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Extreme Happiness & Joys Of Raising Twins

Having twins may mean double the work with two mouths to feed and two crying kids to pacify, but they also offer twice the joy and immense happiness that makes you feel blessed as a parent. Read the little joys of raising twins 

My reaction to finding out that I’m pregnant with twins was anything from surprise to shock. But now, raising them I have my own share of joyful experiences. There are lots of reasons to be excited about bringing two babies together into the world at the same time. Sharing some of my happy moments that I face each day and that  make me feel blessed as a mom of twins:

Joys of Raising Twins
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 Little Joys of Raising Twins 

1.Two kids may mean double the love but also bring in double the hugs and kisses that you cherish all through. I love how both my cheeks get smothered at the same time ?

2. Totally enjoy the attention that twins and I inevitably attract wherever we go.

3. It’s always fun discovering all their amazing little differences and similarities.

4. Watching them bond together and creating their own secret language and games is a sight that makes all the struggles worth it.

5. Feeling assured and confident that they aren’t alone on their first day at school and somewhere have each other as a support

6. Love the fact that they are each others’ playmates and constant companions. Sometimes they are enough to entertain each other (and don’t even need us) .

7. Days when I feel like a supermom, especially while putting two kids to sleep together or carrying both of them together from park to home.

8. Love how the song ‘mumma mumma mumma’ never really stops at my place. Infact it’s constantly played on loop.?

9. Watching them grow and carve out their own identities is not just a pleasure but a blessing.

10. Last and the most important, knowing that we are over and done with all the sleepless nights in one go, and that we don’t really have to think of ‘planning another one’ and go through everything again.?

What are you little joys of raising twins.  Do share in the comments below.

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    You have put both sides of twin parenting in amazing way. Loved reading it.

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