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What Makes BYJU’S The Best Learning App For Kids

All You Need To Know About BYJU’S -The Learning App 

Learning in the digital age is not just restricted to classrooms. With an increasing number of students possessing laptops and smart devices, education has now become far more affordable and accessible for the learners.

The buzzing word these days is ‘Online Education’ which is slowly overtaking the conventional classroom approach. I see a major difference in the way we were taught in schools years back and how my kids are learning these days. Use of digital technology has made learning so much more fun, engaging and interactive. Education is no more about ‘rote’ learning now but gaining comprehensive, critical and logical understanding of various concepts. 

One company that rules in the educational technology space is – BYJU’S This Learning App has transformed the face of digital education in the country, making it much more defined and accessible. 

BYJU’S – The Learning App

This Ed-Tech Company, started in 2011 by Engineer Byju Raveendran, has come a long way rapidly expanding in its zest for providing children with high-quality education. The app assists students in mastering the academic curriculum for standard 1 to 12 and also competitive exams like ZEE, NEET, CAT and IAS. Most of these courses come with a dedicated tablet which includes all the content and videos covering the necessary topics. 

The app operates on a freemium model, that is, the students can download the app and access some limited content on their phones for a certain short period before needing to subscribe to gain full access.

All You Need To Know About BYJU’S - The Learning App
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What makes BYJU’S unique and the best learning app for kids?

There are plenty of educational apps that promise to ignite children’s thinking process in a fun way, but only a handful of them actually deliver and live up to their promises. Byju’s is one of them. It aims at making its users fall in love with learning. And that’s precisely what makes this app unique. 

Here are some of its key features

1.Personalized Learning – Byju’s specializes in providing a personalized learning experience to its students based on their age and style of learning. The app memorizes the students’ learning fingerprint and builds a rich and extensive learning profile for every student. This enables the app to customize and personalize the learning experience on the basis of the strengths and weaknesses of the learner, his/her learning pace and needs.

2. Comprehensive Learning Modules– The app blends videos, tutorials, articles to ensure a flawless learning experience for every student. It has practical elements like videos, questions, adaptive flows, quizzes and flashcards, to tap their thinking skills and broaden the horizon of creative learning.

3. Efficient Teachers and Personal Mentors – Along with efficient and knowledgeable teachers, students can also interact with a personal tutor online who is available to clear any doubts the students might have from time to time. They track the monthly performance of the child and even give valuable recommendations to parents and students with regular counselling.

4. Encourages Self-learning – The app is flexible and encourages students to learn themselves anytime and anywhere. They can have access to concept videos, practice modules, quizzes and revision tests, making learning simple and engaging for them. The chapters are mapped with the board syllabus, providing a smooth road to learning.

5. Learning in Various Languages – Another unique feature of the app is that it provides learning in various languages providing students comfort of learning. They can choose a language of their choice and can fast forward or slow down a lecture according to their convenience.

6. Global Access- Byju’s is accessible for students across grades irrespective of their geographical location or proficiency level.

7. Updated Content – The company believes in upgrading its content at regular intervals to suit the requirements of students’ curriculum with the changing times. It is also highly technical in detecting the errors made by the student and providing the correct remedial approach.

Recently, BYJU’S has also collaborated with Disney to launch the Early Learn App for students in classes 1-3 that features Disney’s timeline characters. Isn’t that amazing? 

It is constantly expanding its operations to include more towns and cities as well as overseas by developing an entirely new model of education and employing artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, as well as augmented and virtual reality. 

Digital technology has changed our  education system making it much more fun and dynamic for students. And with educational apps like Byju’s, learning is now made easy, flexible and much more personalized.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    During this pandemic era, we all are looking more efficient digital learning options for our kids. Byjus sounds like a perfect app for maintaining and enhancing our kids learning. thanks for sharing your experience. will check out this for my girls for sure .

  2. Rakhi Jayashankar

    You have explained every aspects of Byjus learning App clearly. I have school going kids. Will surely try out Byjus.

  3. The Champa Tree

    It’s amazing that Byjus have collaborated with Disney. Now kids can learn

  4. The Champa Tree

    It’s amazing that Byjus has collaborated with Disney. Now kids can learn by seeing their favourite Disney characters. Learning with fun at its peak.

  5. Shalu Sharma

    I have been struggling to find good online learning programs for my kids ever since lockdown. This looks like something that can keep them constructively engaged as well as help them learn and grow. I will read up on this more for sure. Thanks for the review Charu.

  6. Gurjeet Chhabra

    I heard.lot about Byjus app and I am going to try it for my kids . It seems so interesting learning app for kids make learning easy and fun

  7. mummatalks

    I’ve a friend on my mine who has been using byjus for her son and was appriciating it a lot. I am also going to check it out for my daughter specilly.

  8. myworldwitheira

    BYJU’s is definitely in the lead when talking about learni g apps. It has the best quality content for learning which helps kids a lot in their growth as well as academics.

  9. Top5Listicle

    Much needed! I really like the concept of learning in different languages because I personally have the habit of thinking in my mother tongue and that makes it easier to learn the concept.

  10. I definitely like the aspect where Byjus decided to teach in many languages as one language can be barrier in other regions. Online learning is going to stay with us post pandemic too and we can embrace the best one with us for best lessons.

  11. Varsh

    The way Byju’s has grown over the years is commendable and the credit goes to the quality of ed-tech they’re offering. It’s a great way for kids to get personalised attention and get updated content which can be accessed from anywhere.

  12. jhilmildsaha

    It is so good that we have these platforms lime Byjus to make learning for kids so effective and easy. Specially during this time whe our kids are not able to go to school.

  13. momtasticworld

    There are so many classes and online platforms available nowadays to help kids out with their learnings that it gets difficult to choose one. This will definitely help in narrowing the names of good apps for kids to learn 🙂

  14. Harjeet Kaur

    Byju’s have made a name for themselves and are now the pioneers in Digital learning. I didnt know they have an app for kids learning. I am sure it will be as useful as personalized classes as kids are into home schooling now.

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