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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Feminism

Busting the Common Myths About Feminism

One of the most talked about terms these days is ‘Feminism’ and do you know it’s also one of the most misconstrued and misinterpreted term? 

In a recent interview, renowned star Kareena Kapoor stated- “I believe in equality. I won’t say I am a feminist. I would say I am a woman. Above all, I am a human being.” Her, controversial statement didn’t go down well on social media and brought immense disappointment for her fans! And well she isn’t the only one! There are many bollywood actors who have hesitated to call themselves ‘Feminists’ in the past.

Parineeti Chopra, who was once the brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padao campaign, stated- ‘I am very often confused to be a Feminist but I am not’.

In one of her press conferences, Madhuri Dixit Nene once remarked, ‘I don’t think I am a feminist. I am independent and smart, which is what women should be like’ thereby hinting that a woman shouldn’t be feminist.

While most people think that ‘feminism’ is an overused term, what most people don’t know is that it’s semantics is equally misapprehended. It’s the sheer lack of comprehension of the word that leads people to disavow feminism. If not, then why would such public figures just shrug the term off and find it demeaning to be called so?

This brings us to the question WHAT IS FEMINISM ALL ABOUT?

Feminism is a belief that considers men and women equal on all grounds- be it social, political, economical, legal or personal. The person who advocates this belief and seeks equal rights and opportunities for women can be called as a feminist.

While it is important to know who is a feminist, it is equally pertinent to understand what being a feminist does not mean. One of the reasons why these celebrities, want to distance themselves from this word is because of the myths associated with it.

5 Pervasive Myths About Feminism
Myths about feminism
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MYTH1.Feminists hate men

This is one of the most persistent myths about feminism. Feminism is not anti-male nor does it perpetuate hatred for men. It isn’t a battle of sexes but a cause that’s against sexism and sexist oppression. It is as much pro-men as it is pro-women.

MYTH 2. Only women can be Feminist

Feminism as a movement is all inclusive and supportive, not exclusive to women only. Anybody who advocates female liberation and opposes gender discrimination, is a feminist. So if you are a man who believes in equal rights and opportunities for women, guess what? You are a feminist too. And that doesn’t make you any less of a man.

MYTH 3. A Feminist Can’t Be Feminine

Why are you wearing a pink lipstick if you are feminist? Why do you cook or wear heels? These are some of the irrelevant questions that are posed to a feminist woman. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that one can’t be conventionally feminine. In fact, feminism is all about giving women autonomy to choose how she wants to represent herself and empower her to do whatever she likes to. It is a false notion that one needs to disdain all girly things in order to seek one’s rights as a woman.

MYTH 4. Feminism seeks female supremacy over male

Feminism is not about matriarchy winning over patriarchy. Nor is it about females wanting to take over the world, rendering men powerless. Feminists do not want supremacy but EQUALITY – equality for all irrespective of one’s cultural, race, gender, or class background.

MYTH 5. Feminists are against marriage

Gloria Marie Steinem, a recognized American feminist and political activist, was married and there are numerous other married feminists like her. It’s a misconception that feminists disregard marriage. What they don’t believe in, however, is an ‘unequal marriage’. They advocate marriage as an alliance of partnership as against a patriarchal entity.

It is essential for people to know what Feminism is all about, because the number of misconceptions related to it goes beyond this list.  The sooner these myths are debunked, the easier it is for everyone to embrace and accept this term with pride and confidence.

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Have you come across these common myths about feminism? Do you have more to share? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  1. itsakx

    Feminism is so often considered a bad word, when it’s really just common sense. And you’ve done a great job highlighting the most common myths.

  2. NupurNS

    Sad but true reflection of how misunderstood feminism is. The first one is the hardest to overcome – that feminism is about equality above all else. It’s disheartening to see celebrities with influence making statements like this.

  3. sleeplessmumma

    Couldnpt agree more with you, the word has been over-used and mis-used! Thanks for the wonderful post for pointing out what actually does Feminism mean.

