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Great Day For Up By Dr.Seuss- Book Review

Book – Great Day For Up
Author – Dr. Seuss
Published by – Random House Books

Great Day For Up is a book written by Dr.Seuss and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Dr.Seuss, an American children’s author known for his work – writing and illustrating more than 60 books. 

This book is about the narrator encouraging everyone around the world to get up in the morning and approach a new day with a smile on their faces!

Great Day For Up by Dr Seuss

It’s an inspiring book that celebrates the joy of life. The meanings of ‘Up’ are conveyed with merry verse and illustrations. The story revolves around a boy who sleeps in his room and doesn’t want to get up, while everyone around him – the people, animals, birds all are wide awake up and ready for the day. The plot of the story “every new day starts a new adventure” is an interesting one. The book is visually engaging, holds a positive message and a surprise ending that children love to read. 

It is a fun poetry book, similar in style to other Dr. Seuss works. The book is filled with colourful, expressive characters and objects that children love. The vast diversity of the story line creates curiosity among its readers. The rhyming text keeps kids captured in the story. The simplicity of the text help to encourage children to join in while reading aloud the story. The tone of the book and the text are inviting.

The book is all about things that can go up i.e. from birds, airplanes, kites, balloons. Children find butterflies, flowers, all blooming up. The book also encourages post reading activities post reading.

Dr. Seuss’ iconic characters, stories and art style have a lasting influence on generations of children. And this book – Great Day For Up, conveys not just the pleasure of word slinging but also the very joy of being alive. The book is a captivating one which kids love to read again and again. The text is sparse and simple which makes it a good read for beginners. A highly recommended book for toddlers. 

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