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Avoid Saying ‘Be Careful’ To Your Kids

Avoid Saying ‘Be Careful’ To Your Kids

Think about how many times we have told our kids to ‘be careful’. Personally, when I was a kid ,every time my parents said the same I would get so scared that I eventually stopped doing it.

Same goes for our kids. While we say these two words purely out of concern, we dont realise that they may have an adverse impact on their mind.

Avoid saying'Be Careful'to your kids
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Here’s how consistently using these two words impact their minds –

Instills Fear over Confidence

We say ‘be careful’ to our children like an instinct, hence they tend to turn immune to the phrase. By instilling fear, there’s a chance that the children may grow up to have anxiety or only go ahead with the ‘safe’ options.

Doesn’t foster independence

When we tend to say be careful, it’s almost like we’re keeping them on a watch or they’re in need to be careful. It’s imperative that they make their own mistakes and learn from them.

Doesn’t develop Problem solving

Unless children make their own mistakes, they never learn how to solve problems on their own. It’s best that from an early age they learn to figure a way to solve their problems in the right way.

Avoid saying ‘Be Careful’ to your kids. Instead of using these words of caution, try saying something positive..


‘Do you feel safe?’

This makes them feel secure and at that same time also tells them that if anything goes wrong, their parents will be there for them. They are always protected, but also free to learn!

‘I am here to help you’

Most children just want to hear this. They just need some reassurance, thats what makes them stronger mentally.

‘Focus on what you’re doing’

This tells them that even though it’s okay to make mistakes, they should be careful and avoid them altogether. Not getting affected by external factors is a trait we all want to instill in our children.

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  1. Janaki

    Useful tips…thanks for sharing. I always ask my son to be careful and now, I know I should avoid it.

  2. Arti

    very useful blog Charu, I always find your content positive and valuable especially for younger kid’s Parents

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