You are currently viewing KidloLand Interactive Educational App for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Review and Giveaway

KidloLand Interactive Educational App for Toddlers and Preschoolers: Review and Giveaway

Not All Screen Time is Bad- KidloLand Proves That

Technology has seeped into all parts of human life. Living in 21st century, its tough to avoid the use of technological gadgets in our everyday life. I used to be very apprehensive about giving some ‘screen time’ to my kids. But over a period of time I realized it’s impossible to keep kids away from the same.

Healthy screen time can be a great way of fun and learning for kids. As parents it depends upon us how we use technology to our advantage and choose the right content for our kids. While allowing some screen time to my twins there are two things that I always keep in mind-

1.Fixing the time limit – I believe in practicing moderation. So, my children are allowed only half an hour of screen time everyday which they happen to enjoy a lot.

2. Avoid Passive Learning–  I ensure to involve them in interactive games that requires active engagement on their part. This helps making screen time a session full of fun and learning.

I always prefer downloading some fun, interactive and educational apps that let my kids learn and enjoy at the same time. So when I was offered a six months subscription pack to try an educational app named KidloLand, I jumped upon the opportunity.


I have been exploring this app with my kids since over a month now and can easily vouch for it to be an ideal Nursery Rhyme and Games App for toddlers and preschoolers.

Read on the detailed review of the app. Scroll down to see the Giveaway surprise at the end. 


About KidloLand

KidloLand is an educational app designed for kids up till 5 years of age. Winning the Moms Choice Award, this fun app is certified to be safe and educational for kids.

It includes various nursery rhymes, games, fun songs, puzzles, stories and hundreds of activities that can help build a child’s cognitive skills and develop hand-eye coordination. The best part is that this app is fully interactive. Kids can tap anywhere on the screen and see animals and characters coming alive- much to their surprise.

Availability and Price

KidloLand is available on Apple iOS, Amazon App Store For Android and Google Play Store . It comes with a free trial for 7 days. Post that there is a subscription charge of about Rs 300 per month. You can explore more about the app and its availability here.

Our Experience

The entire app runs along with a lively music in the background which is very soothing for the ears. As soon as we open the app, there are broad categories to choose from like songs, rhymes, fables, bed time stories, games, activities, etc, suiting individual interests.

My kids favourite amongst the lot are the flashcards. Each flashcard included is interactive. Every time they tap on it, there is an action on the screen and the particular concept is reinforced. They also enjoy activities like joining the dots, stacking, cleaning and cracking eggs.


Their second most favourite is ‘Chomping Monsters’. Well, monsters are no more scary. They love solving various fruit and vegetables puzzles and feeding the friendly monsters.


So far my kids have learnt shapes, numbers, alphabets, colours, names of various vehicles and animals through this app. And they keep learning something new with every activity they try.


Here are some of key features of the app which we like the most –

1. Easy to Navigate– The app is easy to use and browse through.

2. No Advertisements– It is free if advertisements and other such distractions.

3. No In-App Purchases- Apart from the monthly subscription charges one doesn’t have to pay additional for unlocking any feature on the app.

4. Download Facility– All the games and rhymes can be downloaded through the app and can be used offline. So you do not really require an internet connection all the time.

5. Child Lock System– There is a special child lock facility which allows parents to control their child’s activity on the app.

6. Age Appropriate Activities– The app contains lots of activities suiting various age groups. Be it a one year old or a five-year old- there is something educational and interesting for all.

7. Updated Content– The content on the app keeps getting updated. So kids can never get bored with same games and activities as there is something new to interest them every time.

8. Playlist Feature– We can create our own playlist of about 25 rhymes as per our child’s interest which can play non stop.

9. Songs/Rhymes with Lyrics–  Every rhyme and song comes with words written across the screen which helps in easy learning. Not just the kids, but I myself have learnt many new songs with this.

10. Interactive Stories– Apart from the games, even the stories in the app are interactive. In between the narration it involves various activities that requires the child to respond and finish a task before moving on to the next part.

11. Real Life Activities– It contains stories that teach children some practical concepts like tidying the room, brushing teeth, good manners etc that help them in real life.


There is nothing disappointing about this app. The only thing is that downloading each game may take up some space on your device, requiring you to delete the other unnecessary content.

The half an hour of the day that we spend exploring KidloLand serves as a great bonding time for us as a family. I try to help my kids in solving various puzzles and games and they enjoy dragging various shapes and putting them in the right slot. With every successful attempt, our house is filled with a roar of claps and high fives.

If you are looking for an educational app for your child that ensures learning of new concepts along with some fun and entertainment, then your search ends here. KidloLand is a perfect app to keep your child actively engaged.

Giveaway Alert

Want to try this unique app? Here is a special Giveaway planned for you.

3 Lucky winners would stand a chance of winning a free 3 months subscription code of this app. Just follow these simple steps-

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The giveaway would close on 9th September 2017 and the winners would be announced on 10th September. Do not Wait, Hurry Now!!!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was offered a free six months subscription pack to explore this app and share my experience of the same. The review holds my honest opinion and personal view of using this app with my kids for over a month.

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