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Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies & Toddlers

Toddlerhood is a stage when kids learn a lot simply by observing. Simple concepts like letters, shapes, colours, weather, animal, seasons, festivals etc can be taught to them through books and activities . Hence, choosing the right kind of book for toddlers is of great significance.

Toddlers like to touch everything they see and come across. That’s their first curious instinct. Introducing touch and feel books to toddlers, hence, is the right approach to instil learning in them. Such books require toddlers to use their five senses and add to motor skill development and sensory learning. These books can go a long way in instilling an early love for reading among kids. 

Touch and Feel Books are usually colourful and have lots of different textures (rough, velvet, smooth, silky) and patterns. Many of these books have flaps that are intended to lift or open, while few offers scratch. Toddlers enjoy reading aloud from such interactive books. 

Best Touch and Feel Books for Babies and toddlers

Here are a few Touch and Feel Books that you can check out for your toddler – 

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy KunhardtA classic book that has been entertaining kids for more than 60 years. This is one of the first Touch-and Feel Books to have been published for kids. The book helps grab the child’s attention and curiosity as you go on a hunt finding the bunny under the tables, in the kitchen and everywhere.

Animals published by DK– This is a very interesting book that allows children to get a feel of the animals through touch. Dorling Kindersley have come up with similar titles such as Farm Animals, Colour Shapes, Wild Animals etc.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – This book has been captivating its young readers for generations together. This Touch and Feel book lets kids enjoy the feel of the apples, plums, pie and the transformation of the fat, hungry caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Noisy Trucks published by Tiger Tales– An engaging book with colourful picture on each page, with a Touch and Feel sensation for each truck. The book also holds a surprise sound button on each page, that the kids will have to press hard to find out how noisy the trucks can be!

Colours by Bright Baby– This interactive book by Bright Baby make learning colours a breeze for early readers. The bold images and bright colours make it an instant favourite of growing toddlers.

Curious George at the Zoo– Kids love reading this book as they get to touch the rhino’s bumpy hide and Zebra’s rough mane while trying to find George.

As the little brains grow, they need exposure to good books that teach them stories and help them to imagine and be creative. Touch and Feel Books make kiddos fall in love with the magical world of books.

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