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A to Z of Twin Parenting: #BlogchatterA2Z Theme Reveal

April is the month of a new season, new FY , and even a new school session (atleast for some parts of the country). Well, this year April is going to be a ‘new’ and special month for me too (and infact a highly challenging one) because I am going to get into something that I have never done before. After a lot of pondering, self-questioning and re-checking my schedule (for over a thousand times), I have finally decided to participate and take on the A To Z Challenge by Blogchatter. #BlogchatterA2Z 

April is usually a month of travel for me. Every year I plan a visit back home at this time. This was one of the reasons why I couldn’t participate in this challenge last year (much as I wanted to, but couldn’t.). This year too I have some plans for the month plus have guests coming home, yet I am giving it a go and not missing it this year. ( Hoping, I stick to it and finish till the end!)

What is #BlogchatterA2Z? 

#BlogchatterA2Z is a month long blogging challenge organized by Blogchatter, that requires us to write 26 blog posts on 26 letters (A to Z) for 26 days of the month (the rest 4 days are the Sundays).


My Theme for #BlogchatterA2Z 

I am a mom of twins and I love to share my everyday parenting experiences with my kids. My blog is my personal space where I write about my life, my parenting style, the way I raise my kids, what works for us and what doesn’t. I love to share tips that I try, review products that I use and record some  some personal anecdotes that help me evolve as a parent. So keeping my theme for #BlogchatterA2Z true to my niche, I am going to cover the A to Z of Twin Parenting. 

What Can you expect on my Blog?

Stay tuned to read 26 posts, all about the A to Z of twin parenting from a Mom of twins. Each post will deal with one aspect of parenting twins and multiples, coupled with my personal experiences and stories on the same.

What will I achieve?

On the personal level, this is going to be a challenge. I am a slow-writer and take my own sweet time to finish a blog post ( 3 to 4 days sometimes), so taking on this challenge will be like raising my own bar and pushing myself to write more (and write quickly) .

On the professional level, I wish to take my blog to all-together new heights. I have a lot to say and share about ‘twin parenting’ and this will help me document all of that at one place, making it useful to my readers.

What do I expect from my readers? 

Constant support, which you all can give by reading, commenting and engaging on my blogs. Trust me, nothing works as a bigger motivation than to see your work (writing) being read and shared.

Especially if you are a parent expecting twins, you will have a lot of take-aways from my posts along with a sneak peak into your future ?. If you already are a parent of twins, you will relate a lot with what I’ll write and share, so your comments and thoughts will surely add more perspective to my posts. And if you are not a parent of twins or even a parent infact, you will still have a lot to read and enjoy because hey, my life with my twins is very interesting ?

So stay tuned. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, if you wish to get the daily updates on your mail. 


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  1. Mahak

    Very interesting theme. Looking forward to reading your posts. All the best Charu!

  2. Neha Sharma

    I am sure this is going to be really interesting, Charu. I will be looking forward to reading your posts. All the very best for the challenge dear.

  3. Gleefulblogger

    This is going to be a fun ride, parenting with twins is definitely a gigantic task. Would love to read what’s in store.

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