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A Day In A Chocolate Factory- Inside Tour of Kinder Joy Factory

This Children’s Day was special and a memorable one for me as I got a wonderful opportunity to visit my kids favourite chocolate factory and experience how Kinder Joy from one of the most renowned brands Ferrero, is made.

As parents aren’t we always curious to know what’s going in the making of the products which our kids relish the most? 

My twins, A&A, enjoy eating chocolates. They first tasted Kinder Joy when they were 3 years old and ever since it has been their favourite. As a mother I try to keep a check and give this special treat to them occasionally. But considering their love for these egg-shaped treats I was always curious to know how these are manufactured and most importantly how safe are these. 

A visit to Kinder Joy Factory

So when I was invited to visit their plant at Baramati, I jumped on the opportunity. And I must admit, it was both a delightful and enriching experience for me. Not only did I get to understand more about the product, it’s quality and high standards but also got a chance to ask a few questions that I had in mind. 

A visit to Kinder Joy Factory at Baramati

To begin with, I was absolutely amazed to see the quality and strict hygiene standards they maintain at the plant. Before entering the factory we were given visitor coats, caps and shoes, and at every door that we crossed we were asked to sterilize our hands. Infact the door wouldn’t open till we sterilized our hands. Doesn’t that speak volume about the hygiene level they maintain at the plant? 

We were taken to every unit of the plant – manufacturing, packaging and even ingredient testing and at each level we were amazed to see the stringent hygiene and quality control

It was interesting to know that Kinder Joy follows five golden rules that include Milk of High Quality, without colouring, without preservatives, selected raw materials, and production processes with good hygiene. Add to that there are close to 200 quality parameters and ISO certified processes against which these chocolate treats are tested before they are sold in the market. Right from sourcing of raw materials, to manufacturing and packaging using machines of highest technology, they make sure the final product is not just safe but also of the best quality. 

A visit to KinderJoy Factory at Baramati

You will also be surprised to know that great care is taken in proportioning and measuring of ingredients to ensure small portion size of the product and ofcourse the right nutritional value. The cow’s milk used is organic and is sourced from only approved milk suppliers. The milk is then processed to skimmed milk powder within 24 hours. Moreover all the ingredients used in the product are thoroughly tested in their lab before use. Samples from the Baramati plant are also sent to the Ferrero Quality labs at Germany and Italy for random quality checks. 

The Kinder Joy packaging is made of polypropylene and during the packaging process no glue is used to stick the two halves of the product. Infact the spoon that’s included in the pack too is thoroughly sanitized and is stuck using ultrasonic technology with zero human contact. The airtight packaging ensures the product lasts long without use of any preservatives. 

A visit to Kinder Joy Factory at Baramati

Another eye- opening fact that I came across was about the surprise toys included in the pack. These toys are sourced from efficient suppliers who solely manufacture for Kinder Joy based on strict guidelines provided by the brand. Each toy is made of non-toxic material and food-grade colours. It also undergoes safety and quality tests for suitability of 3+ years.

During the visit, we got to interact with the MD, Mr. Stefano Pelle who addressed my query on the use of plastic, to which he said that Ferrero Group globally has taken a pledge to make their packaging 100% recyclable, reusable by 2025.

A visit to KinderJoy Factory at Baramati

For me another highlight of the day was to witness the wonderful Children’s Day Celebration at Pietro Ferrero Kindergarden, which has been set up at Baramati for the children of the employees and the community kids. It is an initiative run by the Ferrero group to safeguard health, education and social development of children. It was a pleasure watching such cute little kids performing on stage with so much ease and confidence. The facility has around 120 kids associated with them currently and they are so well taken care of. What particularly touched my heart was to see the amount of love, care and attention given to these kids apart from quality education. Even the malnourished ones have a special menu to take care of their nourishment. With this noble CSR initiative, their aim is to take care of these children so that they grow up healthy and become responsible citizens of the country. 


A visit to Kinder Joy Factory at Baramati

Visiting the plant was a great learning experience for me. At the end of the day I stepped out as an informed mother who could personally see and understand in detail what goes in the making of her kids‘ most favourite treats. Having closely seen the entire process, I am now reassured by the goodness of this special chocolate which includes a combination of a yummy snack as well as a creative toy

Disclaimer: I was invited to visit the plant at Baramati and the views and opinions expressed in this post are my own, based on my personal experience.

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  1. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Woow I wish I can also take your of kinderjoy factory. My kids favourite chocolate and I am really surprised to know that they took so much care ,from chocolate to toys.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow lucky you, kinder joy is most favorite chocolate brand of my girls and I m glad they maintained higher level of manufacturing standard. Thanks for sharing insight.

  3. forbabynmommy

    It was really nice experience visiting the kinder Joy factory and most importantly it’s nice to see the standard they are maintaining for the same

  4. Deepika

    My both kids love Kinder Joy. Lucky you, you got a chance to know about the brand more. I am sure, you enjoyed a lot to know about the process of making kinder Joy.

  5. jhilmildsaha

    This reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory . No wonder kids will enjoy the making of their favourite candy thoroughly.

  6. MeenalSonal

    Choclate factory visit must be so enriching. Good that Kinder joy is making people visit to know about their products.

  7. Both my kids love kinder joy, however i was doubtful about quality after reading some reviews. Glad to know that you have done the quality check yourself.

  8. Neha Sharma

    That’s such a fun experience visiting the Kinder joy factory and witnessing the manufacturing & packaging process and how cool you got to do the tasting too.

  9. Tina Basu

    this is a place i wish i could take my son, he is such a big fan of kinder joy. But its good to know they take of hygiene so well.

  10. momtasticworld

    My little one loves kinder joy as a treat and I am sure it was a beautiful experience for you as well. I don’t know why it reminds me of charlie and the chocolate factory hehehe I cant tell you how much I love that film.

  11. Surely you had fun taking a tour around the factory. It must be a cool experience.

  12. DecoReview

    Interesting. My son is also a great fan of Kinder Joy and am so happy to read about his favorite brand.

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