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A Unique Letter To Santa Claus

Read this interesting letter to Santa Claus by one year olds who have an interesting and unique wishlist. Be ready for a hearty laugh.

Dear Santa

This is our first Christmas. We are too young to write on our own. Language and words are yet to empower us.  Hence, like for all other activities, we have to seek help of our mom in writing this letter as she is the only  one who meaningfully  understands our coos and babas.

Our mom keeps singing the jingle bell song of yours and she keeps saying that Santa Claus gets gifts for ‘good children’. So we know you are one old yet sweet man who will fulfill our wishlist. You probably  would think that  we are too young to have a wishlist of our own.  But you know,  we are born in the world where needs and demands always exceed the supply.  As we attempt to become the desired ‘good children’,  we hope that you too will fulfill this wishlist with utmost pleasure and delight.

Here goes our list: 

A unique letter to Santa Claus by one-year olds
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  1. A Magic Wand–  Can you even guess Santa how boring it is to eat the same dish for ten continuous minutes? Please get us a magic wand so that it just takes a ‘swoosh’ to change the meal options when our mood gives up on one dish. Let our clothes be changed while we are asleep with the touch of that wand so that we don’t have to make our mum run behind us.  Let our poops be cleaned in a jiffy. You can’t imagine how dull it is to lie on that piece of dry sheet with our legs hanging up in the air.

  2. A ‘Multi-Visioned’ Eye Cover– Santa how would you feel if you find yourself constantly under  supervision? We thought we were born in a free world. But that’s not true. Just when we are about to taste that delicious piece of cable wire or successfully open that well-locked cupboard drawer, we find ourselves being ‘caught’. An eye cover will really help our case. We can put it on our mom’s eyes when needed.  Since we are ‘good children’ and we love our mom a lot we would want that eye cover to be multi-visioned so that our mom gets busy watching her favourite show while we nibble our way around in the house.n

  3. An ‘Anti-No’  Dictionary– It’s been just one year and we have heard the words NO and DON’T in all sorts of melodramatic ways. Please gift a special and one of its kind dictionary to our parents from where they can learn some new encouraging  words. Let the word ‘No’ be deleted from their memory as it simply disturbs our focus and makes us lose our concentration in the middle of our exploration spree.

  4. Finger Spikes –  There is an entire new world inside that tiny  hole of electrical socket which we want to explore but can’t. Finger spikes would help our small fingers reach inside that even smaller hole. Also Santa, we don’t want to trouble our elders every time to pick those toys and balls that we throw beneath the small gap of  bed and almirah. With the help of finger spikes we can do our work ourselves and be our mom’s ‘good children’.

We know Santa, there are many more children like us who are waiting for their stocking fillers. Hence, we have kept this list short and manageable for you.  We assure you that all the items mentioned in this list would only help us to become independent and smart.

Hoping to see you on your reindeer real soon. Merry Christmas and thanks in advance.

Aarav and Aarohi Gujjal
Ho ho ho!

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Did your child write also write a letter to Santa Claus with his interesting wishlist? Do share with us in the comments below.

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    Everyone of us wish for Santa gift in our life and yes our demand and expectations never ends

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