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The Viper by Lisa Thiesing- Book Review

Book – The Viper
Author – Lisa Theising
Published by – Rebound by Sagebrush

The Viper is based on an old tale that the author, Lisa Theising, used to hear at summer camp. The book is about a piggy that receives a mysterious phone call from Zee – the Viper who tells her that he is coming in one year. The call leaves Peggy scared -Who/what – is the Viper? The suspense unfolds in the book.

The Viper by Lisa Thiesing- Book Review

The book counts down the time between the first phone call and the rest until The Viper finally comes. Lisa Thiesing presents a simple story in a unique way. Through this book she introduces various concepts of time. Kids can learn about years, seasons, months, days of the week, even minutes and seconds. 

Peggy pig is scared as she looks up the word ‘Viper’ in the dictionary and finds out that it’s a  venomous snake. As she expects a scary snake to show up, what actually turns up is pretty hilarious. Zee Viper is window washer Willy the Wiemeraner, who announces to Peggy that he has come to ‘vipe’ her windows. The story ends on a cheerful note leaving kids giggling and laughing

The Viper is also a great book to introduce children with the concept of suspense and anticipation. Fear of the unknown is something that’s real but a tough concept to explain to kids. This book can open up discussions and ways through which we can talk to kids about this fear. 

The book includes bright illustrations, simple language and immense scope for interactive reading and even post-reading activities with kids. 

Lisa Thiesing has written and illustrated about 40 books for young readers. She has received awards for her work. Thiesing’s amazing bright illustrations include lots of humorous details that add momentum to the story. The Viper is one of her most entertaining and engaging books for children.

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