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Why You Must Watch Abhay Season 2 – Best Thriller Web Series

I have always enjoyed watching thriller shows and web series. This is one genre that’s gripping and keeps the viewers hooked to the screen. During this lockdown, I have watched many Indian thriller web series with unique and different storylines. One of my favorite, so far, has been Abhay on ZEE5. Recently ZEE5 also announced the launch of Abhay Season 2 and from the promos, it seems it is going to be one interesting, enthralling and must-watch show.

Abhay is a ZEE5 original starring Kunal Khemu as the main lead. Inspired by true events, this 8-episode web series is named for the protagonist, Abhay Pratap Singh, a Special Task Force police officer, holding the responsibility of unravelling the most mystifying and astounding crime cases. Abhay Pratap Singh, is seen as a fierce investigating officer who can think through the mind of a criminal, and can go to extremes to solve a case. There are varying episodes of crimes in the series and each turn out to be startlingly realistic. The story line of each episode is interesting, showcasing how the sharp cop, Abhay, investigates and solves even the most  complicated crime cases. 

The super hit show has gained much popularity, motivating its makers to go for the making of Season 2. And viewers like me just can’t wait to watch the same. 

Why You Must Watch Abhay Season 2

Like the first season, it will showcase some power packed performances and thrilling episodes. Season 2 has set up its bar of expectation high. The promos have hinted that the new version is not for faint-hearted people as it is supposed to be edgier, twitchier, and much darker compared to Season 1. 

Abhay Season 2

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Here’s why you must not miss this psychological thriller 

1 More Suspense and Drama 

In season 2 Abhay will be seen carrying on with his chase for abhorrent monsters and murderers with his trademark cleverness and unique interpretations, until everything is turned upside down by a mysterious criminal mastermind, with no identity or past. Abhay Pratap Singh will find himself duped along with everybody else in a mess that will test his morality.

2. Gripping Storylines

The hard-hitting crime thriller will touch upon diverse issues including cases of kidnapping, rape, murder, etc. It will be thrilling to watch how Abhay will resolve each crime case with his grit and no-nonsense attitude.

3. Ram Kapoor’s Astonishing Avatar

Season 2  will witness Ram Kapoor playing the dark shady antagonist. He’ll be like a riddle that cannot be solved. A mysterious psycho villain who’ll take Abhay for a hunt ride leaving him in a mess of anger and frustration.

4. Abhay and his new set of rules 

Abhay has always been seen as a serious cop with his own way of handling various cases and punishing criminals. He has his own dark past and is seen as dealing with a personal loss. Season 2 will witness Abhay resolving cases with his new set of rules and his own philosophy of justice.

5. Talented Star Cast 

The first season of this action based web series included talented starcast each justifying the role given to them –big or small. Norouzi had put in an enticing show as a tricky character. Sandeepa Dhar too showcased her acting skills leaving the audience spellbound. The Season 2 will include these along with ace actors like Deepak Tijori and Manini Mishra putting on their best performance. 

Directed by Ken Ghosh the show will premiere on ZEE5.  The promos have already excited the viewers like me who are waiting in anticipation. 

If you enjoy watching crime stories that play with your mind with unlimited suspense, thrill and drama, then you just can’t miss this one.

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Disclaimer : This post is in collaboration with ZEE5. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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  1. Alpana Deo

    I remember the naughty eyes of Kunal Khemu from Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke. I am sure it will be a different experience to see him in this thriller.

  2. Mayuri6

    ZEE5 just keeps upping it’s own bar, doesn’t it! Abhay sounds like another interesting watch. Good to see Kunal Khemu in a lead role. I always wondered why he wasn’t taken seriously by the industry. Seeing Ram Kapoor as a baddie should be exciting too! Looking forward to watching this one.

  3. Deepika

    This is in my watch list too. In this period of lockdown I saw so many web series on Zee5 and the experience was awesome. I am looking forward for this one too after reading the review.

  4. simisp

    Zee5 has a good collection of series definitely this is going to be on my list for this weekend tnx for the review..

  5. Varsh

    I love thrillers and the storyline promises loads of twists and turns. Curious about watching Deepak Tijori after a long time. I’m adding this to my watchlist!

  6. I’ve watched season 1 and it’s amazing. Season 2 of Abhay sounds intriguing, and performance by the cast looks entertaining. Excited to watch kunal khemu performance

  7. romagptasinha

    I am intrigued by the story line buddy, will surely be watching it as i really like ZEEr content, thanks for sharing

  8. forbabynmommy

    Zee5 have some good collection of series I have watched few of them would surely check out this one too looks really interesting

  9. Neha Sharma

    I love watching suspense and thriller series. A few days back, a friend told me about this series but I was not sure if I should watch it or now. Thanks for clearing my doubt, I am adding it to my watchlist now.

  10. nooranandchawla

    I have not watched this series as yet on Zee5 but the good reviews I have been reading about it, have me quite intrigued. I will check it out.

  11. Ruchie

    This seems like a great plot, I have heard a lot great review about this and loved the start cast, one of the best on ZEE5

  12. The Champa Tree

    I have been hearing such amazing comments. Kunal Khemu and Ram Kapoor shall be my major reason to get hooked to it 😉

  13. rakhiparsai11984

    Wow this indeed seems like a gripping series to watch. I had not seen the first season but would love to catch up on this on Zee5

  14. jhilmildsaha

    Abhay is one of the most gripping thrillers on Indian screen. I am very excited about Season 2, specially to catch Ram Kapoor in a never seen before avatar.

  15. Ishieta Chopra

    This sounds fun and interesting! I am in the middle of a long weekend off, and was looking for recommendations and read your post! Going to check this out,

  16. Gleefulblogger

    I haven’t watched the series yet but have heard Great reviews about it Kunal Khemu is a great actor an underdog but superb leaving his mark why are his acting skills

  17. PrettyMummaSays

    I will check it out. Just finished watching another series on Zee5. Abhay sounds very interesting. Can it be watched with kids?

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