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My Mom :  My Source Of Wisdom and Learning

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Veena Regit from The Reading Momster for introducing me. The prompt for today is ‘One Woman In Your Life Who is An Avatar of Goddess’
Let me also take the opportunity to introduce you to Preetjyot Kaur from My Little Muffin. I love how she writes about breaking the stereotypes and raising independent girls. Do check her blog post on the prompt for today.

My Mom: The Goddess Of My Life

We have reached to the last leg of this blogathon. While I enjoyed each day’s prompt and wrote effortlessly on the same, today’s prompt made me do some brainstorming. It’s not everyday that we write about Gods and Goddesses. It’s not everyday that we think about the powers that guide us and drive us to continue on our path.

The first person who clicks to my mind when I think about this prompt is my Mom. It is rightly said that parents are the physical personification of God on earth. We haven’t seen God but we have surely seen our parents who are our God.

My mom is a very pure soul. She is the one who has made me what I am. She is my creator, my constant source of strength and wisdom. For me she is all- Durga, Laxmi, Parvati. However if I have to choose one- I would call her Sarasvati. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and learning. I derive my wisdom and learning from my mom.

My mom belongs to a beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir. After spending some wonderful years of her life in that state, she moved to Delhi with my father. From a tier 2 city to an urban metro- the transition was not easy for her. She had her own struggles, which she managed to face in the best possible way.

Through her own experiences and achievements in life, she could pass on some wisdom that has helped me to grow and be successful in all aspects of life.


Let me share with you some of the golden lessons of life that I have learnt from my mom.

1. Smile is not an expression but a way of life. It is one thing that makes us sail through even the toughest of situations.

2  Hard work may not be synonymous to success. But it is certainly synonymous to mental peace and inner strength.

3. There are not just 2 ways to look at a coin. There are many if only we broaden our horizon, look for suggestions and be open to feedback.

4. No one else can make us that happy in life as we ourselves can. All we need is to look within and value our self.

5. We receive what we give- if we spread love and positivity around, we gain the same.

While there is so much more that I learn from her each day, these 5 lessons that she taught have helped me to understand and live my life better.


The most famous feature of Goddess Saraswati is the musical instrument, Veena that she holds in her hand. Her holding it symbolizes expressing knowledge that creates harmony.

My mom is my source of knowledge and harmony in life. There is no problem in my life that she cannot solve. Be it a professional advice or a personal struggle, she manages to find a solution for all. Now when I have become a mother myself, there is so much that I need to know and learn, but I don’t have to look too far. She is right there guiding me at every step and giving me strength to keep giving the best.

The symbol of Goddess Saraswati also includes a Peacock by her side. The peacock symbolizes colourful splendor, celebration of music and dance. It is believed to be the devourer of snakes, who takes the poison of the serpent on self and transmute it into radiant plumage of enlightenment.

My mom too believes in living her life fully by celebrating each day as a happy day. She adds colours in my life with her positivity, simplicity and joyful nature. Like the peacock, her selfless love and patience, inspires me to be equally virtuous and pure as she is.

It is rightly said that our mother is our first teacher. There is so much that I have learnt from different people in my life, but the best learnings came from my mom. She has made me wise and taught me how to live life beautifully. My mom,  indeed,  is the Goddess of my life.

Who is the Goddess of your life? Do share in the comments below.

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This blog is a part of the #9daysofwomanhood blogathon where 25 bloggers have joined hands to celebrate the essence and strength of Being a Woman!

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  1. Akshaya

    Mothers are wise souls indeed; love the life lessons your mom taught you.

  2. Sumira

    Love the lessons your mum taught you! Mummy is the one true Goddess that walks the earth . . So agree

  3. PrettyMummaSays

    The lessons your mom taught you are so precious Charu. You are very lucky to have a mom who has so much knowledge and wisdom. Loved reading your post.

  4. Gagan Kochar

    Very well written up!.. mom knows the best!..

  5. sublimemessages

    What an amazing woman your mother seems to be. Truly inspirational. Loved the blog.

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