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Vacation With Twins: Tips For Traveling With Young Twins & Multiples.

Be it a day trip to an aunt’s house or a week long vacation to a beach, traveling with young twins is never easy. But with advance planning and proper preparation, we can surely make it a less stressful and more enjoyable experience.

Our first long vacation with A&A was when they were around 1.3 years old. Before that we made short trips to our parents’ house in different city. When they turned a year old we planned to go for a three weeks long vacation to UK. We were a bit apprehensive at the start because traveling with young twins can be both ‘awesome’ and ‘awful’ ! But we took the plunge and we did end up having a great time. More so because it was our first vacation with kids and we wanted to make the most of it. 

Vacation with twins :Tips For Traveling With Young Twins and Multiples
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In this post, I am sharing how we went about planning our vacation along with some tips that you can keep in mind while traveling with young twins. 


Plan in advance and plan well. Right from the choice of holiday destination to the hotel/resort to number of days involved in travel, plan everything in advance and prepare an itinerary. With young twins going on a last minute adventure isn’t a great idea unless you have one adult per kid and a nanny along to help you additionally.

I remember for our vacation, we planned each and everything before our travel. We specifically chose a night flight so that kids travel while sleeping. Reaching there, we had an itinerary for everyday even though we stayed at a relatives place ditching the hotel. But we planned each outing/day in a way that it falls in sync with kids routine. We wanted to enjoy and explore the place without bringing a major change in their routine and without affecting their nap time or meal time etc. And that really helped and saved us from many meltdowns.


Pack smart. You know what your kids would need depending upon the location you are visiting, so pack accordingly. I usually pack each child’s outfits separately and keep around two to three pair of clothes/tees for each child for one day along with diapers and other essentials. Apart from travel luggage, both me and my husband always carry two separate backpack or diaper bags. Since we both carry one kid each we keep the essential (like food, bottle, diaper, milk, etc) of each kid in our individual diaper bags. This avoids confusion as to what is kept where. And we both can manage each child independentntly.

Travel Gear

Invest in quality travel gears for twins to make your vacation a memorable one for you. I would carry a twin stroller for road trips  but for flight travels would prefer two single strollers versus one big twin stroller because two single ones are easy to manage. They are light, easily foldable and pass through any x-ray machine.

Also I would always carry baby carriers whereever we would go along with strollers. Because kids don’t stay in strollers all the time. Baby carrier then makes it easy to carry them in arms while being hands-free.

Hotel Stay

When it comes to hotel stay, book a big room or ask for an additional single bed along with a double bed. Because hotel beds aren’t really huge and if you have toddler twins along you surely need an additional bedding so that all of you including your partner and kids can sleep peacefully. If kids don’t sleep well, they get super cranky and more so on a vacation where the place and environment is different for them. Also look for a hotel that has child-friendly menu (and provide basic fasfacility like electric kettle to warm water, milk on demand) and houses some age appropriate games and activties too. 


Always carry extra snacks for kids. I mainly prefer dry snacks and finger food (like cookies, crackers, carrot sticks, etc). I use zip lock pouches, and make separate packs for each kid. In each pack add two to three type of snacks, so that kids get to eat a variety. On the go, it’s easy for kids to hold the pack and eat on their own.

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  1. Anupam

    Thanks for this.
    Vacations are coming near.
    It will help us a lot.

  2. nooranandchawla

    These are great tips for all parents! Travelling with children can be a daunting task, if not planned correctly.

  3. Excellent and practical tips for traveling with twins. I especially loved the tip about two single strollers on flights versus one double as it will be more convenient. Makes so much sense. Great travel post for families with twins.

  4. Anahita Irani

    Wow, one kid is difficult to handle and you manage twins. Oh wow. Amazing tips in your post here.

  5. Anahita Irani

    Wow, one kid is difficult to handle and you manage twins. Oh wow. Amazing tips in your post here.

  6. Gleefulblogger

    Vacating with kid can be tedious and we are talking about twins here. Loved the tips and idea you have shared here, only a hands-on-mommy can identify the real areas of trouble to get it sorted first.

  7. Dr.Amrita Basu

    Vacation with kids is tough .But travel with twins is even more difficult .Loved this post for the sensible tips.

  8. momtasticworld

    First of all congratualtion mama, being called an author is a feeling beyond words. Kudos to you for keeping up with A to Z challenge, tips on this post are super helpful for many parents out there. Thank you for penning down your experience.

  9. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    Having separate bags is a great idea so each child.can be managed by a parent. Planning in advance and following the itenary in allignment with their routine is another key

  10. jhilmildsaha

    These are definitely some useful tips for parents who have more than one kid.

  11. MeenalSonal

    Travelling with kids will not be tough if we plan ahead. Lovely tips

  12. forbabynmommy

    Travelling with kids is a task , thanks for sharing wonderful tips it would be really helpful for all the parents love travelling

  13. Absolutely handy and useful travelling tips.. i am sure twins are double the fun and double luggage too ? . Kudos mommy.

  14. Surbhi Mahobia

    Thanks for sharing your experience and such vital tips, Charu. i am sure a lot of parents will benefit from this.

  15. Princy Khurana

    great tips. with kids , i believe the key – is planning well. i traveled recently with my kids in train for 34 hours and it was a breeze with no hurdles.

  16. Sayeri

    Travelling with kid is not so easy. Next month I am going for a vacation with my kid. Will follow yoyur tips.

  17. arv!

    Vacations with kid require careful planning for fun filled moments. Great guide.I’m sure these tips will be of immense resource for parents.

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