You are currently viewing Effective Home Remedies For Kids To Treat General Cough & Cold

Effective Home Remedies For Kids To Treat General Cough & Cold

General Cough and Cold Home Remedies For Kids 

With more than 200 viruses floating around, it’s no surprise that cough and cold is so common in kids. Especially during seasonal change, every second child is seen suffering from the same.

As parents it’s tough to see our kids constantly sneezing and wheezing. The discomfort due to blocked nose or congestion leaves the child unable to eat or sleep properly. As a result, the child is always cranky and sometimes clingy.

I often resort to home remedies to treat general cough and cold for my kids. When A&A started schooling, cough and cold were like a biweekly affair. Resorting to OTC medicines or antibiotics everytime did not look like a feasible option. 

Home remedies are quite common in India. They are considered to be safer and a better alternative to meds and antibiotics. They donot cost a lot and help make kids feel better instantly . 

Home remedies for kids to treat general cough and cold
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Here are some simple home remedies for kids to treat general cold and cough – 


1 Garlic & Ajwain Pouch

Both Garlic and Ajwain have antibacterial properties. Just take 1 or 2 garlic stoves and a spoonful of Ajwain, dry roast them, let it cool and put it a muslin cloth (& tie it tight). Keep the pouch near the baby’s pillow ( at a safe distance). The smell of garlic and Ajwain helps to soothe the child suffering from blocked nose. I sometimes also rub the pouch on my kid’s feet and it helps.

2. Turmeric Rub

Turmeric is known for its multiple health benefits. Prefer using a dry turmeric stick, char it and make a paste with warm water. Rub it on the baby’s chest. It helps to soothe the congestion.

Home remedies for kids to treat general cough and cold
3. Steam

Steam works wonder in cold. Just add a bit of turmeric in the water (used for steaming) and it’s all the more effective. Be careful while giving steam and place the child at a safe distance of using a steamer.

4. Honey and Ginger 

Dry roast ginger, squeeze its juice and mix it with warm honey. Give one spoon to the child and it’s truly effective in treating dry cough. PLEASE NOTE – Use this only for kids above 1 year of age. Honey shouldn’t be given to kids less than one year.

Home remedies for kids to treat general cough and cold
5. Tulsi leaves and Ginger

Basil leaves can fight off a range of infections. Take one cup of water, add tulsi leaves and a small piece of ginger. Boil the mixture on slow heat, till the quantity becomes half. Give a spoon or two to the kids twice a day

6. Mustard Oil Mix with Garlic and Ajwain 

Heat one fourth cup of Mustard oil. Add 2 cloves of crushed garlic and ajwain. Take it off the stove once it turns brown. Massage this oil on baby’s chest and under the feet. It helps soothe the congestion.

7. Lemon Juice Mixed With Honey 

Lemon contains vitamin C which is known to strengthen the immunity. In a cup, just mix lemon juice along with honey. Add some water and feed your baby.

8. Concoction of Lemon, Honey and Cinnamon 

Mix the three- lemon juice, honey and cinnaman powder and heat it a bit.  Feed the same to the baby and see quick and effective results.

Home remedies for kids to treat general cough and cold
9. Gargling

This is more appropriate for older kids (3 years or above). Make the child gargle warm water or salt water twice or thrice a day. This helps provide quick relief to the sore throat and cough.

10. Turmeric Milk

Everyone has heard of ‘haldi doodh’ and it’s benefits. This particularly helps in dry cough. Just give your child a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric at night. You can also add jaggery for sweetness. 

General Precautions You Must Take –

1 Ensure that the child is not allergic to any ingredients that you use in your home remedy.

2. Remember to give an age appropriate remedy. A one year old child would not be able to gargle.

3. Check the temperature of the rub or mixture you give to the kid. It should be warm, not too hot.

4. Ensure the child is well hydrated.

5. Consult your doctor, in case of any doubt.

Do you prefer home remedies for kids? What is that one home remedy that always works for you?

