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Summer Skin Care Products by Himalaya Babycare: Review

Himalaya BabyCare Summer Essential Range 

With the onset of summers, it’s time we pay extra care and attention to our little one’s skin.

Summer is the time when we worry a lot about our kids’ diet, their nutrition, water-intake, etc but how much attention do we pay to their skin? Skin dryness and itchiness is most common in summers and more so in little ones because they have a highly sensitive skin that’s prone to rashes, flakiness and sunburn.

‘Research says that the lower layers of a baby’s skin aren’t fully developed, till they reach the age of ten. As a result, their skin tends to dehydrate quickly, causing dryness and irritation.’

My twins (A&A) and I end up spending most of our evenings outdoors – be it a park, garden or a market area. Initially I was initially apprehensive taking them out because their skin is quite prone to prickly heat and rashes, but not anymore. Now I focus on using the right skin care products and following a healthy skin care regime that helps maintain a healthy skin.

Talking about the right skin care products, there are so many brands in the market these days, each claiming to be ‘unique’ and better than the other, that sometimes it’s a tough choice to pick the one that’s best and most suitable for kids. Isn’t it?  Personally, I like to stick to a brand that’s pure, original and closer to our Indian roots, that’s 100% natural containing herbal ingredients. And which is a better brand than Himalaya that’s renowned for the same since past so many years.

Himalaya products are Ayurvedic formulations that are free from SLS, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, mineral oils or even animal-derived ingredients like lanolin, tallow, etc. They are clinically tested, safe, effective and geared to bring the best natural care for the little ones.

Their baby care range has been particularly developed keeping in consideration the requirements of baby’s sensitive skin. And their summer care range is especially recommended by doctors as it’s infused with special herbs that address most of the summer skin issues.

In this post, I am going to review three of my favorite Himalaya babycare products that we are using this summer and that are highly effective on A&A’s skin.

Himalaya babycare summer essentials range

Himalaya BabyCare Refreshing Baby Wash

Key Ingredients
Watermelon and Lemon Oil that has a cooling effect on the skin.
Champaca that helps to keep the skin mositurized and hydrated.
Neem, the best herb to prevent skin infections.

Price – Rs 135 for a 200 ml bottle

My Experience
As the name suggests, this refreshing baby wash has a cooling effect on the skin, keeping it fresh and supple. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce prickly heat rashes and excessive sweating  in kids.

I found this as the best wash to be used in summers. Usually when the weather becomes hot and humid, I put some Neem leaves in the water that kids use for bath as it helps to keep infections at bay. But now I don’t really need to do that because this body wash contains Neem as one of its main ingredients. I give them a bath using this wash and it refreshes their skin instantly. They feel fresh, smell good and their skin feels really soft. And I feel relieved that they are rid of all the unnecessary germs and pollens.

1 Has a mild watermelon fragrance that’s pleasing for the kids.
2. Doesn’t make the skin dry.
3. Has a cooling and refreshing effect.
4. Doesn’t contain any artificial colours, neither causes any irritation to eyes.
5. Quite affordable
6. Travel-friendly packaging.

Doesn’t lather much compared to other body wash.

Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap

Key Ingredients:

Watermelon that keeps the skin cool and fresh.
Khus Grass which has antiperspirant properties.
Neem that helps protect the skin, keeping infections at bay.

Price – Rs 44 for a 75 g bar.

My Experience
I started using a soap for A&A quite recently, i.e. when they turned 3 years old. Before that I mainly relied on body wash and avoided soap bars because a) kids would take it as a toy and wouldn’t let me use it and b) I always felt soap bars melt quickly and aren’t really effective. But Himalaya’s refreshing baby soap is different.

It cleanses the skin gently, has a soothing and cooling effect and doesn’t really melt that quickly as compared to other baby soaps. The bar is ideal to use in summers, especially for babies with oily skin. Given its ingredients that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps prevent skin ailments. The shape of the bar is such that a 3 year old kid can use it conveniently. A&A often rub the soap themselves and enjoy its mild fragrance.

