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Growth Mindset For Parents: Simple Reframes For Parents

Growth Mindset For Parents: Simple Ways To Change Our Parenting Outlook

A growth mindset is a believe that basic abilities are not fixed and that intelligence can be developed over time.

Through will, effort and determination, basic qualities and human intelligence can grow. A person with a growth mindset may say ‘I did well in the exam because I worked hard’ or conversely ‘I got all the fraction sums wrong but I understand what my mistakes were and I will not make the same mistakes again.’

Especially, a parent with a growth mindset can raise individuals that can change the reality. We all know children learn what they see and what we make them see, makes all the difference.

Let them watch and learn the growth mindset from their parents and not the fixed mindset.

Growth mindset for parents
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Growth Mindset For Parents

Here are some simple reframes for parents. Once parents model a growth mindset and change their parenting outlook, kids learn and pick-up the same.

Instead of thinkingBad things that my kids do are a replication of my parenting 

Think this insteadThey can learn it from anywhere. Making them right is our job.

Instead of thinking- I made a mistake I am the worst mother

Think this instead – Mistakes only help me learn and grow

Instead of thinking- I can’t do this. I give up.

Think this insteadI’ll try a new different way.

Instead of thinkingI am not good at many things as a mom

Think this insteadWhat can I do to learn better

Instead of thinkingHow can I guide my child at every step

Think this insteadLet them make their own mistakes instead and learn from it

Which mindset do you think makes the kids be a better individual in the long run?

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