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7 Unknown Facts About Twins That Will Surprise You

Most of us know that there are two types of twins – identical and fraternal but do you know there is one more type? Read some interesting and surprising facts about twins. 

Everytime I take my kids out, I always come across  people who have something to ask about ‘twin lifestyle’. Some people try to find similarities in their appearance, and some look for differences and I understand their inquisitiveness because twins babies indeed are a source of fascination. In fact there have been countless studies and research done in science analysing twin behavior and habits. 

Lesser-known facts about twins
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Well, there’s a lot known about twins but there’s a lot that’s unknown. In today’s post I have compiled some such amazing yet unknown facts about twins which even many parents of twins also wouldn’t know.

There Are More Than Two Types of Twins.
Besides identical and fraternal, there is a third category of twins known as mirror image twins. This happens when twins develop in the womb facing each other. In such cases one twin is the reflection of the other. One may be left-handed, other right-handed.

Identical Twins May Look Different
Unlike Fraternal twins, identical twins share the same amniotic sac and the have the same a DNA. But this doesn’t mean that they always look alike. Some may resemble and some may not at all.

Twins Can Have Different Dads
Surprised? Yes, I was too but science has proved this and it has happened before. If a woman releases two eggs in one month, then they can be fertilized by different men.

Twins Bond In The Womb.
A lot of twin moms know that. Twins start reaching for each other as early as 14 weeks and sometimes touch each other more than their own bodies.

Twin Have Their Own Language
Research has proved that 40% of twins speak their own language, known as cryptophasia which only they can understand. A&A often used to converse among themselves and I used to consider it as babbling. But now if I think of it they had their own private language made of sounds and words like chi, boo, etc which only they understood.

Increased Life Span For Twins And Their Mothers
Research says that the support twins provide to one another in different aspects helps in their longevity. And even a mom who gives birth to twins is believed to be stronger and healthier and likely to live longer than the mothers of singletons.

Twins Can Have Different Skin Colour
Inter-racial couples or couples with parents from mixed ethnicity have seen to have twins with different skin colour and tone. This isn’t very common but has happened in the past.

Do you know some more interesting facts about twins? Do share them in the comments below.

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    A really simple and interesting article on twins. Some of the points mentioned were totally new to me.

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    I recently read about another rare type of twins. Here two sperms fertilize the same egg! So they share dna from Mom but not from Dad!

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    My cousin brothers were born twince but they look completely differently. I gues that is what is called not identical twins. How surprising! ?

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    Wow these are some amazing facts Charu, I am sure as a twin mom you would have to answer a lot of inquisitive minds ?

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    these are amazing facts you have mentioned about twins. Recently i read an article about a pair of twin girls from England where one is white like her mom and the other has African features and colour like the dad. It was very interesting to know.

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    I did not Know about mirror image twins nor did i know about identical twins looking different. Thank you for sharing.

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