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BabyChakra Parenting App: The Best Resource I have Used

BabyChakra : A Resourceful Parenting App

Motherhood makes a woman joyful, content and strong. It also makes her doubtful, nervous and puzzled. Especially for a new mom, the entire experience of motherhood can be overwhelming. Hence she needs a resource which is reliable and helps to make her parenting journey easy.

As a new mom, I was struggling with my dwindling emotions. One moment I would feel like a woman with immense superpowers to have given birth to new souls. The other moment, I would feel like a failure for not being able to soothe a crying baby. In those initial days, I was filled with multiple doubts and fears. And more so, because I had twins to look after.

For every doubt I had, I used to resort to Google. However, Google is a storehouse of vast information – both good and bad. Instead of providing me with right solutions, it usually added to my queries by showing some more problems. And frankly, I never had the patience and strength to filter information. I was sincerely looking for a resource that would not just clear my doubts but also guide me in the most positive way. That’s when I came across this highly resourceful app called BabyChakra.

After using it for a few weeks, I realized that BabyChakra is one of the most trusted parenting apps that brings all the help and support a new parent would need. It connects a mother to various experts, child care services and other fellow mothers who could share their experiences.

I use this app to find answers to every single doubt I have as a mother. Some helpful moms are always there to answer my query. I remember once, when my kids were 3 months old, my daughter suddenly started howling at 3 am in the night and I did not know what to do. I had posted this on the feed section of the app and to my surprise I received immediate replies with mothers giving me all the advice, solutions and tips to calm her. This app came to my rescue even in the wee hours.

The app connects moms to various health-care services and experts, that too all free of cost. I have sought opinions of gynaecologists, paediatricians and nutritionists through this app and found some reliable and practical solutions to my queries. There is a special review section on the app that enables mothers to share their experiences on any baby or mom related service. Every time me and my husband plan to visit a new restaurant I check its review on the app to know how child-friendly it is. For every new product that I plan to buy for my baby, I judge its worth by reading the reviews on the app. This certainly helps me to make an informed choice.


There is a huge collection of some useful and informative articles on BabyChakra. Be it breastfeeding or nutrition or DIY ideas – you name it and it has it all. I always resort to these articles when I need some information on any topic related to mom health and baby. Especially on the days when I suffer from the typical ‘parenting blues’, I look up to its collection of some funny and light memes that simply uplifts my mood.

BabyChakra also curates some great products for moms and kids that can be purchased on their site as well as app. I wasn’t aware of some of the organic product brands but recently I happened to buy some wooden toys and healthy cookies from their site and realized how awesome they are. My kids loved them.

The community experience that BabyChakra provides is wonderful. Since all its members belong to the same tribe, they can find a connect with each other. It has a special Momstar programme through which we get to know like-minded moms. The best part is I can easily discuss my parenting mistakes with this community without having any fear of being judged. In fact, I am always assured with most positive suggestions and feedback. Through this platform, I have made some wonderful friends  who are always there to help.

This is my second post for the 6th The Write Tribe Festival Of Words. Today’s prompt required me to write on one of the best resources I have ever used and I could not think of anything else but BabyChakra. It has not just been my constant companion in my parenting journey but also proved to be a one-stop solution to all my parenting needs. 

Apart from this app, there is another helpful resource that I have used which is the book, Everything You Need To Know To Have Healthy Twin Pregnancy by Gila Leiter. This book helped me to cope with my complicated pregnancy. Read my detailed review of the book here.



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  1. Kala Ravi

    I have heard a lot about this site from lots of new mommies. Sadly when I had my kids, ages ago, no such resources were available. I only read ‘What to expect, when you’re expecting’ and Dr Spock’s books on childcare.

  2. Vasantha Vivek

    Really interesting to read about the review of Baby Chakra app. I feel today’s moms are gifted.

  3. Rajlakshmi

    That’s the first time I am reading about this app. Glad you found an app as useful as this. Looks like it is a complete package for moms.

  4. Anchal

    Baby Chakra is a very resourceful app. Right now they are sharing so much information about breastfeeding.

    1. TheMomSagas

      Yes! I have got many if my breastfeeding queries answered on this app.

  5. Alice Gerard

    What a useful and interesting app. It’s great that you found a community of moms that support one another without judgment.

  6. Mummasaurus

    Charu our thoughts completely coincide with this one – it is a beautiful and extremely helpful resource. Not just information, i hve had great acquaintances with it’s help that helped in various streams in life, i made some awesome friends, i got work opportunities! Its endless!!

    1. TheMomSagas

      Indeed, Babychakra has been a boon in ways more than one.

  7. Sheethalsusan

    Even when parenting is not easy, these days there are so many resources where we can actually seek help outside family and friends. One of the greatest blessings of our times. thanks to technology.

  8. A virtual group with so many like-minded people and people in same phase of life is actually a great resource. Very helpful at times you need immidiate heklp.

  9. Vinitha

    I didn’t know about this app. Will check it out. It sounds very helpful, especially for a new parent. Thanks for sharing this information, Charu.

  10. anubhutisethmehn

    That’s a great resource of a lot of information, which is not just limited to parenting but anything related to women…glad to know more about it…

  11. momtasticworld

    I have been and still am a part of many parenting groups and apps.Support from fellow mom’s is just incomparable. I am glad you too found a strong support system and friends from there.

  12. Pooja

    I have used the app and I completely agree with you! It’s a great app and can help new moms in so many ways

  13. Jiya B

    Heard a lot about babychakra. I keep visiting the site. Will download teh app now. thanks for the details you shared here.

  14. Minakshi Bajpai

    Heard alot about this site. Its very useful app for new mommys. Really like your review on this app.

  15. Zainab

    This is a great website & I really find it useful!
    Didn’t know about the app, will download!

  16. kreativemommy

    I have heard of this app and it sounds great for new moms and Otherwise too for any information. Thanks for sharing the review.

  17. Baby Chakra is a very resourceful app. It feels like a very tight knit community of mothers who really help and support each other. Its my go to place for reviews of all things and services related to baby.

  18. The Average Mom

    Wow sounds like a great app for moms and moms to be. It is so great that nowadays so many informative and helpful things are there to support parents

  19. Shubhreet Kaur

    I am still new to BabyChakra but I have been hooked since I started. I love the mom community on BC and how everyone is so friendly and always ready with advice and help. Sometimes even just chit chat when I need a break. It’s a great app for everything a mom needs and I even became aware of some new brands for baby food via the Baby Chakra app.

  20. Rakhi Parsai

    Loved your take on Babychakra app. They indeed are quite resourceful.

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