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How To Answer Difficult Questions Asked By Kids

How To Answer Difficult Questions Asked By Kids

Kids and their awkward questions ????

Just like other mommies I get asked million questions on a daily basis. Like why is the sky blue, why do I see myself in the mirror and why cant animals talk. But somedays they bring the most awkward questions that test me sometimes. Instead of lying to them like our parents once did. I give them details appropriate to their age. And that’s what I decided to share with you today.

Sharing here some curious questions that my kids asked recently and how I answered them.

How to answer difficult questions asked by kids
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How To Answer Difficult Questions Asked By Kids
1. Why do we always cover our private parts?

Ans – We do so because that’s our private part. Private means what we keep to ourselves. We cover them because we do not want anyone else to see them apart from mummy daddy and doctor. They are not for display.

2. Where do people go when they die and when will they come back? Will I die? Will you die?

Ans– People go to God when they die and they don’t come back. They are very happy with God and they miss us just like we miss them. Yes, everyone dies someday.

3. Where did we come from? Why are we not in your wedding?

Ans – When mumma and daddy got married, a seed from daddy and an egg from mumma joined together in mumma’s tummy. That’s where you both grew. You were not in my wedding because till then, the seed and the egg didn’t meet.

4. Why do people get married?

Ans – People get married when they love each other. They want to spend their lives together, happily. Wake up together, eat food together and have a family together.

5. What is fuck and why can’t we say it?

Ans – That is a curse word that only bad people use. And you are not bad like others. Mummy and Daddy never use that word. No matter how angry you are, you don’t say it. When you use that word, the other person will not respect you. And you don’t want that, right?

6. Why do people fight or do bad things?

Ans – Sometimes they are angry and they do bad things. They are punished for it later by God. There is always a choice to be good or to be bad. They chose to be bad and fight and yell. And then they get punished for it. So always be good and kind, so that god will love you.

What are the awkward questions that your kids asked you? Comment below 👇

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    Such an helpful post. I have a toddler and I am gearing up for the questions he might ask!

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