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Phobia: A Reflection Of My Mind

Certain realities strike us hard. And it becomes difficult to cope with them.

A few years back a terrorist attack in school in Peshawar took away many innocent lives. The incident was enough to shake many hearts and create a sense of fear. I wasn’t a mother then, still could feel the pain of the parents who lost their kids. I was filled with ‘Phobia’ on seeing such heartlessness and brutality.

This Phobia has taken a permanent place in my heart. We, as parents, want to provide the best of facilities to our kids, but the current state of society shows the number of pitfalls we would face to achieve those dreams. The recent Gorakhpur incident and the one that happened in a reputed school where a 7 year old was killed within the school premises, shook me again. The mere thoughts of the mother who lost her son left me with goosebumps and teary eyes. My heart goes out to her and also to all other mothers who would now feel afraid to send their children to school. I am one amongst them.

This dark poetic piece is a depiction of a heart that is filled with Phobia. It is an emotional outburst by a mind full of pain, loss and fear.



My fear, my phobia 

Yes, I am afraid! 

Did you hear me? 

I will speak aloud

I will shout

Just to let you know 

I am afraid! 


You want to make fun of me? 

Go ahead!

My Phobia has no death

It is there since long 

It seems to have no end. 


I am tired to hiding

I am tired of escape

Such harsh reality

Do I really have to face? 


Please understand me

Do not force me down

My mind cannot take another trauma

My face is tired of this frown. 


I feel as if I am shackled. 

This phobia has trapped me in its arms. 

I feel I am fighting an internal battle

That has caused enough harm. 


This world is full of terror

There are no happy tales to regale

My heart has turned into a stone

After experiencing perpetual pain. 


I need to calm down a bit

I need to enjoy all days

Without thinking about all this

I need to fly with a free mind-

Nothing to bind me. 

Nothing to knock me down. 


Oh! I am toiling in thoughts 

I don’t know what more to say. 

Am confused myself:

Wading in emotions, 

Puzzled and frailed. 

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Do you relate? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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This Post Has 17 Comments

  1. sweetestpepper

    You know I have had these days.. not phobia but of anger and sadness and I feel the same. This poem made me revisit moments of weakness

  2. SIPGullak

    this is a very relevant thought in recent times

  3. SIPGullak

    this is a very relevant thought in our recent times

  4. anupriya

    Yes sometimes when you hear such stories and read about such incidents it really makes your heart sink. beautiful words.

  5. Snehal Boricha

    I’m tocophobic! ? And it has no death either!
    Anyways, loved the poem lines! ☺?

  6. momtasticworld

    Every mother is going through this phobia and your lines speaks volume about the issue. Being a mother of a toddler I am petrified reading these news and finding it hard to get myself prepped for enrolling her in school.

  7. Minakshi bajpai

    No mother can see their kids in pain. Very heart touching poem. Loving its lines.

  8. purnisfoodblog

    It’s very true… It can happen to any one… Teenages, youth anyone… We need to learn to be free mind as u mentioned… It wil surely make things better

  9. Dr Bushra

    I can feel the fear my mother have for us whenever I’m in pain she looks more painful

  10. Nisha Malik

    My Phobia has no death

    It is there since long

    It seems to have no end.
    These lines stuck in my mind.. I never had any phobia until my son came into my life… I really wanna get rid of it..

  11. Tina Sequeira

    Hi Charu! This is the first time of your blog. I hear you my dear! Ever since Pradhyuman´s death, even I am gripped with fear about my own child. Even though I dont want to…the kind of world we are living in is quite scary. The poem is a reflection of every mother´s feeling. Keep writing. I warmly invite you to read my blogpost on my blog as well. Looking forward to having you there. Keep writing! Cheers!

  12. The poem reflects the fear of being a mother in today’s world. Everything going around world is just too scary.

  13. Sherry

    This is so touching! Even though I don’t know your fear, I can connect to it through mine!

  14. worldofmakeupmagique

    I am sure every one has some or the other phobia.. it’s so typical of a human mind… could very well relate to your post

  15. Trystwithvanillagirl

    Fear is inbuilt in humans …our reaction to unknown mostly !! Very well presented post.

  16. Amrit kaur

    I love the poem. This is an encouraging poem as it made me forget all my fears for the time being.

  17. nishikch

    Its so touchy poemm……we all hv sone kind of phobia in our lives bt fr the mother there is only phobia that is to lose her child…

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