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Stop Feeling That Everything You Do As A Mother Is Wrong. Try Parenting Affirmations

Stop feeling that everything you do as a mother is wrong. Try these parenting affirmations! 

Let’s be honest! Parenting doesn’t come with a manual or a set of rules that help us understand what’s expected at all times. We may be giving our best everyday, yet it may not be enough. Raise your hand if you ever slept thinking ‘I am an awful mother’? Well, I did. Infact in my initial days I would second guess every decision I would take as a new mom. ‘Did I breastfeed my baby properly’, ‘Did I make the cereal right? ‘. 

As a new parent, all we need is some belief and confidence in our own abilities. We need to trust our instincts and gut-feeling as a parent. But instead we usually get entrapped in the definition of right and wrong parenting and aim to be, as what’s called, a ‘perfect parent’. 

We all want to raise happy and independent kids. And while doing that we struggle to balance between protective and over protective parenting. Some days we get it right, some days we don’t. On most days we stand in the middle, unsure of our own decisions. 

Everytime I find myself sinking into this feeling that I am not a good mom or whatever I do as a parent is wrong, I rely on self-affirmations that help me come out of that bind.

Parenting Affirmations: Stop feeling that everything you do as a mother is wrong
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Here are a few parenting affirmations that help me stay positive and confident as a parent. 

1 I trust my intuition (more than Google searched info) to make intentional parenting decisions and choices.

2 I find peace in trying and being good enough because perfection is only a myth.

3 I may make mistakes but I also learn from those mistakes and move on to give my best to my child.

  1. My child’s appetite, milestones, skills donot define my success as a mother.

5 My love and connection helps my child above anything else.

6 I am the exact parent my child needs. So I don’t need to compare myself with another mom. I don’t need to worry about what others think of me

7 One bad day won’t define me as a parent. Motherhood is not made of one time success or failure but a sum of all the days(good or bad) that I spend with my child.

8 I forgive myself for every wrong decision or choices I made. Today I will let go off the guilt and not let it bog me down.

9 I am growing and learning each day as a parent and will continue to do so while giving my best as a mom.

10 In the eyes of my child, I am a good mother and will always be.

These parenting affirmations instill self-belief and help me stay confident.

Parenting is not something one can purposefully decide. The sooner we realise this, easier it becomes. Let’s accept that we are all imperfect parents giving our best to our kids. Let’s also accept that there is more than one right way when it comes to parenting. What suits one, may not suit all. Simply put an end to ‘everything-you-do-is wrong’ school of thought and stop self-criticism.

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