When Does It Get Easier With Twins?

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If you are a parent of twins you must have thought about this and may have even asked a few fellow twin parent – when does it get easier with twins?

I had a high-risk tough pregnancy with twins. I suffered from hyper gravida emesis that led to extreme nausea and vomiting for the entire nine months. I was hospitalized twice during the course of my pregnancy and was adviced bed rest all through. At that time, while sitting in one room gulping multiple meds, taking weekly injections, puking every second hour while dealing with sciatica pain, I would often wonder when would things get easier for me. And everyone in my family would say – it will get easier when the twins would arrive.

When my twins arrived and we brought them home, then began a whole new phase. The initial few months were like the survival mode – too overwhelming to understand anything beyond how to feed and pacify two crying babies. We were just sailing through our way into new things and a new routine. And we often wondered is it going to remain the same now or things will change and eventually become easier too.

A lot of twin parents say that things never get easier with twins, they only become different. But is it true? Now that my twins are 3 years old, I can easily say with that every new milestone that kids achieved, they became a bit easier and manageable.

When does it get easier with twins?

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To share from personal experience there were a certain milestones that did make things easy for me with twins. Let me share them here one by one.

1.When they started semi solids (6-12 months)

Breastfeeding twins is usually a task. I have spent endless sleepless night simply expressing milk, feeding burping and putting two babies to sleep. So when semi solids started things became easier and all of us could sleep for a straight 8 hours at night.

2 When they started communicating (18-24 months)

Even simple words like ‘yes’, ‘no’ etc made life easier. And ofcourse fun too. We could understand what they need and that screaming and crying of one baby after the other reduced a lot.

3 When they started taking one nap a day (18-24 months)

This helped because when they were taking 2 naps a day we were almost home bound. They would just eat, poop, sleep, repeat. So when they shifted to just one nap we found other mornings and evening to ourselves and we could manage a lot of other activities.

4. When they began schooling (24 months beyond)

They learn so much from school – how to sit at oen place, how to enjoy activities. Their eating habits, sleeping habits etc everything improved once school began. Most importantly I started to get a two hours of breather at home to focus my energies on some other activities beyond kids.

5. When they started eating on their own (24 months)

No more long hours of holding the food plate and running after two kids to make them eat. They could sit at one place all through the meal time and feed themselves (without creating much mess ofcourse). And it certainly seemes a big task is off my shoulders now.

I won’t deny with every new milestone new challenges arrive too, but hey as parents don’t we get routinized and habitual? As kids grow, we parents too learn the art of handling two together and eventually learn a few tricks that work for us. Don’t we?

So to answer the question when does it get easier with twins? I would say they get easier every six months as twins grow and as we parents grow too and become more habitual of raising twins.

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