you forgot can put your baby at risk of falling off.

4. Use Of Water-Based Wipes With the world going eco- friendly and to avoid chemical reactions on the baby’s tender skin, it is wise to use mild water based organic wet wipes to clean the private parts of the baby before and after a change of diapers. This will prevent rashes on the delicate baby skin.

5. Use Cloth DiapersThese are rash free owing to their organic make. With their chemical free nature and eco-friendly qualities, these reusable nappies are becoming a preferred choice for most parents.

6. Use A Diaper Rash Cream Babies have a soft fragile skin. It is very important to keep it hydrated and protect it from rashes. An organic skin friendly rash cream should be applied every time a baby is cleaned for a new diaper.

7. For Disposable Diapers, Dispose Them Responsibly – Donot flush diapers. If, possible, remove the solid waste into the toilet and then throw the used diaper into the diaper pail.

Don’ts of Diapering:

1. Don’t Use Talcum Powder Avoid using a talcum powder as they make the area dry leading to rashes and irritation.

2. Don’t Rush It is very important to keep in mind that you are handling a baby. Take time to wipe your little one’s sensitive parts with utmost care and attention.

3. Don’t Use Normal Soaps To Clean Your Baby Avoid using normal soaps on a baby’s skin to clean him/her. Wash the baby with water or use baby soaps that are mild and organic in nature to prevent skin irritation or rash on baby skin.

4. Don’t Keep The Baby In A Soiled Diaper For Long Change the diaper of the baby immediately to prevent rash or spread of germs around. It affects the health of the baby.

5. Don’t Use Tight Diapers Don’t put the diaper on so tight that it leaves marks on your baby’s skin. Leave a little breathing room.

6. Don’t Make The Baby Wear Diaper 24X7 – It’s best to keep on changing every 2-3 hours with ample diaper-free time in between.

Do's and Don't's of Diapering

Remember, with motherhood comes patience. Your bundle of joy will soil diapers umpteen times in a day during the first few months of life. So, follow these diapering do’s and don’ts to minimize the task involved and keep your baby smiling in a hygienic surrounding.

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Do you follow these do’s and don’t’s of diapering for your little one? Do share with us in the comments below. 

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