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  1. ritecontent

    This is useful information for all parents and maybe even for ourselves! the methods are also so useful!

  2. Sonia Chatterjee

    Bookmarked your post. The natural remedies look so simple yet we forget the naturak healing method and start focusing on OTC meds. Really found this to be useful.

  3. kalaravi16

    These remedies are indeed the safest and really effective treatments for children. Many of,”dadima ke nuske” still work wonders. I have myself used many of the above treatments for my children. A great resource for parents.

  4. Shalzzz

    I’m bookmarking this post. I didn’t know even half of the remedies mentioned and I believe it is useful for babies and adults alike.

  5. Gunjan Upadhyay

    Thats a great list, it would be really handy for all parents. Mustard oil mix is a favorite in our house.

  6. Try this the next time. Take equal amount of raw jaggery and black peppercorns. Mix together and pound in a mortar and pestle. Make small balls of this mixture. Eat one at regular intervals to soothe the throat and reduce congestion. And some really nice tips! I never knew that you could add turmeric to water during inhalation/steaming.

  7. nooranandchawla

    These are fantastic home remedies. I also swear by some of them. If the cold gets out of hand then we also use homeopathy.

  8. Richa MIna

    these are very effective supportive treatment to be given to child for cold and cough. this treatment definitely helps.

  9. soniadogra

    I have often fried the ajwain and garlic potli. It works wonders. You’ve put down great points together.

  10. soniadogra

    I have often used the ajwain garlic potli. Works wonders. You have put together very apt remedies.

  11. Suchita

    Not sure about babies but this is definitely very useful for me! Turmeric milk and gargling are standards.

  12. Rashi Roy

    Turmeric rub was new! Will keep this is mind next time. I completely rely on these natural remedies and they always work fine.

  13. matheikal

    These remedies are holistic unlike the drugs we usually go for.

  14. aditi

    Such a lovely post. I’ve saved your home remedies because I believe in natural therapy.


  15. great post, cough and cold is every house problem and even I try some home remedy first honey ginger and turmeric honey is my rescue medicine

  16. mommytincture

    honey and ginger is my go to remedy for cold and cough for my kids. going to try others too in future.

  17. Home remedies are really a good idea for small ailments. Even doctors suggest some easy remedies nowadays. For a certain kind of allergy turmeric powder with small quantities of honey is supposed to be a good alternative to modern medicine.

  18. bohobibliophile

    I am truly glad I came across your post. Thanks so much for sharing. What works for kids can work for us too. As someone struggling with drug allergies, I am always looking for natural alternatives to medications.

  19. Narinder Bhatia

    Hi Charu, that’s a nice list of home remedies for common cold and cough. I think you are right when you mention that OTC is not a very feasible option and the simple explanation would be that we need to strengthen the immune system and not just the symptoms. At the tender age, it’s much more advisable to go in for holistic healing of the illness/ disease.

  20. Semmozhi Mangai

    Growing up, my dad never let my sister and me use any of the allopathic medicines. So,I grew up in a home with a father who was a doctorate in home remedies. After five years staying in a hostel, now, I actually go for the allopathic medicines mostly. Your post made me a little nostalgic of my childhood days 🙂

  21. Gleefulblogger

    My first act before heading to a doc is gharelu nuskhe. These are surely gonna help in seasonal cold and cough. However, if the cold persists it’s time to call the doc. But mostly these remedies help.

  22. I swear by Mustard Oil Mix with Garlic and Ajwain, my kids winters get better because of this. Turmeric rub I was unaware about.

  23. singhalkushal

    Excellent remedies shared… After knowing the side effects of antibiotics and allopathic medicines that doctiors prescribe, i try to go natural and give home remedies to my kids as far as possible…

  24. This is a very useful post for me. My son tends to suffer from cold & cough quite often. I am surely going to use these home remedies for him. Thanks.

  25. Sweetannu

    Easy methods with immediate results. I trust home remedies more than an allopathic medicines. Turmeric and steam are my most effective ones from your list.

