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What Are The Right Growth Markers You Should Check For Indian Kids

You know your child is growing well as he crosses each milestone with some significant development mentally and physically. Growth is a lifelong process: the transition from babyhood to childhood, childhood to adolescence and adolescence to adulthood. Throughout life, it is this growth that guides choices and overall health.

Every stage of development shows some specific growth markers. Sitting up, crawling, first steps, smiling for the first time, waving, first words, learning to speak, play, etc. are all milestones. How a child does this says a lot about his development and helps us as parents to understand better about what to expect next.

Main developmental stages to look out for are cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language, and motor skills.

Growth Marker For Indian Kids
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By the age of 2

At this age kids are generally able to understand and follow simple instructions, know the names of body parts, interact with other kids at play, solve simple puzzles, grasp objects such as spoons, brush, build legos, run and jump.

By the age of 3

This age comes with more development in motor skills, allowing kids to run, jump, and climb stairs one foot after the other, playing with toys that have buttons, following basic instructions, etc.

By the age of 4

Children are able to remember the names of people they meet, having choices when it comes to friends etc. They are able to also form more complex sentences and begin to develop character: showing interest or disinterest, expressing themselves.

By the age of 5

Kids are now able to speak intelligibly, remember rhymes, stories using proper grammar. They are able to catch a ball, skip, and do a lot of things independently.

By the age of 6 onward to 8

Riding a bicycle is quite easy for kids in this age group. They can also read and write with lesser efforts. They begin to understand emotions and relationships more deeply. This is the age where their social and emotional skills develop rapidly.

Role of Nutrition in your Child’s Growth

The growth and development of a child depends on the nutrition and interaction with surroundings.

Studies say that 3 in 10 Indian children under the age of 5 do not reach their ideal weight and height. If you are concerned and feel your child has missed a milestone, it is best to consult with a paediatrician.

I remember I had read up studies and books and all kinds of blogs in preparation for the birth of my twins. I would always go to the paediatrician armed with data and information only to be told that growth markers vary between children. That’s when I asked the most vital question: what can I do to ensure my kids grows right?

And she told me that the growth markers were just a guideline to help understand the milestones. Apart from following those, I also needed to ensure my children were eating right.

But, this wasn’t always easy. On some days they would happily eat whatever I kept in front of him, no matter what it looked like or tasted like. But on other days, he refused to so much as open his mouth. Of course, now I know that this is normal behavior for children but at the time, it always brought me to tears.

Then, my child’s doctor recommended PediaSure with 37 vital nutrients. It is a trusted health supplement and I have seen its effects visibly. I have no worries regarding my kids’ growth because every nutrient that may be lacking in the diet is compensated with a glass of PediaSure. They have also formulated a Grow Right Charter that helps form a structured meal pattern which includes good amount of play, less screen time and how to help your child grow not just physically but emotionally as well. I would definitely suggest every parent who worries about their child’s growth milestones to consult with their doctor and add a dose of PediaSure to their child’s diet. You’ll see the difference just as I did!


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Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with PediaSure. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. alpanadeo

    One of the concerns of every parent is to make sure that their child is growing fine and reaching milestones properly. I have heard a lot about PediaSure and I am happy that such healthy products are coming in market.

  2. Blogaberry Foo

    Yeah these markers are general but should not be taken so seriously that the mother gets a panic attack if her child doesnt reach a milestone by the age mentioned above. hehehe… pediasure is surely used by many i know

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    Informative and extremely helpful checklist for worried moms. Guess we keep worrying on some growth milestones. Here we can focus on much more

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    In case of both my kids weight was a big issue. They didn’t gain easily and their doc advised that it was ok if their other development parameters were met. We can do all we can!

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    Our paediatrician too had recommended Pediasure buddy and it did help us. Another useful post this is buddy.

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    This is very informative post Charu and liked the stages and their task chart too. Growing in every dimension is important aspect we parents should look for.

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    Indeed right nutrition is much needed in growing years and should not be overlooked.

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    This is a very helpful blog. As parents we do our best. As per my paediatrician, if the child is gaining height, is active, is doing all other things normally then weight is not such a big issue. However, you are right to point that nutrition is they key.

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    We parents always worry for our kid’s growth and development. This is a great way to keep an record of it. Very helpful blog

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    Nutrition plays an important role for the right growth of kids. These are some great pointers.

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    Thanks for sharing this information, sometimes as moms we tend to overlook a few things but it is important to ensure that the child grows correctly.

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