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Book Review: ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’


Title : Empowered Women Empower Women

Author : Roma Gupta Sinha

Genre : Non-Fiction

Pages:  33

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Book Review : Empowered Women Empower Women

About the Book 

The book is non-fiction anthology of 26 real life tales of women who lead by example; who have faced all odds yet achieved their goals in life.Each chapter relates an inspiring story of an unsung woman hero and how she braved her way to achieve the dream of her life. Through these stories the author aims to motivate her readers to seek inspiration, feel empowered and work towards achieving their goals.

My Review

Women empowerment is an intricate topic. It is a much-talked term especially in a society like ours where everyone wants to talk about women’s equality, their rights, freedom to choose and control their lives, etc. But how exactly do we achieve that? What all is required for a woman to feel empowered and what all is expected from those around her – this book answers all that in much detail.

In this book, Roma has very beautifully strung together inspiring stories of various women she has met in her life and who have left an impact. Each story comes up with a message of how women can empower themselves and also those around them. Right from the role of spouse (in helping a woman achieve her goals) to having a strong will power and dedication to raising empowered daughters – the author has touched all aspects beautifully. She has also discussed issues of single parenthood and how women who are single or divorced are still empowered in many ways. (chapter 19)

My personal favorite from the book is Chapter 9 where she gives a very relevant message – ‘Don’t feel responsible for everything that goes wrong in this world’. She shared the story of Aayu that completely touched my heart and made me reflect at multiple levels.

Providing many practical suggestions Roma also stressed on the importance of financial independence and how women should work till they can. Be it starting their own venture at a late age (chapter 22) or work-from-home options for homemakers (chapter 23), she has mentioned all options that women can explore order to be self-sufficient.

Through this book, the author, as she puts in her own words, wanted to stimulate her readers ‘ to make their contribution towards achieving gender equality in society’. And her book is an earnest and  successful attempt in this direction. I personally felt inspired at many levels while reading the various stories of women who have stood up for themselves and worked to achieve their goals in life.

Language and Narration 

The language of the book is simple and relatable. Each chapter is titled appropriately and makes you know what it entails. The stories shared within the chapters are short yet highly gripping. Roma’s narration is crisp yet impactful. She shares subtle details, avoids digressions and leaves her reader to think and reflect at the end of each chapter.

About the Author

Roma Gupta Sinha is a firm believer of Women empowerment. She is an acclaimed writer who has won the coveted ‘Woman of the Year’ Award in 2015 for her writings on Women Empowerment, Equality, Rights, and Liberation. She has also won the prestigious ‘Planet’s Pride Award 2018’ for her entrepreneurial venture RCA. She is the brand ambassador of 21st Century Education and strongly advocates learning beyond books. 

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