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Logistics And Organization With Twins

With Twins, two is not just a number, it becomes a way of life. Suddenly you find your house loaded with diapers, beddings , bouncers, toys, swings, etc and most of it (if not all) in double quantity. Read here how I managed logistics and home organization with twins. 

In the first year, we faced a very practical and genuine problem with regards to logistics and organization with twins. Where to put all the diapers? Where to make space for two bouncers? How to arrange all the toys and baby essentials so that they remain handy? Should we or should we not buy a crib and if buy how to make space for it? And so on…

I wish I could say I had planned it all before my twins arrived. But that wasn’t the case. I was dealing with a difficult pregnancy and these things were least on my mind. As soon as twins arrived there was a sudden splurge of gifts, baby essentials, gears, etc and I had no clue how and where to make space for them. Slowly and eventually I came up with storage solutions that helped me keep my house more organized.

Logistics and Organization with twins
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Sharing here some of the things that helped me manage logistics and organization with twins. 

For The First Year 
I had set up mini stations in my room. There was a feeding station where I would keep all the essentials – bottles, sterilizer, breast pump etc.

Then, there was a diaper basket where I kept all the things I would require for diapering – quick dry sheets, wipes, diapers, towels, etc. This not just helped in keeping my room organized but also ensured quick and easy access to things especially while pacifying two crying babies.

I would often order diapers in bulk from Amazon. And would get around 5 huge packs in one go. So usually would keep 2-3 days stock out at the diaper station and keep the rest in storage.

Cloth Storage
I didn’t get a separate almirah for kids in the first year. Instead made space in mine own. I would keep all small items like socks, handkerchiefs, bibs, mittens, caps, etc in separate storage bags and hang them in the door or on the hanging rod.  (You can also make use of those zip lock plastic bags that you can get for kitchen storage.) Also categorised clothes as per purpose. So all dailywear (like onesies, pyjama, night suits) would go in one section and all outdoor/party wear would go in another. Now when kids have grown up I have moved to a separate almirah but I still keep things this way for easy access.

Sleeping Arrangement
To begin with we did not invest in a cot. We did not have space for two cots. And we realised two babies won’t fit in one cot (after 6 months or so), so we didn’t find it a wise investment. Instead we got a single bed attached with our double bed,  that ways all four of us could sleep together. Post eight months when kids started crawling, we had an episode where one of them fell of the bed while sleeping and hurt himself bad. So we did away with the wooden beds for that time period and went for floor bedding. We placed one big mattress and one small one next to each other and it ensured easy movement for kids. Now when kids have turned 3 years and have learnt how to climb up and down, we have come back to our previous arrangement of wooden beds. We have a double bed and a single one attached to it.

Label Everything
The first few months are confusing. Sleepless nights, breastfeeding struggles take a toll on one’s mind. I found myself losing things and turning forgetful, not able to recall where I kept what. So I started labeling everything and it made sense. From medicine box to stationary racks to every drawer in the cupboard I labeled each section so that it’s easy to find things and keep them back in their place.

Toy Rotation
This is one of the easiest ways to deal with toy overload. I usually keep 4-5 types of toys out for play (for a week) and keep the rest out of sight. Initially I used to store toys in storage baskets and would pull out one basket every week and keep the rest under the bed. Now I have got a small almirah and I store the remaining toys in the almirah. This way there is less mess with toys and it’s easy to clean up too. Also with rotation, kids don’t get bored and get to engage with something new each week.

Make The Best Use Of The Balcony 
If you have a balcony in your house make the best use of it. Get it covered (with a pigeon mesh, if needed) and use it to store all the space-consuming baby gears. I dedicated a specific corner in my balcony just for the baby gears. Initially would keep kids’ high chairs and pram there, would get them inside when needed and once done would keep them back in the balcony. Now my balcony is a parking space for all the cycles and ride-ons

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    Talking about the make shift parking space that is the balcony, I have atleast half a dozen things with wheels there. I really liked your idea of rotating the toys. I too believe in restricted number of toy for my kids, so I get where you are coming from. A very thoughtful post I must say.

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    another wonderful post! I love your posts

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    You are creating a superb bibliography for the expectant twin mums… Excellent

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