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Should We Hide Our Stress From Kids?

Should We Hide Our Stress From Kids?

Kids are the greatest observer

In a world turned upside-down by lockdowns and pandemic, it’s tempting to tell a few white lies to our kids. We as parents have been holed up at home for weeks, and daddy seems to have all the free time in the world these days. And the people who do pass by outside the window are wearing masks. But everything is A-OK!

A lot of us hide our stress and negative emotions from our kids. Talk about a bad day at work, or fear of lizards, or how angry we are at our boss. But is that the right thing to do? We feel that showing our stress to kids will cause them to suffer or they may “catch” the emotion too.

But lets understand, STRESS, ANGER, FEAR – all are REAL emotions. And our children will face them too (now or later). Showing kids that we have to be happy or stress free all the time will cause more damage than good. They may never know how to deal with these emotions, because they’ve never seen anyone they love get stressed and bounce back.

Should We Hide Our Stress From Kids?
Should we hide our stress from kids?
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Talk It Out & Be Honest With Kids

Communication is the key. Everytime you feel sad, angry, or frustrated and you see your child is watching you expressing such emotions, be honest with them. Talk to them about what’s going on, explain the situation in easy, age-appropriate terms that they can understand.

Assure Them Everything Will Be ALRIGHT

Let them know that every issue or problem has a solution. Talk about a healthy strategy thay you’re going to use to feel better. A simple reassurance this way will help kids notice the positive ways you’re choosing to ease your stress. You can even involve them or ask their help.

“Ex- Mumma had a tough day at work today. Would you like to go on a walk with me post dinner? That always helps me feel better.”

If we “be real” with our children today, they may benefit from watching a parent who struggles and eventually copes with their stress like any other human being.

Plus, children are wonderfully compassionate. They love to help and care for the people who love them. And you never know, that in their own innocent ways, they may offer some advice that will most likely put a smile on your face.

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