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Easy peasy ways to clean a greasy kitchen stove

Easy peasy ways to clean a greasy kitchen stove

A clean home is a happy home. Happiness for me is a clean kitchen. Creating a clean and safe kitchen space is an important step to a healthy home. But with twin kids at home, this isn’t an easy task.

Organizing a party for the kids

Recently I organised a party for my growing twins at home. Their school has reopened and they were going to meet their friends after two long years of online schooling. To make this get-together a memorable one, my husband and I had planned a lavish spread with all the favourite meals kids love eating. There were cookies, waffles, mini pizzas, noodles, fries, etc., on the menu and we made most of these dishes at home. 

We wanted kids to have the best time of their life. And the party was a big success too. The excitement of meeting each other, the joy on their faces and the fun-filled games they played made the party a super rocking one. 

The after-mess: Clean a greasy kitchen stove

However, there was one dreadful thing post the party (less for kids and more for me)- which was winding up the after-mess of the party, especially cleaning the greasy kitchen stove. From the waffle syrup to oil stains, it was dirty, sticky and greasy all over. 

Honestly, I find cleaning the spills all over the house still manageable. But cleaning a greasy kitchen stove is a task! (I mean who would want to scrub, re-scrub, wash and re-wash a greasy stove post a tiring party!). It is a strenuous task, or rather an extremely painful one!

How to clean a greasy kitchen stove
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In search of the perfect cleaner

Now, the next day being a weekday I knew I had no option but to clean the mess right away. I knew that cleaning it with soap and water wouldn’t do the job, because there were tough burn stains too. So, I decided to try and find something different and headed to the supermarket. After browsing for a while, I found Cif Power and shine spray. I had heard great reviews of this product. Now it was time to use and test it. I made the purchase and went back home, excited to try it out.

Cif Power and Shine kitchen cleaner helps to clean tough and greasy stains from the kitchen top, gas/stove or surrounding areas. This was the first time I was using it. I sprayed some of the product on the stains and let it sit while I got to cleaning the other parts of the house: straightening up the pillows, sweeping off party streamers, gathering leftover food, putting away toys- all of this took a while. 

I was wondering if the product would work or I’d have to scrub for hours. I was pretty tired by the time I was done organizing the house and then went to check on the kitchen stove.

The moment of truth- Clean a greasy kitchen stove with ease?

So, I decided to try wiping off those tough stains. I imagined I’d have to put in a lot of effort to scrub it off, but I was totally amazed to see how effectively it works. I was able to effortlessly wipe it off. To my surprise, all of the stains were removed in just one wipe. And my gas stove was shining clean within seconds. I was so pleased. This had solved my major kitchen cleaning problems.

Most cleaning agents used in kitchens and bathrooms consist of a string of strong chemicals that get the job done. They kill germs but also leave behind some form of residue. However, Cif Power and Shine Cleaner removes the toughest of stains and grease without any residue

Additionally, harsh cleaners usually damage the finish on a stove-top. But with Cif power and shine I noticed that it keeps the shine of the gas stove intact while removing the tiniest particles of dirt and grease with ease. There is no residue and the kitchen top becomes sparkling clean in a jiffy.  That’s how easy it is to clean a greasy kitchen stove!

Cif Power and Shine Cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner and a one-stop solution for all dirt and mess in the kitchen. It especially works wonders for cleaning the greasy kitchen stove. But I went on to try it on other parts of the kitchen as well. For instance, the tiles in the kitchen accumulate a lot of tough oil stains, spice and soot too. It is not easy to clean all of this every day. It takes a whole lot of time that we mostly do not have with our busy schedules. 

I tried spraying the product onto the tiles, kitchen countertop, the corners and even some on the cabinet handles and chimney that had stains. 

To my surprise, it worked in all these areas. I used my regular kitchen cloth made wet to wipe it all off. The tasks that were usually dreaded and put off until the last was made easy in a jiffy! Now I can clean a greasy kitchen stove and the rest of the kitchen in style.

How to clean a greasy kitchen stove

Things I liked about this product- 

🔹It has a fragrance of sweet orange. So, it’s good riddance to the lingering harsh smell (that’s especially annoying for little kids). 

🔹 Its lightweight formula, containing orange and tangerine oils, cuts through grease in just one wipe with no streak marks left at all. (One wipe, literally!)

🔹It’s super easy-to-use and so convenient that anyone can clean with it. 

🔹I can use it to clean the greasy kitchen stove, along with the hobs, sinks and kitchen tiles.

 🔹It leaves behind 100% shine and is safe for food preparation areas. 

🔹It’s easily available at grocery stores, supermarkets/marts and even online.

Cleanliness is not just an aesthetic concern. It’s about safety too. The kitchen is one spot where water, high heat, electricity and sharp objects all come into proximity, and the best way to control this potentially dangerous environment is by keeping it clean and organized. 

Cif has reduced my workload

With the Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Cleaner, I find my workload has decreased tremendously. Not only my kitchen has become neat and tidy, but also a safe cooking space. Be it how to clean a greasy kitchen stove, sink or floor, this product makes the task super easy.

How to clean a greasy kitchen stove

Now organising a get-together doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. And I am no more worried about how to clean a greasy kitchen stove post a tiring party. With Cif in the house, am assured my kitchen will remain neat and shining all through. 

Remember, old is gold. This 60-year-old trustworthy brand had made a name for itself and works like gold. So, for a glittery kitchen bring this glistening cleanser home with just a click, clean a greasy kitchen stove and more, making your life easier.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Cif. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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