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Securing Family’s Dreams And Happiness With Proper Planning

Children are the biggest source of happiness in any family. The joy that a child brings to a couple and the entire family is beyond explanation. Every parent dreams of a great future for their child and wishes to provide them with the best of everything- the best education, facilities and best opportunities. All this becomes possible with proper and calculative financial planning.

In today’s time, it is always better to keep our finances in place and have a decent amount of savings for the future. My husband and I started financial planning from the second trimester of my pregnancy itself. We wanted to be stress-free about the surmounting expenses once our twins were born. And so, we started planning various savings and investments to secure their future.

Some of our top considerations have been:

1. Buying a house – Isn’t this one of the topmost goals for any family? As our family expands, a need for a bigger house becomes all the more critical. We wanted to buy a house while our kids were young and there aren’t many financial responsibilities in terms of school and education fee. With real estate costs booming, planning from a house needs to start today.

2. Educational funds – Education these days is costly and the price is only going to go up with time. It is nothing but a smart move to invest in an educational fund for our kids. My husband and I realised that we need to start early so that we can be prepared and worry-free by the time our kids reach their college.

3. Extra-Curricular activities – Both of us believe that we want our children to follow their dreams, so, we do not want to restrict them to just studies. There are a vast majority of career options in sports like cricket, tennis, football etc. or even in music and dance. They should be free to choose any of their passions. Moreover, these activities also help in developing their overall personality. Money should not be a bottleneck in the pursuit of their dreams. For this, we need to have a financial plan chalked up so that along with supporting their education, we can help them follow their passions too.

4. Holiday plans – Honestly, this was not one of our top priorities, but in three years of parenthood, we realised that an annual vacation is a must for every family. We get a break and kids too learn a lot when taken to different places and environment. So it’s a great idea to save in advance and then enjoy a well-deserved family vacation.

Securing Family’s Dreams With ICICI Prudential Life
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With basic expenses soaring through the skies, we realised that a backup plan for these expenses is the need of the hor. Investing in a life-long insurance plan is the best option. There are a number of service providers in the market who offer various plans and schemes for investment. We have been a patron of ICICI Prudential Life from almost a decade now and hence; we stick to them for our investment goals too.

ICICI Prudential Life has a host of life insurance plans which cover almost all our needs. It is easier to plan and keep aside a part of our income when we are sure of the best investment options available. The plans that they offer are very simple and lucrative with a range of premium options to choose as per our convenience.

They have many cumulative investment plans under their banner for long term investments wherein all our major milestones like term insurance, health cover, educational expenses, travel funds and retirement funds get covered. Some of their Unit Linked Insurance Plans combine the benefits of protection and savings in a single plan. So they not just provide security in terms of Life Cover, but also ensure the potential for growth and wealth creation for our loved ones. So whether it is my husband’s aim of buying his dream car or our wish of sending our kids abroad for higher education, we are assured that we will be able to achieve all that in future.

ICICI Prudential Life has been a saviour for our family as we have been able to meticulously plan and sort our finances and investments as per our long-term goals. Our kids’ future is secured and so are our family’s dreams and ambitions.

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  1. Jiya B

    ICICI life insurance definitely has so many benefits. I will discuss this at home today . Thanks for sharing in details about this.

  2. Ruchie

    It’s really important to plan and secure future of family and kids and when you get some thing like ICICI trustworthy nothing like this!!

  3. I see that ICICI definitely helps in saving best for our kids. With the cost of living rising up each year it is best that we start investing earlier.

  4. Hema

    I too trust ICICI for planning and saving the future. They have fab plans which can fit people of all type. Thanks for sharing.

  5. lifewithmypenguin

    It is good to know ICICI has many plans for all sections of life. Education is indeed expensive today and an wise investment plan helps in future.

  6. Financial planning is essential. With various options like unit linked, traditional, debt policy etc. We can actually plan for a lot of future expenses.

  7. Deepa

    Its a good idea to think about investment plans for family. Good to know about ICICI plans.

  8. Deepika

    Great post! Good to know about the various plan of ICICI pru life. You are true, planning plays a major role in securing the future of kids and family too.

  9. Totally agree with you! We never know where life takes us but certain amount of planning and that too financial planning especially after kids is a must. even i have a couple of ICICI Pru plans that my dad invested in for me and I always know that I have that safety net.

  10. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    We must always start financial planning early. Life insurance is a key decision to make
    I will check out Icici pru plans

  11. jhilmildsaha

    This is so true. Proper planning is very necessary. I am planning to invest in the same plan too.

  12. Varsh

    We’ve been patrons of ICICI Prudential Life too. Securing our family’s future with good investment in a trusted name is very important.

  13. Snehal K

    We are thinking to consider an ICICI produential life plan soon. Thanks for the knowledge! 🙂

  14. rakhiparsai11984

    Given the fast paced life and uncertainties indeed we need to plan our lives and finances better for secure future. I really like the post as its quite informative and helpful for all.

  15. Tina Basu

    good financial planning is always required for any family to be safe and secure.

  16. Amrit kaur

    ICIC has some great plans to save for the future and be secured.

  17. Snigdha

    It is good to see that icici has such best plans for any situation of life.. This is a great information by the way..

  18. Abhijit Ray

    Great planning. Enjoyed reading your post. We often don’t realise, how much we can achieve by creating a goal and working towards it in a planned manner. When we have a goal, small sacrifices do not make us feel sad or angry. We have our vision fixed at long term.

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