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Gears For Twins Required In The First Year

Essential Gears For Twins For the First Year

Most expecting parents are aware of what they’ll require for the baby in the first year. But in case of twins the list seems to be never ending. Thankfully you don’t need to buy two of everything for twins. As I shared in one of my previous posts, there are a lot of things that little ones can share or you probably won’t end up needing at all. (Read – Do You Need Double Of Everything For Twins?).

It’s important to have a list ready with you of the all the gears for twins that you would need. Arrange them based on priority, starting from the ones that are the most essential to the ones that are the least.

Essential Gears For Twins Required In The First Year
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Sharing here a list of essential gears for twins that we bought in the first year and that made our life easy and manageable.

1. Double Strollers – You are going to need double strollers or a twin pram till the kids are mobile and independent enough to move on their own. We used our twin pram for a good 3 years and it made our outings very easy and comfortable.

2. Breast Pump – Go for a double electric pump over the manual one. This is one essential that helped me comfortably sail through my breastfeeding journey with twins. Avoid going for a second hand or used breast pump. This may be a bit expensive item but surely a worthwhile one.

3.Clothes and Layette– You would need loads of clothes in the first year for twins. Put together a layette of all the things you require. I created a checklist which included items like onesies, bibs, pyjamas and tees, undershirts, socks, caps, mittens, towels, Beddings, sheets, blankets, etc. Some I borrowed (from friends and relatives having older kids) and some I bought, depending upon the requirement.

4. Nursing Pillow – Call this as your breastfeeding buddy! Its an essential if you wish to have a smooth and memorable breastfeeding experience with your twins. Opt for a pillow that is both soft yet firm so that provides you a good back support and is also comfortable for the babies.

5. Bottle Sterilizer – This is an absolute must,  if your babies use feeding bottles. You can’t risk infections, especially in the initial months. Look for a large capacity steamer units with an easy mechanism. I would sterilize everything in the bottle sterilizer – right from bottles to breast pump parts to even teathers.

6. Diapers and more diapers – One essential that you would require in bulk in the initial few months is diapers. Invest in loads of diapers (look for discount offers and purchase in bulk). You can also consider cloth diapers and explore more about the same, if that suits you.

7. High Chairs – Once kids are big enough to sit, consider two portable high chairs(or booster chairs, as per your need). This will make meal time easy and fun both for you and the kids. Look for features like – detachable tray, easy to clean, height adjustment, etc.

8. Baby Carriers – Consider baby wearing as an option and you won’t regret it. I started babywearing my twins when they turned around 7 months old and it made our short trips and outings super easy and convenient.

9. Car seats– Traveling safe with babies is a priority. So this one is the most important gear. When buying for infants, look for a model with lower weight limit so that it can accommodate preemies or low birth-weight babies (as most twins are). Also look for features like convertible seats, upper weight limit, etc.

Did you find tthis post on essential gears for twins useful? Share below if you have something to add to the list. Also feel free to share this post with someone who may find it helpful.

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  1. Vartika Mehrotra Gakhar

    High chairs a big no for me as my gals jumped out of them in a few months only. Rest I agree with all the gears.

  2. Deepa Jaisingh

    Except for the nursing products, i used eveything you have mentioned. these products are a moms best friends

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Managing twins is not a child’s play and these gears are absolute must haves for moms of twins.
    Yes, one needs a LOT of diapers! My cousin has twins and I remember seeing one cupboard exclusively for big packs of diapers!! Twin prams/strollers are cute!!

  4. forbabynmommy

    I have used almost all for my girl, sharing this with my friend who delivered twins recently. Would be really helpful for her too.

  5. Varsh

    Raising twins can be quite challenging. These are some good tips and gears one can use to make the experience joyful and easy.

  6. judy morris

    Thanks for the detailed list. My friend is a new mom of twins sharing this article with her.

  7. Amrita Misra

    The breast pump was a very big help for working moms too.A helpful list indeed

  8. Aishwarya Sandeep

    That was a really useful post. Managing two kids of different ages is making me crazy. I bet twins must be fun but never the less, these gears do help in parenting a lot especially diapers and breast pump.

  9. Gunjan Upadhyay

    This looks like a smart list for all twin parents to be. I so agree with you on cloth diapers and breast pump. they were like buddies during initial times.

  10. Snehal B

    So many things to take care of! This quick guide will surely help many new moms! 👍

  11. Ruchie

    Hats off to you who managed to grow up twins …this post is surely a blessing for new mommy’s who have twins!!

  12. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Managing two kids is not easy ,this list surely sort out thing you should have to make parenting life easy

  13. jhilmildsaha

    The pictures are so adorable. One should be extra careful as parents of twins and should invest in the right kind of gears just as you have suggested here.

  14. Deepika

    Very useful post for whom who are going to be a mom of two.Thanks for sharing the tips.

  15. Tina Basu

    this is such a useful post for moms with twins. I can imagine the number of diaper changes! the twin strollers look so cute actually

  16. I always have immense respect for moms of twins. Thanks for putting out honest detailed list of gears. Very useful for moms of twins.

  17. Amrit kaur

    This is so useful specially for those who have twins. I would be sharing this with my friend who has twins.

  18. romagptasinha

    This is a bonus post for parents of twins, very detailed and thorough I loved the insights.

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