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My Twin Pregnancy: A Rollercoaster Ride Full Of Excitement

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 24 other bloggers are celebrating #9daysofwomanhood throughout Navratri. I thank Veena Regit from The Reading Momster for introducing me. The prompt for today is ‘My Pregnancy . Hop on to her blog to read her story.
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Think about a high-risk, twin pregnancy and what comes to your mind- multiple injections, ‘n’ number of medicines, doctor visits, scans? And also double the heartbeats, double the movements and double the kicks?  Well, that’s right. My twin pregnancy involved all this and much more.

I still remember, after the first scan when my doctor revealed that there are two hearts beating inside me, my first question to her was – ‘Are you sure?’.  She couldn’t help but smile at my state of mind at that time. I was totally blank and did not know how to react. I was waiting for such a day to arrive in my life soon, but had never expected that the happiness would be two-fold.

In the next visit, my doctor told me that since it’s a twin pregnancy, it is going to be high risk and very different from the singleton ones. She asked me to prepare myself accordingly and never compare my situation with any other pregnant mom of singleton. Well, that one piece of advise really helped me to stay sane all through the nine months.

My husband and I had no clue what the next few months would unfold for us. We were excited and thrilled for experiencing an all together different phase of life. However, with multiple tests, scans, medications we were nervous too. Making it to the due date and delivering two healthy babies in the world had become like our life’s mission. Each month brought some wonderful moments to cherish and each passing trimester made us feel closer to our mission.

Twin Pregnancy

I was advised complete bed rest for all through the nine months  My body was trying to cope with the physical changes that the twin pregnancy hormones were bringing in, that too at double the speed. I lost 8 kgs in the first trimester, was admitted thrice to the hospital in the second, and suffered from severe skin itching in the third. Sleepless nights, nausea, vomiting had become my best friends all through. Washroom turned into my second most favorite place in the world, my bed room being the first. I would feel as if my kids were raging a war, competing as to who would come up with the maximum number of kicks. Phew! Those days have some amazing memories!

As my body was preparing for all the major changes, my mind too was trying soak in the fact that ‘two’ would not just be a number anymore.

‘Two’  will be more like our way of life now. I was mentally trying to prepare myself about this entire new journey of life. But of course, it wasn’t easy! One day, I would be all excited googling over some unique names for twins. The other day I would be anxiously reading books on healthy pregnancy.Third day I would be nervously listen to the advise of another twin mommy. My mind was trying to gather all the knowledge coming from various corners and was grappling to equip itself better to deal with the upcoming situation.

The physical and mental changes that my twin pregnancy brought were still manageable. Emotionally, however, things were unexplainable.

It was like multiple emotions churning in my heart coupled with unpredictable mood swings. I blame it all on the hormones though! My emotions took various shapes and expressions- all extreme so to say. I would laugh like a crackpot with every kick I would feel; cry like a baby thinking of all those favorite dishes that I couldn’t eat; and shriek in horror seeing every new medicine that I had to take. My husband and family were always at the receiving end of these dwindling emotions, yet they made all the efforts to make me feel nothing less than a princess.

And so I call my twin pregnancy as an excited roller-coaster ride. Each trimester had its own highs and lows, but also brought along some wonderful moments and life-long learnings. The first trimester taught me to be patient and to take things easily. The second one taught me to not lose hope and the third one made me believe in the miracles of God.

All through the pregnancy me and my hubby worked towards reaching the 36 weeks mark. So when I finally delivered in the 37th week, we wanted to do a happy dance. We thought we were accomplished in our mission,  only to realize that this was just a small trailer. The real and the biggest mission of life has just started as ‘raising twins’ is like the real test of our parenting abilities. Hoping to be successful again, we now simply enjoy our two precious creations and bask in the happiness that unravels before us, everyday.

How was your pregnancy journey? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Uttara

    Amazing journey of motherhood and wonderfully expressed

  2. Abha

    Very well expressed … i still remember u in those days and anxious u always was… and now … things change life change and these changes always bring the best for us????

  3. What a fun filled journey you make it sound, but I understand that health risks and all the emotional trauma would have been too much too handle at that time.

  4. Neha Sharma

    Loved how your husband and family were always there to pamper you like a princess and take care of your needs. How beautifully you have penned down your roller coaster ride and how you made it a mission to deliver healthy babies. Kudos to you Charu ❤

  5. Mummasaurus

    the support of one’s family does wonders during such a difficult phase. Im so happy you had great time as pretty mucch, i guess this could be the last time you were preggers ?

  6. anubhutisethmehn

    Lovely post ..even after so much of struggle .. everything is well ..that ends well ?

  7. Sumira

    I totally had forgotten the injections . Pregnancy can be a real rollercoaster indeed. So loved reading about yours .

  8. sublimemessages

    so glad that things worked out well for you. struggle only make us better ? hope u r enjoying with ur twins now ?

  9. Misha

    Same here Charu. can’t forget the day we entered 37th week.. it was like a celebration. 3 rd day i went for facial n wxing n all
    and 4 th day i got admitted ?


    Whatever happens,. Happens for a reason. Wow Charu you write so well.

  11. thelazyparent

    Amazed! Also kudos to your positive spirit. I have dealt with a pregnancy and a toddler, but a twin pregnancy is just wow

  12. Akshaya

    Twice the love to go around! Beautiful read.

  13. rupali

    Your post amazed me. When one pregnancy of singleton could bring so much with it, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be pregnant with twins.
    Altogether an excellent read.

  14. Gagan Kochar

    Oh my God!.. what a brave story you have shared!… so inspiring to know that you are now rocking the world of parenting through your blogs n other stuff!.. am sure you’ll successfully complete the mission of raising happy and healthy twins!..?

  15. Penelope Braganza

    WOW! what an amazing tale! Double the joy literally! Glad all was well in the end!

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