  26. Ninu Nair

    I didn’t know about turmeric rub, will try this. With the onset of rains, battling cold and cough with the little one is so challenging.

  27. trendtofit

    Tulsi, turmeric, honey and ginger work all the time. The is a handy useful list for every mother in the hour of need! Keep providing useful stuff!

  28. Pr@Gun

    I always prefer home remedies, lovely post and thanks for the share.
    Have tried and tested all the listed remedies.
    Will add one more to list – When you have a sore throat, you can chew on Liquorice Root known as jesthimadh or mulethi sticks for speedy relief. Also add a pinch of salt to the water you drink it helps

  29. ghazala786

    Useful post , I also do some of these , especially steam and try to avoid medicine .

  30. mommy_insight

    The fear of catching cold nd cough is real for mums, I rub axe oil on their feet and cover them with socks, #millennialscribbler

  31. Homemade Nuskes are the best especially for kids as they are super sensitive. I wanted some handy useful post to share with one of my friend in Pune who has a small baby girl 🙂 This post covered it all! Yaay 🙂
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

  32. Trapti

    I have no kids but yes these are important points for all mommies.

    Nicely covered;)

  33. Helpful post Charu. Our kitchen is full with medical remedy or solutions yet we do pills popping.
    I am so glad to see 3-4 tips that we use are listed here.

  34. shravmusings

    I use most of these recipes at home and believe me, my Son hardly gets cold even after drenching in rain for more than an hour. This is a wonderful post and must read for all the parents.

  35. Rohan Kachalia

    My son often catches cold and cough and our first thing is to place garlic and ajwain pouch, followed by turmeric milk. However, rubbing turmeric on chest was new to me.

  36. Archana

    Very helpful and informative post regarding cough and cold which is so common in kids.Yes I do prefer home remedies first and Mustard oil mix,garlic and ajwain remedy ki like “Rambaan” in cough and cold, I use to add one more thing in this mix and i.e.Asfoetida and its really works faster.

  37. simritbedi

    Thanks for sharing some lovely home remedies. I swear by ginger and honey. I had heard about a few remedies but wasn’t aware of so many home remedies.

  38. Cloud and Sunshine

    That’s a wonderful list you have there Charu. Even we resort to home remedies apart from the prescribed medication. Thanks for sharing this. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads

  39. I have known of some of these home remedies – but not all of them…turmeric is always a winner!!

  40. Pooja Mahimkar

    This post was such a blast from the past, I remember my grandmother used to do these little household remedies. I barely went to the doctor as a kid, grand mom knew how to take care of everything.

  41. Ruchie

    I used to give them garlic and ajwain potli ..happy that you shared so easy and home remedies!!

  42. ginia

    home remedies really work wonders. It would be lovely to know the science behind how they work though.

  43. Shubhra Rastogi

    Some great tips. our Indian kitchen ingredients are indeed superfoods. #MyFriendAlexa #ShubhraReads

  44. Oh wow! Home remedies for cold and cough is what we used but nowadays they are considered old hat. I wish every parent would follow these home remedies rather than dispensing medication. #wordsmithkaurreads #BlogChatter #MyFriendAlexa

  45. Shweta Suresh

    Some of these work wonders on adults as well. I should know. I’ve tried most of them. But thanks for introducing me to some new ones like #1 and #6. This was a really informative post. Thanks for sharing, Charu Ji. 🙂

  46. Urvashi

    Kesar is also good for relieving cold. May be you can research and add. I give Kesar milk or Kesar haldi (turmeric) milk. Kesar with turmeric rub on forehead , soles and chest is also good . #damurureads

  47. Menaka Bharathi

    I have always stood by turmeric milk, the golden milk as it is called. Its very effective, I also give ginger and honey syrup to kids, works wonders.

  48. Swarnali Nath

    Some of the remedies my mom told me. But some of them are really new to me. Thanks for this awesome post.

