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Adjusting To A New Lifestyle With Twins #BlogchatterA2Z

Expecting twins and thinking about the changes that you will have to make in life? Read on to know how you can prepare and adjust to a new lifestyle with twins  

I remember the day I got the news of my twin pregnancy, I was dumbfounded. I was planning a baby but two together were totally unexpected. My feelings for a few days kept oscillating – from ecstasy to nervousness to joy to fears. In short, had ‘mixed’ emotions. And it took me a good number of days to come to terms with the news and feel excited for the time to come.

Having a new baby calls for a big adjustment for any new parent and family. However, having TWO new babies requires a ‘great’ adjustment. Twins come with double the joy, and double the work.

After the initial days when the clouds of complete shock started to lift, I gathered myself to read a lot about twin pregnancy – how it unfolds, and the kind of changes that I will require to make in life.

Sharing with you what all that helped me to adjust to a new lifestyle with twins and made my life a bit easy, manageable and ofcourse more joyful.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle with twins
Adjusting to a new lifestyle with twins
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1.Prepare For the pregnancy – In the initial months I wasn’t really knowing how my pregnancy would shape up. One advice which my doc gave me and I blindly followed was not to compare my situation with any mom or pregnant woman with a singleton baby. And that helped because I had a very tough twin pregnancy. While my friends expecting a baby would go for a babymoon every second month, I was put on a bed rest for practically entire nine months. I invested all my time reading books on twin pregnancy, talking to fellow twin moms to know and understand what’s in store for me.

2. Prepare for the arrival – Twins love to surprise their parents by arriving early. So keeping the diaper bag ready and being prepared with all the stuff (clothes, bedding, etc) in advance is a wise idea. I did so and it helped. I delivered in 37 weeks, and it saved me a lot of hassle trying to gather stuff, that I would require immediately post delivery, last minute.

3. Ask for and accept help – The saying ‘it’s takes a village to raise a child’ becomes all the more relevant in case of twins. The initial phase post-delivery gets too overwhelming for any mom. With friends and relatives visiting and two new babies in tow, it becomes a difficult situation to manage and understand. So asking for help or accepting help that is offered by family, parents, or close friends is a smart idea. In my case I was lucky to have helpful parents and in-laws who offered to stay with me (alternately) all through my pregnancy and the first six months post-delivery.

4. Know all about breastfeeding – This is the first and foremost challenge any mom of twins face in the initial days post delivery. I would say read all about how to breastfeed twins. Speak to the doctors, meet lactation consultants and mentally prepare yourself for the same. I remember buying a good breastpump, sterilizer and other relevant things before hand which I thought would facilitate my breastfeeding journey.

5. Hire help – Hire a professional help if required (nanny) for kids, so that you have someone to manage one baby while you look after the other. And if not nanny, hire a good domestic help who can atleast manage household chores. That ways you get time for self-care without worrying about laundry or kitchen.

6. Download relevant apps– From grocery shopping  to parenting apps I downloaded everything to make things manageable for me. These days, technology has made life easy. From diapers to medicines to food deliveries, everything is easily available at doorsteps. Make the most of it so that you can focus your time and energy on your two little ones.

7. Form a routine– Try to set a feeding, sleeping, bathing schedule for your twins. I would prefer tandem feeding and put both the babies to sleep at the same time. That ways I could catch on some rest too. Forming a routine helps in the long run too even when kids grow up as it helps in organizing their days and channeling their energies properly and also help parents to take breaks and enjoy se me time.

8. Look for the right gears – With twins you surely require two of many things but not every thing. Invest in stuff that’s useful as per the age of the child . Don’t buy things that kids would need six months later. I bought pram for kids when they turned 3 months old and didn’t invest in a baby cot at all because I knew both my kids won’t fit in one cot after 6 months and I had no space to keep two cots. We preferred a co-sleeping arrangement hence and it worked well for us. Choose what suits your situation and invest in things that you find relevant.

9. Stay calm, positive and go with the flow – Last and most importantly don’t freak out. Practice mindfulness. With time I realised staying calm and prioritizing things is the most important. Laundry can wait, food can be ordered in. You don’t need to kill yourself with guilt for not being able to manage everything ‘perfectly’. Take things easy go with the flow and try to work as a team with your partner. Most importantly take time out everyday for your self and stay happy.

Life with two newborns is sure to come with a lot challenges, yet there are also loads of love, joy and memories to make and cherish. So make the best of it. Accept the inevitable tears and struggles as part of the journey and embrace all the happy and joyful moments.

Did you like this post ? If you are a parent of twins, share below how did you adjust to your new lifestyle with twins. Do you have anything to add to this list?

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  1. Abhijit Ray

    A great beginning. Parenthood is not easy. Motherhood is all the more challenging. Two babies can be unnerving. But you are so well planned. Great. Lets hear what’s next.

  2. Aesha

    I am sure your posts on Twin Parenting for A to z challenge will be very helpful for expectant moms and moms of twins also.

  3. Priyanka Nair

    Motherhood is not a easy job, being a mother of toddler I could totally resonate with your thoughts. Twin parenting is a step ahead , looking forward for some wonderful posts in whole month 🙂

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