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Say Goodbye to Diaper Rashes with Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream – Review

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream Review

A very common dermatological condition that makes a baby’s skin red, sore, and tender is DIAPER RASH. Whether we choose cloth diapers or disposables, diaper rashes still cause babies a lot of irritation and discomfort.

My kids have been on diapers since day one of their birth. I am among those moms who believe diapers are an absolute necessity for babies. They help baby sleep peacefully for a long duration without any interruptions. They also make life easier for parents to ensure that their entire day isn’t spent only on washing baby’s nappies. And, especially for a mom of twins like me, who is usually running short of time, diapers are an absolute boon. With all the major benefits, the only flip side of using diapers is diaper rashes.

Diaper rashes usually occur when baby’s skin gets irritated from wet or soiled diapers. Baby’s skin is very delicate and prolonged exposure to any sort of infection or irritation can lead to redness, soreness, and extreme discomfort. I remember the first time I saw my daughter’s delicate bottom covered in rashes; I was very distressed. I could only imagine the amount of uneasiness and pain it caused her. It was then that I realized that proper knowledge of diapering and diaper hygiene is very important, especially for new parents.

Here are some tips to maintain diaper hygiene:
  • Wash your hands before changing baby’s diaper. 
  • Change the soiled or wet diapers as soon as possible. 
  • Clean baby’s bottom with warm water and let the skin dry out completely before you put on another diaper. 
  • Change the diaper often, ideally every 4 hours or so. 
  • Apply a layer of coconut oil or a diaper cream once a day to prevent rashes. 
  • In case of severe rashes, apply a thick layer of a Diaper Rash Cream on the affected area and let it dry. 

One product that I have been using regularly to prevent rashes in my children is Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream. It is enriched with natural ingredients that not only help relieve severe rashes but also prevent them with consistent use.

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream Review
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About Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream is infused with goodness of herbal actives that relieve pain and effectively heal rashes. The cream has an Ayurvedic formulation and offers natural care and protection to baby’s skin. It is hypoallergenic in nature, free from chemicals, clinically tested, and recommended by pediatricians. Isn’t that impressive?

Key Ingredients

The cream is enriched with the antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of Five-Leaved Chaste Tree, which is traditionally acclaimed for healing skin infections like blisters. It also contains:

  1. Zinc Oxide (Yashada Bhasma) which is known to be antiseptic and keeps the skin dry and cool. 
  2. Nirgundi which helps to relieve pain and discomfort. 
  3. Almond Oil which is enriched with Vitamin A and helps in conditioning the skin, making it soft and smooth. 
  4. Aloe Vera that helps to soothe the sensitive skin and keeps it hydrated. 
  5. Manjishta which relieves redness and pain, allowing baby to sleep comfortably. 

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream Review

Price & Availability

Priced at Rs 85 for a 50 g tube, this cream is easily available at any medical store across the country, or on online portals like Himalaya’s website, Amazon, FirstCry, etc.

My Experience

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream is the most effective product I have used so far. It is herbal with zero percentage side effects. I initially used this cream when my babies suffered from rashes and I could see it working right from the first application. Gradually, I realized that this cream can be used daily. I now apply it once a day, post bath, on the gentle skin folds that are prone to irritation, and it keeps my kids’ skin free from rashes. I have not faced any diaper rash issue ever since I started using this product by Himalaya.

Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream Review


Here’s what I like about the cream:

  1. It includes all the essential ingredients that are required for treating and preventing diaper rashes. 
  2. It is thick in texture and stays on the skin for long.
  3. It has a mild fragrance that’s quite pleasing.
  4. Its consistent use doesn’t darken the diaper area.
  5. It helps provide relief from the very first use.
  6. It comes in a leak-proof, easy-to-use, and travel-friendly tube.
  7. It’s easily available across the country at an extremely affordable cost.

Since it has herbal actives, I didn’t experience any drawback in this product. Given to its natural formulation, the color of the cream does tend to change over time. However, its efficacy remains just the same.

My Recommendation

Maintaining proper diaper hygiene and using a good diaper rash cream is of utmost importance. And, nothing better than a herbal remedy that’s safe and effective. Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream is a wonderful solution to treat and prevent rashes and flare-ups.

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