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Most Effective Solution To Keep Our Kids Safe From Mosquito Menace 

It was always assumed that summer is the season for mosquitos. However, with the wide range of fluctuations in the weather these days, there is no fixed time, season or month for mosquito menace. These days you find them hovering around in the garden, parks or home irrespective of fumigation done ‘n’ number of times. 

It is becoming difficult to protect ourselves and our kids from mosquito bites. The increase in mosquitos is causing an alarming rise in spread of various diseases like dengue & malaria. It has become very important for parents to take necessary precautions and preventive measures for kids 24/7 -365 days. 

Solution to Mosquito menace
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Mother Sparsh has recently launched three effective, natural products to prevent kids from mosquito menace. They are:

Mother Sparsh Anti-Insect Fabric Roll-On

Mother Sparsh Solution to Mosquito Menace

The Mother Sparsh Anti-Insect Fabric Roll-On is all natural and deet-free. It is formulated with the combination of best essential oils. The presence of lemon grass oil & neem oil creates a protective shield which protects kids from mosquitoes, fleas & ants etc. The good part is that only 4 dots are enough to be rolled on to the clothes. This roll on is totally safe and best for both indoors as well as outdoor use.  It gives anytime anywhere protection. 

Since this is deet-free, it does not contain any synthetic chemicals which are harmful for skin. I personally like the rolling nature of bottle that makes it easy to use and also maintain the hygiene level. 

The directions to apply this roll on are simple and easy-to-follow. 

  • Do not apply directly on skin.
  • 4 dots are required on clothes of fabric roll-on.
  • Also can be applied on babies’ pram and strollers to keep them safe from mosquitoes and fleas.

Mother Sparsh After Bite Turmeric Balm

Mother Sparsh Solution to Mosquito Menace

Turmeric has a long history of medicinal use in South Asia. It’s use can be dated back nearly 4000 years to the Vedic Culture in India, where it was used as a spice and had some religious as well medicinal significance. Turmeric has astounding benefits in providing a natural remedy for insect bites. It helps in preventing inflammation and rash caused by bug stings.

Considering the multiple benefits of turmeric, Mother Sparsh has prepared an After-bite Turmeric Balm which provides relief from insect bites, rashes and skin irritation. This product is full of natural extracts like Turmeric, Sarso, Jaitoon and Pudina. It is anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory in nature and therefore helpful for the conditions of eczema, itching skin eruptions, acne and rashes. The components used in this balm are all natural and hence completely safe for the delicate skin of the baby. 

I particularly liked that – 

  • it is made with ingredients having Ayurveda medicinal properties. 
  • The anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties of the product reduce the possibility of infection and inflammation. 

Thing to Note – 

  • The product is meant to heal the insect bite. However, it doesn’t repel insects. So it is advised to use this balm 3-4 times to the affected area as needed.

Mother Sparsh Natural Insect Repellent

Mother Sparsh Solution to Mosquito Menace

Another 100% natural and safe product formulated with the combination of best Ayurvedic herbs is Mother Sparsh Natural Insect Repellent. The presence of Eucalyptus oil creates herbal armor (protective shield) which protects from various insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ants etc. It also contains natural oils such as lemon grass, citronella and camphor which provides soothing effect on the skin. The product is deet-free and keeps the kids safe while indoors or outdoors.

I loved the travel-friendly packaging and the easy-to-use spray bottle. The good part is that the repellent can be used by everyone – be it infants, kids or adults. 

While using the spray, just keep the following in mind

  • Spray on the exposed part of body except face. 
  • Spray around body, anywhere in room, clothes or play area of the child.

Mosquito menace

Since we live in a highly populated world, it is important for us parents to be aware of what goes on with our babies’ body. When it comes to keeping our kids protected from pesky insects and mosquito menace, all we look for is an easy-to-use, natural and an All-Round Protection for our kids. And this insect mosquito range from Mother Sparsh provides us just that! 

I have been using this range since long and have seen the effectiveness. This eco-friendly brand focuses on making the best use of Ayurveda and natural ingredients. All its products are deet-free, safe and do not have any side effects.

I am now relieved that with these insect repellent and insect bite healing products, kids can enjoy their playtime anywhere and parents too can relax without any fear of dengue, malaria or other harmful diseases caused by pesky insects. 

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Mother Sparsh. The views and opinions expressed in this post are of the author alone.

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  1. Sweetannu

    Yes. I trust Mother sparsh mosquito repellent too for my child. As it is 100% natural and safe and an Ayurvedic product.

  2. Ruchie

    Keeping kids safe is really important and this mother sparsh repellent really effective as I used recently while traveling!!

  3. Varsh

    So thoughtful of Mother Sparsh to come up with something that’s important to save our kids from mosquito bites. The after bite turmeric balm is a blessing.

  4. Deepika

    Mosquito repellents are a must.
    I use Good night fabric roll on for my kids. Mother Sparsh is also a good brand. And it’s new three products seems very promising.

  5. Bushra

    Mother sparsh roll and rerepelle sounds safe and promising to use on kids.

  6. I have been using mosquito repellents from another brand but the positive words about mothersparsh products is quite good.Shall stock them next time.

  7. Jhilmil

    That’s a wholesome range of mosquito repellants and cream by Mothersparsh. Would certainly try them

  8. Tina Basu

    These fabric roll ons are so convenient and helpful. Mother Sparsh has an impressive range of products.


    I have used many brand for mosquito repellent but not mother sparsh, definitely ur review is really good n I’m gonna use it

  10. Dipika Singh

    Mosquito menace needs a better solution than the fumigation or OTC repellants. I am so glad to know Mother Sparsh covers the kids completely against such epidemic.

  11. Snigdha

    Wow.. Mothersparsh mosquito repellent and cream seems so safe and good for babies. Will check out

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