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How to Get My Children to Play Outdoors More In India

Kids should ideally be spending at least 3 hours playing outdoors.  In our urban environment, children don’t get to play outside much. With Xbox, video games, so many favourite shows on TV, children love indoors and tend to spend most of their time glued to a screen. This has a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. 

Playing outside enhances children’s learning, social skills, creativity and independence. Spending time in the open air amidst nature in fresh air helps in overall wellbeing making children feel calmer and happier. But how do we get children to play outdoors? It can be really hard to make them move away from their cartoons and video games.

How do I get my children to play outdoors
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After some experiments I tried, here are few things that have really helped me get my children to love outdoor play:

Play Dates

Children love parties and the excitement that comes with arranging them.  Gathering a few of your kids’ friends and organizing a park party with fun games and some healthy snacks is a great way to get your kid outdoors. It worked wonders for me and soon my kids wanted to go out on their own to the park with their buddies.

Become an Explorer

If you look closely there is a lot to explore in natural places such as lakesides, lush green picnic spots or even your own backyard or garden. It is an innovative method to get children to learn about flowers, plants, and insects. Kids are curious by nature and trust me, once you show them the joy of exploring they will love to be outdoors.

Long Walks

When I go to pick my child from the bus stop, we take a longer route back home in the cool evening air. We love strolls like this. It helps us bond better as we talk about the day and it also sets the mood for some evening play in the society once we reach!

Weekend Fun

Every weekend, instead of spending time at home after a long week, we make sure to plan an outing, and no, not to a restaurant.  Whether it is a picnic, an outdoor event with the play group or a visit to our farm house outside the city, we often plan events that are healthy and don’t involve screen time.

Children are quick learners and very adaptive. The idea is to introduce them to the fun outdoor world and how much they can enjoy playing games outside the house. Exposing them to nature and healthy games is an all new experience for them and once they get the taste of it, they will definitely want to spend time outside four walls. 

Of course, all this play will also require some added nutrition to keep the energy high. That is why my child’s doctor suggested PediaSure that contains all essential 37 nutrients. My child drinks a glass in the morning before school and in the evening after play. It keeps them strong and healthy. The Grow Right Charter too has been a boon to me. Ever since I began following the tips given in it, our routine has taken shape in an amazing way. Now I don’t have to worry about my kids’ nutrition or how to get my children to play outdoors. It’s all sorted! 

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Disclaimer – This post is in collaboration with PediaSure. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. alpanadeo

    Outdoor play is very important for kids. Parents have to make sure that they get enough playtime. If meeting at home is not possible then arranging playdates at parks works great.

  2. Cindy Dsilva

    oh my kids will live outside the house if they are allowed to hahaha. their screen time is limited so its their room or outside for them.

  3. Sweetannu

    Play dates are a good option to get kids out more option. And now it’s the perfect to explore the outdoors

  4. simi sp

    It’s important for our kids outdoor activities to stay healthy lifestyle informative post ty for sharing.

  5. Varsh

    I usually make my kids join me for my walks and jogs. Evenings are not for TV, they have to go out and play. It takes effort but it’s imperative to make them indulge in physical activities.

  6. Ujjwal Mishra

    Yes, it has become a task for parents to drive kids out to play now a days. In our times parents used to get tired of calling us back home. Great points mentioned by you.

  7. Bushra

    Indeed outdoor activities needed in overall development of kids. Like the idea of weekend outing and exploring

  8. Snigdha

    Play dates are important to take out kids and make them play and enjoy . it is always good idea to take out kids and play outside .

  9. Tina Basu

    You have mentioned very nice pointers here. I encourage my son to play outdoors too.

  10. Amrit Kaur

    It is important for kids to play outdoors and socialise with other kids. It helps them grow better.

  11. Heena Dhedhi

    I’ve been very forthcoming with my kids and give them a choice to decide, however sometimes it becomes important as a mother to push them to do certain things. Thanks for sharing this information, I sure will try some of these things.

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