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Relish Distinct Flavour Of Fruits Infused In Tea With TE-A-ME Ice Brews

TE-A-ME Ice Brews: Relish The Goodness Of Fruits With Every Sip Of Refreshing Tea

Tea as a beverage is quite refreshing and works as an instant energy booster. A freshly brewed iced tea can be a wonderful way to get a loads of flavor into a cool summer drink without turning on the kitchen stove. And well, for a mom like me, who is ever in need of an energizer to sail through her hectic days, nothing works as a better option.

Ice tea brews are convenient and super easy-to-make. All they require is adding the brew in cold water and ice, stirring it and voila, you are done! Unlike the regular bottled iced teas, a cup of freshly brewed tea contains better fraction of antioxidants. Bottled ice teas may look easy, grab-and-go option, but are actually quite bland and loaded with additional sugar. By brewing your own tea, you can at least control the calories by adding very little sugar or by not adding it at all.

Well for me, the onset of monsoon brought some real interesting flavours to sip and relish, as I got to try TE-A-ME Ice Brews. While I listen to the musical rain drops thrashing on my window sill, I can’t stop relishing my chilled pitcher of freshly brewed iced tea that’s not just refreshing but equally savory.

TE-A-ME Ice Brews
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About TE-A-ME Ice Brews

TE-A-ME, the brand famous for providing natural unadulterated teas globally, has recently launched the much awaited TE-A-ME Ice brews that are a healthy blend of fruits and herbs. These refreshing brews are organic, sugar-free and come in 5 different flavours – lemon, wild berry, lychee, mint green and peach. And the best thing is they can be brewed in minutes by simply using cold water. Yes, they do not necessarily require boiling! Isn’t that cool?

My Experience

I am already a fan of TE-A-ME natural green tea and aromatic spice teas. So when I received a pack of TE-A-ME ice brews, I was quite excited to try all the unique flavours. Out of the five, lychee and mint green have been my absolute favorite ones. These ice brews are delicious and super refreshing. They have a pleasing aroma that’s not too strong. They are the most easy to make. So even the busiest of my mornings do not require me to miss my tea as all I have to do is mix the ice brew in cold water and gulp it! I don’t like to add additional sugar or even ice for that matter, and prefer relishing the cold brew in its simple distinct flavor.

TE-A-ME Ice Brews

What I Liked The Most
  1. These contain all 100% natural ingredients
  2. Are gluten free and NON GMO
  3. Do not contain artificial color or sugar
  4. Such a time-saver as can be brewed within minutes.
  5. The taste of fruits mixed with herbs in the form a tea is heavenly!
  6. They are naturally sweet and doesn’t require us to add additional sugar.
Price & Availability

TE-A-ME Ice brews are easily available on Amazon and TE-A-ME website. You can avail a 10% discount on each pack which cost Rs 245.

My Recommendation

TE-A-ME Ice brews has made me fall in love with my tall glass of crisp and refreshing tea. If you are looking for a healthier and refreshing alternative to the regular iced teas, then TE-A-ME Ice brews is something you must try. These make for a perfect drink for all occasions. There are sample packs available of all the flavors so you can try each before buying a specific one.

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  1. indusrimal

    Hearing a lot about this brand. …I m really elavated to try it now …Btw u HV described it very nicely

  2. Priyal

    Hearing a lot about this iced tea from everyone , now have to give it a try for sure…

  3. akashpatwari

    I am a big fan of green tea.. All flavors are very refreshing .. Will defnitely try

  4. Neha

    This sounds like a wonderful and refreshing drink! I like the whole idea of mixing fuit flavors with tea.

  5. The fact that these products are 100% natural and gluten free has already made it a winning brand for me. I am awaiting my turn to try it.

  6. Reubenna

    These ice brews are such a cooler after a tiring day. Loving it currently. All the flavours are equally refreshing.

  7. Ashh G

    I’m loving the fact that these are cold brews and come in various flavours. It’s a Great way to keep ourselves cool in this hot weather.

  8. Neha Sharma

    I have tried their ice brews and they have now replaced my milk tea, which I have been trying since ages. My favorite flavors are peach and lemon.

  9. rohinijames

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this brand of iced teas… I’m sure it’s a great beverage for kids too

  10. Jhilmil

    These are some really interesting and delicious flavours, loving lychee and peach the most!

  11. pythoroshan

    I love this variety of flavours. Would definitely opt for peach.

  12. akashpatwari

    I am a great fan of green tea will definitely try all the flavors. #MyFriendalexa #Flavorsofworldread

  13. Leha

    As a chai lover, I must try this. So far I have tasted just peach flavoured iced tea. Found it yummy.
    #MyFriendAlexa #literarylehareads

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