1.Effectively cleanses and conditions the baby skin.
2. Has a mild fragrance that stays for long.
3. Is non-slippery. Doesn’t slip from hands.
4. Is free from animal fats and synthetic colors which are the usual factors for allergies and rashes.
5. Economical and easily available at any pharmacy or online store.

A&A sometimes complain of irritation in the eye. So the soap may not be fully tear-free.

Himalaya Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion

Key Ingredients:
Calamine that helps heals wounds and skin rashes.
Nut Grass Oil has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Aloe Vera that acts as an antibacterial agent.
Mustard Oil that’s effective in reducing itching.

Price – Rs 165 for a 100ml bottle

My Experience
I like how this lotion has a soothing effect and provides quick relief to the skin. It works well not just in case of prickly heat or rashes but also for insect bites, mosquito bites, sunburn and allergies caused due to food or chemicals. I have even used it for cuts and scars and it’s quite effective for that too.

This lotion is gentle and easy to apply. It isn’t too thick in consistency and gets absorbed on the skin easily. We mainly use it on the area where the skin is most irritatied and it provides instant relief.

1.Includes Aloe Vera, one the best ingredients that mositurizes the skin for long and also has a healing effect.
2. Is non-sticky and easy to rub.
3. Has a soothing effect that provides quick relief and reduces itching.
4. Easy to carry, travel-friendly pack.
5. Affordable and easily available in the market.

Has a distinct smell which some kids many not like.

My Recommendation
If you are looking for a pure, natural and effective remedy for most common skin issues that kids face in summers, then do check out the summer essentials range by Himalaya babycare. They are all herbal formulations, safe to use for everyday use and highly suitable for the delicate skin. The best part is all these products are easily available at any medical store across the country, or online portals like Himalaya BabyCare website, Amazon, FirstCry, etc.

Did you find this post useful? Do share your views in the comments below.

Disclaimer : I was sent these products by Himalaya Babycare to use and share my honest review. This is a collaboration post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Sweetannu

    Great pure and natural products for Summer. In fact I use baby products for my skin too, find it so soothing

  2. TripleAmommy

    My twins are A&A too! I also like Himalaya products for them. The refreshing baby wash sounds nice. Will definitely try.

  3. forbabynmommy

    Himalaya is one of the best baby skin care brand. I can trust for my daughter . Their products are really good and gentle on baby skin

  4. bytetrails

    Himalaya is definitely one of the best baby brand. would love to try their calamine lotion after reading your review.

  5. Himalaya always comes up with unique and safe products. Watermelon in bathing products is tempting me to try these.

  6. Snehal K

    My cousin sis is currently using the himalaya baby soap on her baby. They both love it! ?

  7. jhilmildsaha

    Himalaya have always been a trusted brand. Love their products and the whole baby-care range.

  8. Tina Basu

    I too like their products. – they are gentle and safe. I like their baby body wash because it is so gentle. Watermelon in it sounds very nice.

  9. Princy Khurana

    Himalaya has been a go to brand for us. not only skin friendly but also pocket friendly. really happy with its baby care range too.

  10. Gunjan Upadhyay

    Himalaya is a trusted brand and I have used almost all of their products and this latestbrefreshing body wash is great too.

  11. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    I love himalaya as a brand for my toddler too. I agree natural with goodness of neem and watermelon in the body wash is perfect for summers. I must get this one

  12. Gleefulblogger

    Himalaya Baby care is most gentle and soft for baby’s super sensitive skin.We are Himalaya’s fan and have tried the entire range of the products. They are truly the best.

  13. nooranandchawla

    I have used Himalaya baby products for a long time. I did not know about the new additions to their line though. I will check them out.

  14. we have been using Himalaya products for a month too and reviewed it recently. i love the watermelon wash and their cal-mine lotion. very summer friendly

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