  49. vidhya29

    woow these are some easy and wonderful remedies!

  50. I always believe that home remedies are the best instead of popping pills – especially for kids and senior citizens. Thank you for writing such an informative post. Keep writing such interesting posts. #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

  51. Anwesha

    This is no doubt a great post, very well researched and very helpful for moms out there.

  52. such a helpful post for we moms sure will mark this post thank you sharing the wonderful tips….

  53. Geethica

    This is a very useful and related post. Kids are so prone to infections and at last homemade recipes learned from ancestors only work.

  54. Sanjota Purohit

    When kids get sick it is difficult for parents to deal with. It would be so good if the pain can be exchanged. But your post has great solution!

  55. Sarah T

    It was a very useful post and have definitely been using honey and ginger as well as turmeric milk since my childhood days.

  56. The ginger and honey, I have been using and it’s quite effective but it is difficult to make them have it. But the turmeric rub is a new one. Got to try it

  57. Perfect. How ajwain, ginger, mustard oil and honey are every mom’s favorite. Vegetable or lentil soups with lil black pepper also give relief.
    #Myfriendalexa #Blogchatter #momlearningwithbaby

  58. Tina Sequeira

    Such a topical and useful post. Bookmarking this one. Thank you!

  59. Neha Jain

    These are some really great and effective ways to treat cough and cold. No need to visit the docs. We also follow some of these tips in our home.

  60. Change in seasons makes my younger one fall in the clutches of cold and cough. These remedies have always helped me to provide her relief. Thanks for sharing.
    #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  61. Shamik Byabartta

    Superb. Loved the post. Thanks for sharing the remedies. I know few of them but this list is handy. I’ll save this for sure.

  62. happylivelong

    Home remedies are the best.You have penned down everything so nicely. Will try all this for my daughter in need.Thanks a lot #myfriendalexa #manseereads

  63. Pratibha (Prats)

    I cant remember one season that my mother did not have tulsi-ginger kadha in the fridge ready for our milk & tea .. These are really effective remedies !

  64. Priyal

    Must informative post for all the mom’s, I too use this for my kids whenever they are suffering from cold & cough and this really works.
    Going to share this with all my friends and family

  65. Thank you so much for sharing these. I also resot to home remedies before checking with the doctor
    #tmmreads #myfriendalexa

  66. Nazish

    “ghar k nukse” and natural remedies are best. not just for kids but even for adults. Its better we go back to nature for a healthy life.

  67. Rajesh N

    Traditional and indian home remedies are always best , not only kids but also adults use these home remedies for cough and cold

  68. forbabynmommy

    This is such a helpful post for all mothers I always trust home remedies as cough and cold comes often. Pawan home remedy that always works for my daughter is that make powder I gave a pinch twice a day and works like magic.

  69. Arti

    I have used most of the tips here, thanks for sharing this. It’s gonna be beneficial for many parents 🙂

  70. Manas Mukul

    During the monsoon and the change of weather children are prone to viral and cough & cold. Nice home remedies. They are great with zero side effects. nice informative post.
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia #MyFriendAlexa

  71. I usually retort to home remedies and homeopathy first. Only in severity, I give OTC or antibiotic. Few home remedies were new for me, though. A very useful post for parents.

  72. Neha Gupta

    Very useful information Charu . Turmeric milk works great for cold and cough even for elders. Thanks for sharing these home remedies

  73. judy morris

    Oh I didnt know about this garlic, ajwain sooothing potli thing.. will surely try it out for my son.

  74. i just wrote some points last weekend and i should have read this before so that i could have get some more pints to share -;

    Great Points from which few i always use for my girl. #MyFriendAlexa #momandmaithili #Blogchatter

  75. mahekg

    Honey and Ginger works the best and steam too.

  76. Preetjyot Kaur

    Cold and cough can really be tough on kids. Thanks for sharing these fantastic natural remedies. I too believes in avoiding medicines.

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