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Make Maths Fun & Interesting For Your Child With Cuemath

Make Learning Maths Fun With Cuemath 

Ever wondered how much influence Math has in our everyday life? Everything around us is mathematics – be it basic calculations, buying, selling, cooking, traveling, etc – everything around us is numbers. 

Math is incredibly important in our lives and without realising, we use mathematical skills and concepts each day. The laws of mathematics govern us and without a good understanding of them, one can encounter significant difficulties in life. 

Mathematics as a subject is crucial in any curriculum as it helps children learn various skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, logical reasoning, developing intellect, etc. Some students find it interesting and develop a passion for learning the subject, however for some it could be difficult and complicated. So it’s best to make the subject fun and interesting for kids right from the early years.  

Make Maths Fun and interesting for kids with Cuemath
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Here are few ways by which math can be made fun and interesting for children to understand and develop love for the subject:
  • Make it a game –  Many children are fond of hands-on activities. Introduce the concept of maths through a colourful board game. Play with the child while teaching in a subtle way. I personally do this with my kids and they enjoy basic concepts like counting/adding when integrated with play. 
  • Use math-based apps – Download a fun activity app or game that is educative in nature and reinforce maths concepts. This solves both the purpose of fun and learning. 
  • Connect with real life – Shows kids the connectivity/relevance of maths with what they are doing in real life. I involve my kids in simple activities like cooking/baking that can teach the basic concepts of measurements, telling time, use of money, etc.
  • Use picture books – There are so many picture books that have a wide variety of topics from counting to multiplications. Involve kids in reading and doing the activities of the book. Be with the child to make it more interactive and interesting.
  • Ask interesting math-based questionsKids like to talk. So ask them interesting open ended questions. Play math-based quiz/puzzles and motivate them to think and tap their thinking skills.
  • Opt for Cuemath – To make math more available to children in a simple way it’s a good idea to opt for Cuemath. It is an exclusive math learning platform that encourages kids to learn this subject through practical and creative ways.
What is Cuemath?

Cuemath is a learning platform that helps students learn math the right way. Its teaching method empowers children to learn math by reasoning and visualization instead of memorization.

At Cuemath children learn math through:

  • 180+ specially designed workbooks to strengthen math concepts.
  • 15+ Math manipulative to visualise math concepts better.
  • 500+intriguing puzzle cards to build logical reasoning skills.
  • 150+ fun tab-based math activities to increase speed and accuracy. 


Kinds of courses it offers:

The Cuemath program offers classes for every grade from KG to grade X. On the basis of the child’s age and class the appropriate course is offered. 

  • For Kindergarten to Grade 8- there are offline classes conducted by certified Cuemath teachers. The classes are taken across Cuemath centres. (they have more than 5000 Centres all across India with an international presence as well.) 
  • They also conduct live and interactive online classes for Grade 1 to 10. The classes are personalized and are conducted by subject experts. 

(Currently due to lockdown, all their classes are being held LIVE Online on their proprietary Learning Platform

What makes Cuemath unique?

Cuemath children excel in school and beyond due to the following unique characteristics of the course.

  • The curriculum for the course is designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge.
  • They promote visual and conceptual learning. 
  • Regular topic-wise practice and mock tests are conducted
  • All the teachers are trained/certified and encourage kids to instantly clear their doubts.
  • Batch size of each class is small (with 1:6 teacher to student ratio) for proper attention.
  • The curriculum is designed and alighted with the school syllabus.
  • Personalised learning plan is designed for each child after assessing their areas of strength and weaknesses.
  • Students show a 2x increase in logical learning through this medium.
  • Students are taught the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of maths concepts.
  • Emphasis is given on the application of the subject.


With the pandemic creating restricted movement, we all are relying more on digital platforms for knowledge and learning. In the post-corona world, educational institutions will be all the more dependent on technology and virtual classrooms. In such a scenario I would highly recommend you to check out this platform of learning math for your child as they have a proven record of excelling in the subject.

Register here for a free trial session. 

Disclaimer : This post is in collaboration with Cuemath. However, the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    Math is one subject that kids are scared of. But it is actually a fun subject if taught in a different way. Today kids learn quickly when they see that concepts are implemented in the real life. Cuemath seems the win-win option for both parents and kids.

  2. Mayuri6

    I remember being terrified of Math, when in school. Infact i still am. Glad to see that education has evolved and now there newer things to make learning easy and enjoyable. Very helpful post.

  3. simisp

    My daughter always try to run from maths but even I have heard a lot about cuemath definitely will be checking out this for my little one this is the best option I guess where kids can learn in better way.

  4. Neha Sharma

    I totally agree with you, Charu. For some people like me, maths is quite a complicated subject, I never enjoyed doing it because it always looked so boring to me. But now I want my son to learn it in a fun and interesting way so that he looks forward to learning maths. I heard about Cuemath from some of my friends and they just love it.

  5. Varsh

    Kids have extreme feeling about Maths. They either love it or hate it. My son, 11, has an inquisitive mind but little patience though he gets good grades. I’m sure Cuemath will be a good way to get him interested.

  6. nooranandchawla

    Good to know about this service that caters to children of different age groups. I will check it out for my son too.

  7. Ruchie

    I have heard a lot about Cuemath and it seems their way of teaching and make kids learn is really good …will sure get for Viraj!!

  8. Maths is one of the difficult subjects for kids. Like that cuemath has make it fun learning by various medium like fun learning activities and interactive classes

  9. The Champa Tree

    Interesting. I trust Cuemath and I’d like to know more. Can I enroll in your referral program 🙂

  10. PrettyMummaSays

    I just registered for a trial class through the link on your page. I want my daughter to start CueMath as I find the program quite valuable.

  11. Snigdha

    I have heard about cuemath these days so much.. it seems great to learn math to kids.. Will check out this for sure.

  12. Ishieta Chopra

    These are really really good tips to make maths fun! I remember as kids we would just have to practice pages and pages of sums – no fun, i can tell you that!

  13. forbabynmommy

    Thanks for sharing this Charu I have never light mathematics but surely want my daughter to try to learn easy and better way what surely check cuemaths for her

  14. Gleefulblogger

    We all know the importance of mathematics in our life it is essential to learn and understand this subject and not just remember it I haven’t tried cuemath yet but after seeing your review will definitely going to give it a try

  15. jhilmildsaha

    As a student I was pretty scared of math. I dont want this fear to take overcny daughter. I am definitely going to try Cuemath.

  16. rakhiparsai11984

    I have been considering Cuemath classess for my daughter ever since the lockdown and infact we also liked the free sessions by Cuemath during the lockdown they were fun

  17. anuj

    I got know your article’s Content and your article skill both are always good. Thanks for sharing this article this content is very significant for me I really appreciate you

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