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Treasure Of My Life – My Library Shelf That Transports Me To An Alternate Reality

I have always been very fond of reading. I love the look and feel of books. Their smell attracts me, so much so that I can devour an entire book in an evening. The biggest treasure of my life is my library shelf that contains all the novels and books that I have read and that have added to my knowledge.

I developed this love for reading when I was in class 8.  Before that reading just meant like any another casual activity. However in class 8, my English teacher gifted me a book. She rewarded the five highest scorers of the section and gave them all a story book as a token of appreciation. That was the first prize/ reward I had ever received and so it held a special value for me. Reading that book transported me to another world. I found myself enjoying in an imaginary land of words and illustrations. Through that book my interest in reading developed.

Now when the time came to think of a course for Graduation, I could not think of anything else but English Literature. Studying that course broadened my horizon of knowledge as I got a chance to read books of different genres, themes, styles etc.

During my college days, my parents always loved to boast about my reading skills. However as much as they appreciated, my mother would also get fed up seeing my room cluttered with books. So one day she decided to create a mini-library of sorts and dedicate a special corner of my room only to books. In her attempt to maintain cleanliness in my room, she gifted me my biggest treasure of life.


My library is personally curated by me. Each book on the shelf is either my favourite read or by my favourite author. I have classified them on the basis of genres and tried to maintain an alphabetic sequence.

Books from all genres find place in my library. From sci-fi to romantic fiction, from classics to popular reads, from European to Indian literature, from prose to poetry, from Plato to Chetan Bhagat- my mini-library includes my favourites amongst the all.

I find my small library shelf as a big window from where I look out to a new universe. Whenever I want to get away from the complexities of the real world, I pick up a book from this shelf and sit in a silent corner to read it. Each book that I read transports me to an alternate reality. Each read gives me a unique perspective to comprehend things. Each book sparks my imagination and enables me to think differently. And hence I consider my library as a treasure-house that broadens my horizon and opens a different world for me.

I am now married and in a different city. My library is back at my maternal home. Every time I visit my place, I like to spend a few hours of the day standing in front of that library and reminiscing the story behind each and every book that is a part of my collection.

Apart from all the books in my library shelf, I also have a journal which is another most treasured possession of mine. Read all about my favourite Matrika’s Journal here.

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What is your biggest treasure of life? Do share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Vasantha Vivek

    I could relate with your thoughts on books and book shelves. They are my treasures too. I also Matrikas Creative Women Journal.

  2. anubhutisethmehn

    Wow..glad to know about this treasure of yours!! I am a book lover too but only fictional ..

  3. alpanadeo

    That’s great. You are lucky to have such a teacher. I am sure the love from book that had developed in class 8th must have contributed a lot in your writing journey.

  4. Geethica

    I can relate to you when you say that reading a book takes you to another reality. I too like the smell of books and I feel like an adidict.

  5. Anchal

    Good to know that you are a book lover too. Books take you to another world and I love that.

  6. Aesha

    Oh my God!! Wow! I want to have a library of my own some day too. Books transport us into a different world altogether. I wanted to know which was the book that your teacher gifted you and made you love reading. I ask this as my daughter is 8 years old and though she does read but I have to remind her . If you could share the name of the book , I would want her to read it too.

    1. TheMomSagas

      Thanks Asha. It was a book by Roald Dahl. Introduce her any book by this author. She will surely love it.

      1. Aesha

        She reads Roald Dahl books a lot. Roald Dahl books are part of her literature curriculum too. She likes reading his books. Currently she’s reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’

  7. Before getting married I insisted that my husband should get a book shelf installed in his room. It was one of my prerequisites for marriage ..haha. i told him that seeing my books there would make me feel like I’m home and I would miss my own home slightly less. Even though I don’t get much time to read these days (I spend most of my free time writing instead of reading), just looking at my bookshelf makes me feel happy.

  8. momtasticworld

    Looks like I found my soul sister or book sister (if that’s a thing hehehehe)…. Books are my treasure too….we should catch up some time…I am sure we will have lot to talk about ??

  9. Mummasaurus

    Im that pathetic category that does not enjoy reading – reading books or reading anything for that matter (unless it has science or bollywood) but Im sure, when we call something a treasure, it definitely means a lot to us. May you always find time to reach, Charu!! I loved reading about your connect with them.

    1. TheMomSagas

      Thank You Prisha. You may not be a good reader but you are surely an awesome writer.

  10. Vinitha

    i would love to have such a library in my home. One day maybe! The smell of books is addictive as much as the words they hold. Glad to know about your treasure, Charu.

  11. Alice Gerard

    I love books, too! I love my collection of books. They are wonderful to reread and to enjoy. I’m glad that you still have your library at your parents’ home.

  12. sanchwrites

    I love my book collection too. I’m impressed you categorise it according to genre ? Would love to see a photo of it sometime

  13. Menaka Bharathi

    I cant tell you what my book collection does ( guilty) I keep buying books after books but that reading thingy is what is missed. I have separate sections in every room for books just to make sure that I can reach to one when I need but that extending hand – does not happen.

    1. TheMomSagas

      Hmm. Give yourself a push. Am sure once you start you won’t wanna come out of that habit.

  14. Balaka

    Books are definitely the best my house books have almost outspaced us.. however I cannot stop buying them..

  15. Rakhi Parsai

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I am a bibliophile myself and a proud owner of over 1000 books. Lovely posts.

  16. I still remember the first time I bought a book, when I was in grade 6. It was about Lothal Civilization.. and since then I have purchased more than 800 books, all still with me, numbers and dates… I am glad through this post I’m getting to know more book lovers like me. A treasure indeed!

  17. Ashima Jain

    As a book lover myself, this post speaks to me in so many ways. I loved reading about your journey with books. Happy Reading, Always! ?

  18. Vibhuti Singh

    This blog post was such a delight to read. It brought back some fond memories and I also miss my small book collection at my mum’s place & just picking up a book from there feels so therapeutic. There’s something in those books that could never be replaced reading from an ebook. Great work Charu ?

  19. Nilesh Sharma

    Hi Charu,
    reading indeed broadens our horizon and transports us to a different world. I share the same passion for reading and now writing:)
    I myself have a library sort of not many books but then am adding to it as and when I find something worthy. Thank you so much for sharing and writing this post:)

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