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Yes Day By Amy Krouse Rosenthal – Book Review

American author, Amy Krouse  Rosenthal, is the author of both adult and children’s books. Her contribution in the field of writing has been noteworthy. Her three Children’s Books have made to the Best Children’s Books for Family Literacy List. 

Yes Day is one of her explicit books with delightful illustrations which send kids on a journey into their wildest wishes. Filled with humour and appreciation, the book captures the excitement of being a kid.

The story is about a young cheerful boy who explains his favourite day of the year, Yes Day, as he makes through it. His every request is granted with a Yes – be it a pizza or an ice-cream or a food fight or anything else. 

Yes Day by Amy Krouse Rosenthal : Book Review

Kids are used to hearing the word ‘NO’. Rosenthal imagines what it would be like if for just one day adults said YES to everything kids asked. No matter how silly the request, there is one day a year when kids receive a positive answer.

A beautifully illustrated book for kids with exuberant pictures. The book at the end has a calendar in which every day is some form of a ‘no day’ until the final day of the month when it’s  a ‘Yes Day’. Every kid deserves such a yes day at least once a year. 

The book emphasises on giving priority to the kid’s wishes and agreeing with them. It’s fun for kids as they have to think about what they want and then make requests. It’s fun for parents because, who would like to say no all the time. 

The story encourages multiple reading and post-reading activities and also imparts knowledge about the right request which calls for a ‘Yes’ and a wrong request which may demand a ‘No’. Through a simple story children can learn the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. 

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