  4. flavorsofworld

    A great work share by you love to read it.. You give the world true meaning of Feminism..

  5. I just couldnt agree more with this post. This is something everyone out there should read. Definitely sharing it.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. Feminism is about respecting women and equality of both sexes.
    It is great to see you debunk these myths.

  7. Princy Khurana

    thank God for your post. somehow i always felt the need of debunking these facts associated with Feminism and i could not agree more. definite shud be read by all

  8. jhilmildsaha

    Perhaps the most misinterpreted and inappropriately placed/treated word is feminism. Whenever there is anything spoken against a man, the comments refer as feminist spotted. How absurd is that.

  9. PrettyMummaSays

    Thank you so much for writing this, Charu. I find it so funny that a movement that is for women has now become a movement for men. It’s outrageous to typecast any female who is a feminist. It’s a personal choice. This made for a good read!

  10. Sayeri

    I have seen maximum feminists posses such thoughts but I also believe these are not the qualities of a true feminist. When you are trying to pretend that women are powerful than men then it shows that you also believe women are less powerful than men.

  11. This is one on going debate and many of my male friends have fought the word feminism time
    And again. This post is a myth breaker.

  12. Jhilmil

    This is a debate which can go on for a long time, but I loved the facts you’ve shared , as I have seen so many people carrying the myth that Feminists hate men and that Feminism is anti-male. I myself feel the strong urge of feminism but that doesn’t means that I’m against opposite sex. Great read

  13. Deborah Miranda

    Very well articulated. I think your article really clears a lot of doubts and misconceptions about feminism and it really clears the air on negativity about feminists.

  14. Ishieta

    You are absolutely right! these are only myths.. Feminism is about equality and respect and not some tow-tow show banner!

  15. rohinijames

    I absolutely loved this article. I consider myself a feminist and these are definitely myths that most believe about feminists.

  16. Sarah Tejani

    That was such an enlightning post…
    Loved ur fresh and honest perspective about feminism.
    I wish more people looked at it like this.

  17. Ashh G

    Such a myth breaker post. The word feminism and feminists indeed have been overused and misinterpreted in the society. It’s important that we first understand a term before using it loosely.

  18. Neha

    The term feminism is not just confused but overly misused. I don’t get it when people think feminism is about shouting slogans, fighting men. Great myth busting post.

  19. rakhiparsai11984

    I guess its about time the world really understand what feminism is and not rely on the various myths that are circulating in the society.

  20. Priya

    Nice post! Feminism is often considered as a phenomenon where women are absolutely against men, which can not be any further from truth.

  21. Anchal

    You have cleared so many myths about feminism here. I was a bit confused about a few myself

  22. Miss Harshala

    Truly there is so much of drama involved around feminism and the myths are just plain lack of common sense in the millennial world.

  23. Tina Basu

    Its great you have put this down together. I wonder why people think only women can be feminists or it is wrong to be feminist!

  24. for me feminism is all about equality and the reason these celebrity say all these statements are because of the myths mentioned by you. People start attacking feminism because of these myths and think that feminist means someone who is against men etc. well written article.

  25. Anubhuti Seth

    I think people give the word a meaning according to their perceptions and the actual meaning is lost somewhere. Very good take on the same.

  26. Gurjeet Chhabra

    this post is myth breaker about feminism. people really misunderstand the concept of feminism.

  27. Nayantara Hegde

    I had a lot of misconceptions too. I think the word feminism can be better replaced with a more gender neutral term then. Maybe our celebs wont have so much confusion then. ?

  28. Shubhada Bhide

    Wow! Good to know about this Feminism. This post should know by people and thanks for this well written article!

  29. momtasticworld

    Now this has to be shared with the world. I couldn’t agree more that one of the most understood term of today’s world is Feminism. You not only mentioned clearly what it means but also told that how misinterpreted it is. Loved it.

  30. Manpreet

    I think people often steer clear from the tag of feminism because it’s considered to be exactly what it’s not – hatred for men, demanding special privileges and all…

    But of course, the true definition of feminism is something everybody should embrace.

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