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Why You Must Opt For ZEE5 Club Pack If You Love Family Entertainment

Internet has expanded our idea of entertainment far beyond past norms of going to the movie theatre or simply watching television. With the endless supply of entertainment now available on OTT platforms, it is possible to enjoy an exclusive and seamless content viewing experience – anywhere and anytime. 

During this lockdown, I have been relying on apps like ZEE5 for my daily dose of entertainment. It is one of my favorites as it has some great shows and movies. Recently ZEE5 launched ZEE5 Club Pack that offers diverse content across various languages, genres and a spectrum of devices. I found the Club pack to be one of the best subscription plans to opt for. 

Why You Must Opt for ZEE5 Club Pack
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Diverse Content 

With Zee5 Club pack, one gets access to watching all ALT Balaji shows, Zindagi shows, Kids TV, 90+Live TV channels, etc. You can enjoy all ZEE5 Originals and Exclusives along with 1000+ Blockbuster movies. I personally love watching Zindagi shows like Aunn Zara, Baaghi, Badi Aapa, etc and they can be viewed anytime with this subscription plan. 

Access Shows Before They Are Aired on TV 

As a ZEE5 Club Pack user, you can watch all your favorite TV shows before they are telecasted on TV. So all the top shows like Kumkum bhagya, Kundali Bhagya or even regional shows like Gattimela, Sembaeuthi, and many more can be watched before anyone else.

Multiple Languages & Genres 

The Club Pack offers an impressive value not just limited to content in English or Hindi but also in any other regional languages. So be it Telugu movies or Tamil, Kannada or Marathi movies, one can watch it all at one place. Not just that you can also access shows of various genres- comedy, romance, drama, crime thriller, etc.

Affordable and Value for Money 

The Club Pack is pocket-friendly. It is priced at INR 365 for one year (which is almost one-third of the price one pay for the Premium Pack of Rs.999/ annually.) 

No Ad Breaks 

Ad breaks can be super annoying, right? They completely disrupt the viewing experience (especially if the break is just before the scene of climax). But with ZEE5 Club Pack you can now enjoy your favorite shows without any ads in between. 

Multiple-device streaming 

A major highlight of the ZEE5 Club Pack is that it can be accessed via five different screens at the same time. Isn’t that interesting? So no more clashes with spouse or even between kids over whose favorite show to put first. 😉

Now that you know all about the ZEE5 Club pack, and the value it offers, don’t you think it’s time for you to transition from regular television to entertainment on ZEE5?

With ZEE5 Club Pack, entertainment has become all the more personalized. It is the best value plan for family entertainment as it has something for everyone – for any age group and in any language. 

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with ZEE5. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    When I first heard about Zee5 Club Pack, I was happy to see the variety it is offering at an affordable price. I am sure, viewers are not going to miss watching movies in theatre now.

  2. Mayuri6

    The ZEE5 Club Pack has been a savior in so many ways. Love how economical it is, the variety it offers and the multiple device streaming option.

  3. romagptasinha

    I too have opted for the ZEE5 club pack Charu for all the reasons you have enumerated above. it is ideal for me and my family

  4. Shilpa Garg

    Wow! ZEE5 Club Pack as so much to offer for all in the family. It has an impressive collection of movies and series in Hindi, English and even regional languages. Will check it out!

  5. This ZEE5 club pack is aam ke aam guthliyon ke daam. All the entertainment, variety for every age group and yet so affordable.

  6. Deepika

    Yeah! Agreed. Zee5 club pack is offering a lot at the affordable price. We can watch shows before airing, no ads, awesome movies and what more.

  7. Varsh

    ZEE5 club pack is the best way to ensure that everyone in the family gets to see something of their choice. It’s affordable and offers a huge variety of series and movies.

  8. Ruchie

    This is really one of the great club pack from ZEE5 I am sure going to get this for all great and amazing shows and series!!

  9. I completely agree with you. Zee5 has been a saviour during this lockdown and subscribing for the Club pack has been an affordable and good decision for me.

  10. Wow it’s very good that ZEE5 Club Pack provides wide range of content in English, Hindi and other Regional Languages and we can watch favourite TV shows before they are aired on TV. like that pack is affordable

  11. forbabynmommy

    Zee 5 club pack is really nice if you love to watch family shows and it’s quite affordable and have so many varieties series and more to watch

  12. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow this ZEE5 subscription pack is super awesome. I did not know that it has a facility of watching show before they go on air. loved it. thanks for sharing detail features of this subscription pack.

  13. During the Corona Times, the ZEE5 Club pack has been a welcome relief in terms of affordability and entertainment. Thank you for this informative post.

  14. Neha Sharma

    These are some of the reasons that we upgraded our subscription, and now we are loving all the benefits. No doubt, ZEE5 has become one of our favorite OTT platforms. Even I have asked my mom to get the ZEE5 club pack since she loves watching TV shows.

  15. Judy Morris

    Yes emotional intelligencce is very essential in kids because this is one of the essentials of making a responsible adult. Thanks for shharing these points I will try to groom my son accordingly.

  16. Judy Morris

    I love the fact that there is no advertisment breaks. Plus Zee5 Club pack has so much to offer including multi language content.

  17. Metamorphosis

    No ad breaks and watching the show even before it is aired are some great and unique features ZEE 5 has come up with and the plan looks quite reasonable too. will definitely go for it.

  18. Tina Basu

    This really looks like a good plan for the entire family and specially for entertainment lovers. The benefits of this pack is great. Watching before TV definitely sounds interesting.

  19. Gleefulblogger

    Indian entertainment and family two things which cannot we separated ZEE5 entertainment provides a complete family pack which satisfies everybody is need of binge-watching I am glad this is economical too and thanks for sharing

  20. Amrit Kaur

    Yes we already got ZEE5 CLUB PACK membership becausd it is so affordable and good for entertainment lovers like me and my family.

  21. The Champa Tree

    Lovely. I now know what ultimate entertainment pack to opt for 🙂

  22. Ishieta Chopra

    ZEE5 Club is a new offering from them. Definitely going to check it out – we always want to make sure good quality entertainment is available for the family to watch.

  23. ZEE5 has the very well planned package for the entire family and the subscription value is also economical for us to get it.

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