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Overcome Protein Deficiency With Protinex Hydrolysed Protein Supplements – #ProtinexBecause

Protinex Supplements – Rich With the Power of Hydrolysed Protein

We all know the benefits of protein in our diet but do we know what is the ideal amount of protein our body requires on daily basis? Do we know what is the right form of protein that is the most effective? Do we know that hydrolysed protein are the most easily digested and absorbed form of protein ?

I always thought I take a protein-rich diet. My breakfast includes a glass of milk and my dinner is incomplete without a bowl of dal. But much to my surprise, a few months back I was diagnosed with a severe protein deficiency. One of the main reasons for this was that I never bothered enough to calculate how much protein is there on my plate neither did I ever ponder whether the protein that I am consuming is in hydrolysed form or not.

Well, am not alone in this ignorance. It is surveyed that every 9 out of 10 Indians are prone to suffer from protein deficiency. Almost 73 per cent of people in urban India are protein deficient. On top of that, 93 per cent are completely unaware of the ideal protein requirement. Protein deficiency is one of the most neglected problem in the country that’s spreading at an alarming rate. Unlike iron and calcium, protein deficiency isn’t taken seriously by many. People aren’t aware of its cause or symptoms and that’s the key problem.

I recently attended a bloggers’ event #ProtinexBecause organized by Protinex India that emphasized on the healthy intake of protein in our daily diet. Aiming to spread protein education among people, the event threw light on various aspects of protein and the best form that we should consume on daily basis.

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Here are some important facts about Proteins that I learnt during the event

Proteins are macronutrients required for our growth and development. They are large complex molecules composed of Amino Acids, joined with peptide bond.

They perform multiple functions in our body including maintaining muscle mass, transporting oxygen and supporting the immune system.

The daily requirement of proteins differ for each individual and is based on the age gender, weight and physical activity. A healthy adult requires an average of 1g of protein per kg body weight everyday.

Along with the quantity the quality of protein that we consume matters too. There are different forms of proteins. The best is ‘Hydrolysed Protein’ which is easily digested and absorbed by our body.

Best form of Protein- Hydrolysed Protein

The term is fairly new for many but it’s the most essential one to understand and overcome protein deficiency. Hydrolysed protein, also known as pre-digested protein, is a form of protein that’s easily absorbed by the intestine. Most of the protein rich food we consume constitutes Intact Proteins, which are a complex molecule of more than 50 -300 amino acids bound together with peptide bond. Their digestion involves a complex multi-step which takes a longer time.

As compared to that Hydrolysed proteins are a mixture of peptides and a few free amino acids. Unlike intact proteins these are easily absorbed by the intestines and do not involve a complex process of breaking down.

Protinex- Hydrolysed protein

Hydrolysed proteins also increase amino acid level in the blood and help attain muscle strength. They are the best form to consume post a workout as they accelerate recovery from exercise induced muscle damage. They are also less allergenic for kids who are at a risk for food allergies or immune diseases.

Myths Around Protein Supplements

During the event nutritionist Ruby Sound highlighted the fact that ‘Protein is a highly misunderstood nutrient and consumers are unaware that pulses, fish or chicken alone do not meet the minimum daily protein requirement’.

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Most Indians believe that a one egg could meet their daily requirement or that green leafy vegetables are a great source of protein. However the fact is, the food that comprises our daily diet includes more of carbs and fats and less of protein. Hence we require something additional to meet our daily protein needs.

People usually believe that protein supplements are ideal only for body builders or malnourished people whereas they are beneficial for every individual who isn’t meeting his daily protein requirement

Protein supplements like Protinex can help us to meet the daily minimum requirement our body needs. They are scientifically formulated and cater to the nutritional needs of adults and children. They contain hydrolysed proteins, which are easily digested by the intestines and ensure faster delivery of protein in our body. Protinex is a trusted brand that’s known to provide the most superior quality protein. Its supplements come in different flavours like elaichi, vanilla, chocolate, etc and they also offer a special variant for Diabetics, pregnant women and kids.

Protinex Supplements

Protinex Bytes are also a healthy and convenient option of protein. With zero trans fat and 26 essential nutrients these bytes help to retain energy levels and make for a tasty and nutritional snacking option.

Protein Calculator by Protinex

Protinex has recently come up with a new tool that can help us in assessing our daily protein intake. One of the key highlights of the event that I attended was the launch of this new tool ‘Protein Calculator’ by the famous sports prodigy Prithvi Shaw, captain of U-19 Indian Cricket Team.


The calculator is an easy to use tool that states the total amount of protein intake considering each meal consumed by an individual on a daily basis. Assessing the results, it informs the total protein inadequacy. One can easily check his daily protein intake and take remedial actions to improve his diet.

Unveiling the Protein Calculator Prithvi stated- ‘This is a great tool for all of us especially in the fast-paced lifestyle where we lose control on our daily diet Protein check has become easy now.’

The event organized by Protinex and Danone India turned out to be immensely insightful and educative. It brought to light so many eye-opening facts about protein deficiency in the country and also about various myths we hold around protein supplements. I feel we as a nation can overcome this deficiency, if we start paying attention to this most neglected nutrient and introspect on the quantity and quality of proteins we consume in our daily diet.

With the launch of a new tool like protein calculator by Protinex and more knowledge on the benefits of hydrolysed protein, I certainly find myself better informed and equipped to deal with my protein deficiency. Do you?

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